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Apple Deletes Malicious ‘Trezor Wallet Looting Crypto From App Store 

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It’s worth noting that Apple doesn’t favor crypto-related applications on its operating system and App marketplace for various reasons. 

Therefore, crypto apps that make it through the App Store’s review phase(s) are usually very few, as the Tech giant has still not changed its stance. But weeks ago, a malicious crypto wallet clone named ‘Trezor Wallet Suite’ appeared on the App Store. 

Despite its name, it has no association with the authentic Trezor Wallet. Since its appearance on the App Store, the fake Trezor Wallet app has posed to be a suite for managing the portfolio of crypto users. The Crypto Lawyers’ partner and CEO, Raphael Yacoby, warned users of the malicious app yesterday.

The Crypto Lawyers’ CEO Calls Attention to the Fake ‘Trezor Wallet Suite’

On Tuesday, June 21, a partner and CEO at The Crypto Lawyers, Raphael Yacoby, warned iPhone users in a Tweet about the malicious app. 

He stated that the scam app “will request for your seed phrase,” granting its operators access to loot all the digital currency tokens in your Trezor wallet portfolio. 

Crypto Lawyer also spoke on the case of the scam app, highlighting that it has been ranking on the Apple App Store for weeks. This could mean that hundreds of thousands of crypto users could be scammed from the app.

Part of the information the fake “Trezor Wallet Suite” requests was users’ seed phrase, a set of custom words/phrases that grant individuals access to their unique crypto wallet. 

Seed phrases are used for hardware and software wallets and are essential since they serve as the single most important security measure for users.

According to Apple’s official website, the original open-source wallet software developed by Trezor should be seen in the App Store as Trezor Suite Lite.

Apple App Store says Damus Has 2 Weeks To Stop BTC Tipping or Face Justice

Apple Inc. AAPL has asserted that it only permits users to download iOS apps via the Apple App Store to prevent them from accessing fraudulent apps. However, some apps bypass the App Store’s stringent review regulations and are secretly enlisted among its featured apps list. 

But Apple is bent on fishing them out to continue its interest in protecting the users. Also, it has been stringent on its averseness to crypto-related apps. 

Last week, the Tech giant Apple warned the decentralized social media application Damus to take down the Nostra protocol feature. This app runs on the Nostra protocol, is entirely decentralized, and permits users to tip others. 

Damus has gained so much attention among crypto pundits, despite commencing on February 1, 2023. But, last week, Apple threatened to remove the Damus app from its operating system and app marketplace if it hadn’t removed the Bitcoin tipping feature. 

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