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Trending Crypto Presale Nears $1 Million Mark

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Trending crypto presale nears $1 million
Trending crypto presale nears $1 million

Join Our Telegram channel to stay up to date on breaking news coverage, the revolutionary AI-driven platform simplifying Web3 interaction and enhancing cryptocurrency trading, is on the verge of hitting a remarkable $1 million in its presale round.

Promising to “hypercharge once’s trading experience”, offers a state-of-the-art AI model where blockchain tech and crypto-related topics go hand-in-hand to deliver users fast and accurate information.

With features like a no-code smart contract generator, smart contract auditor, technical analysis of charts, wallet tracking, and more, is shaping up to be a future-focused project with ample opportunities for investors and multiple upsides for users.

Making these tools accessible is $COGW, an ERC-20 token that plays a crucial role in the Cogwise ecosystem.

A Unique AI Algorithm That Creates a Self-Learning System

The official whitepaper of Cogwise describes the Cogwise AI model as a perfect solution for all things crypto. In addition to top-of-the-line tech that handles a wide range of operations, including Solidity development, smart contracts, Pine script, and more, Cogwise’s AI algorithm is also equipped with a unique Cogwise Engine, which processes a large amount of data to draw accurate conclusions.

Moreover, this AI crypto project boasts high contextual awareness that gives accurate responses every time.

This dynamic interplay between the disparate AI-driven elements transforms Cogwise into a self-learning system that learns and grows with each bit of technical analysis, news, and security audits it consumes.

A Collection of Unique Features Giving Cogwise Long-term Upsides

The AI algorithm comes into play to support a wide array of features by Cogwise. These features use AI-driven fundamentals to make trading more nuanced and simple.

Cogwise AI Core

The Cogwise AI Core is a conversational AI that receives prompts in natural language before providing accurate results. It can handle everything from facilitating no-code smart contract programming to in-depth market analysis.

Real-Time Trading

With Cogwise’s Real-Time Trading assistance, technical analysis becomes natural. Users can easily comprehend the data from this analysis and apply it to create robust trading strategies. The assistance is also capable of finding repeatable patterns to detect an asset’s price action.

Smart Contract Generator

A user will no longer worry about coding to create a smart contract. They need only to describe the features they desire. Cogwise will generate a smart contract that not only aligns with those requirements but also adheres to the latest smart contract guidelines and is impervious to security vulnerabilities.

News Aggregator

Considering the impact that people’s sentiments have on crypto prices, Cogwise implements a News aggregator that analyzes specific keywords to predict an asset’s performance on the price charts.

$COGW Token – Powering the Entire Ecosystem

These complex modules that drive the Cogwise ecosystem are intertwined using its native token, $COGW. This deflationary utility crypto has a unique burning mechanism where 35% of all the transacted tokens are incinerated, and the remaining 65% are reserved to develop the Cogwise ecosystem.

Holders of the Cogwise token will also enjoy perks like staking and farming. These attributes will further enhance investor’s gains by tying them to the ecosystem’s success.

Gamification Edge

The $COGW token also gamifies the project. Investors can accumulate COGW tokens over time and climb the leaderboards. Those with the most tokens will get access to the platform’s advanced features and exclusive content. These higher-tier users can also give feedback on the ecosystem’s performance, giving their voice to the project to impact change. Nears $1 Million

At press time, Cogwise has raised more than $800k with over 50 million tokens out of 400 million sold.

This growth is happening at the heels of Bitcoin’s recent ascent in the market. The macroeconomic conditions for crypto are ripe, making $COGW a good token to invest in. At press time, the token is valued at $0.03. With the listing price already set to $0.065, early movers can make more than 2x by investing in it today.

Those interested can visit to participate in this project.


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