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Cogwise ($COGW) Token ICO Nears $200,000 Milestone

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Cogwise Raises $200k
Cogwise Raises $200k

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Revolutionary AI-powered cryptocurrency project Cogwise is nearing the $200,000 milestone of its presale journey.

This unique cryptocurrency project has been at the forefront of crypto presales this year thanks to its AI-driven fundamentals that aim to make blockchain interactions streamlined for everyone.

The presale itself is a multi-staged funding round involving 7 stages, with the Cogwise ($COGW) price appreciating with each stage. The $COGW price in the first stage is $0.02, and the listing price of the token has been set to $0.065, which means that early movers will be able to make more than 3x gains if they visit to participate in this project.

How is Cogwise Redefining The Blockchain Arena?

The concept of artificial intelligence and automated bots grabbed the community’s attention in late 2022. Since then, there have been many projects with their own unique AI models trying to establish themselves in the blockchain ecosystem.

Cogwise is the same, but it is doing so via its state-of-the-art AI model that leverages blockchain technology to make crypto-related elements available to everyone.

Precision and correct information is what this project aspires to provide, and for that, it uses the latest algorithms and high-speed computing capabilities. This way, this project aims to become an indispensable tool for developers and blockchain-based businesses worldwide.

What Are The Key Features of Cogwise?

At the heart of this project lie eight key features. These features make blockchain interactions more conversational, smart contract generation easier, gaming and reward systems more streamlined, and trading more inclusive.

CogwiseAI Core

At the heart of this project is the CogwiseAI core. A conversation-based AI-powered assistant designed to execute commands from prompts, this tool will offer users comprehensive responses. From helping users with no-code smart contract programming to aiding them analyze the market and from assisting developers debug their dApps to guiding beginners to trade crypto, the possibilities of this core are endless.

Real-Time Trading 

Cogwise also delivers a Real-Time Trading assistant designed to improve user experience when it comes to analyzing market conditions. No little nuances will be left unturned with this approach. Even a speck of disturbance in the trends will get to Cogwise’s notice, allowing users to comprehensively detect chart patterns and analyze historical data of a crypto asset – be it NFTs or cryptocurrencies.

Smart Contract Generator 

Worry not if you don’t have any coding experience, as Cogwise’s Smart Contract Generator is here to help you with it. Developers can just put in the desired features and get a smart contract on the fly. But that’s not all. The generated Smart Code won’t only adhere to a developer’s standards, but it will also follow the latest guidelines. It will consider all the security vulnerabilities and focus on Solidity Pragma versions as well.

Compliance, secure, and desirable – these are the three words that Cogwise uses to explain the quality of smart contracts users will be able to generate.

Wallet Tracking

The automated trading system that Cogwise implements isn’t only about using algorithms to analyze market data. It will also help detect large wallet transactions. Access to whale movements will inform users about where an asset’s price might go. Wallet tracking will also focus on successful traders.

Monitoring their trades, Cogwise will notify investors and execute trades on their behalf. But all trading won’t be autonomous. If users wish to copy the trading strategies of another, they can do so using Cogwise’s copy trading facilities.

Contract Auditor

Passing a prompt through Cogwise is all it would take for users to audit their own smart contracts.  Cogwise will analyze it and give access to information related to issues and improvements that could be made to the smart contract.

Virtual Operating System

Cogwise’s virtual operating system is unique. A unique combination of EVM compatibility and on-chain AI interference, this is the tool for developers to create dApps on the blockchain.

News Aggregator 

Relying on standard technical indicators isn’t enough when analyzing the crypto market. Sentimental indicators, which can only be derived from news and social media posts, are equally important. In its news aggregator, Cogwise leverages AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze news articles and social media in real-time. It weighs them against past trends and identifies the keywords that could impact an asset’s (stocks or cryptocurrencies) price.

Gamification and Reward System 

The key crypto powering the ecosystem – $COGW – will accumulate value over time. This token will give users access to advanced features and exclusive content. With Cogwise’s unique reward system, users will be incentivized to consult with the AI assistant and provide feedback.

$COGW Token – The Key Element of the Cogwise Ecosystem

$COGW is the utility token that powers Cogwise in addition to providing users with a host of benefits.

Cogwise tokenomics

Cogwise has a burning mechanism in place for $COGW tokens. 35% of all the profits generated by Cogwise’s tools will go to a burn address. This approach will limit the supply of the tokens and potentially boost their price.

Additionally, holders can also state $COGW tokens and earn staking rewards. These include APY and access to the AI premium model.

Cogwise Presale 

Cogwise presale began at the start of October and has the end goal of raising $15.35 million. The presale is divided into seven stages, with the following pricing model in place for $COGW tokens at each stage.

  1. Stage 1 – $0.02
  2. Stage 2 – $0.03
  3. Stage 3 – $0.035
  4. Stage 4 – $0.04
  5. Stage 5 – $0.0425
  6. Stage 6 – $0.0450
  7. Stage 7 – $0.0500

The listing price of this token is $0.065. Thanks to the unique attributes that Cogwise has, there is a high chance that it will conclude its presale before the end of the year, making now the right time to invest in this project.

Visit to start investing.


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