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New AI Crypto Project Cogwise Launches Token Presale – Level Up Your Trading

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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New AI crypto Cogwise has launched its token presale, promising to deliver an AI-powered solution that could help you level up your trading.

The project focuses on delivering AI-driven insights taken from global financial data to advise traders on which moves to make to win big when trading crypto. Other key features also include real-time trading analytics, smart alerts, and a smart contract generator that facilitates developers, individuals, and companies to interact with the blockchain economy.

Offered on presale is its native crypto, $COGW. With the listing price already set to $0.065, those who invest in $COGW now at a discount price of $0.02 can 3x their original investment once the token hits the listing chart.

Cogwise Presale Making Waves in the Crypto Ecosystem 

Even though Cogwise has only recently dropped, it has already made waves thanks to its innovative AI-driven technology for traders. The single-staged presale, which has a target of $15 million, has already raised $150k in a day.

In response to its technology and the pace of its presale, many have made bullish projections that it can potentially become one of the top 30 tokens by market capitalization.

CogwiseAI Core – The Heart of Innovation Within its Ecosystem

At the heart of this innovative cryptocurrency project lies CogwiseAI Core. It is a machine learning algorithm that generates new outputs based on input data by analyzing patterns and finding correlations to provide novel results. 

With Cogwise, this model allows users to enter prompts and get text-based responses. Trained on large datasets to gain a thorough understanding to establish repeatable patterns, this model produces high-quality output.

Through this generative model, Cogwise gains access to multiple perks, including scalability, flexibility, customization, and self-improvement, giving users access to a unique trading system that offers reliable results almost every time.

With Cogwise AI as a guide, users will be able to dive deep into technical analysis and get access to insights and intricacies related to crypto trends that they couldn’t before.

Here are some of the core features of this unique ecosystem:

Smart Alerts 

Smart Alerts is an innovative AI model that would empower users with custom alerts. Providing a wide array of notifications from the blockchain network, this tech leverages AI and allows users to get notified about what they require for their trading needs.

Users can create personalized notifications using this AI model and get access to alerts such as smart contract updates, transaction confirmations, token transfers, and more.

Real-Time Trading

The importance of having real-time data when engaging with crypto trading can’t be underestimated. That is why the Cogwise trading bot implements a market scanner that scours the market and ranks tokens based on trading opportunities, percentual price change, momentum, float, and relative volume.

Analyzing the trading volume and percentual price changes would help the market scanner rank tokens based on their price movement and trading activities. Momentum is a metric that analyzes the trends to find a potential entry point, and with float, users can determine the volatility of a crypto asset.

Smart Contract Generator

A smart contract generator is an AI-based tool that crypto developers can use to generate smart contracts. All they need to do is describe the type of smart contract they need and what kind of features they are looking for, and the ecosystem will generate a smart contract.

This approach also takes the latest guidelines into account, in addition to considering Solidity pragma versions and security vulnerabilities. Due to this factor, this low-effort smart contract generation module will likely enhance the blockchain adoption rate.

Cogwise’s AI-Driven Utility Can Drive it to Attain a Higher Level of Success

Cogwise has all the makings of a future-focused cryptocurrency project made inclusive using AI technology. It considers all the key facets of trading, such as real-time analytics and regular alerts, and offers a simplified way to create a smart contract.

This approach can be a game changer for individuals, companies, and developers. Those looking for worthy AI-driven crypto to invest in can visit the Cogwise presale to become an early mover.

For more updates about the project, you can reach out to them via their social media handles:

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  3. Discord

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