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Top Trending Tokens on Twitter in the Last 24 hours

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Top Trending Tokens on Twitter in the Last 24 hours
Top Trending Tokens on Twitter in the Last 24 hours

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The last 24 hours have been great for memecoins, and Twitter can’t stop talking about it. Among these top trending cryptos on Twitter is Tamadoge, a brand-new utility-based memecoin winning hearts with its P2E ecosystem that brings memecoin to the metaverse. Tokens like Floki Inu aren’t far behind as they are also trying to break through their pre-conceived joke-based status quo and provide possible use cases for the user base.

Including those memecoins, here are the rest of the top trending tokens on Twitter in the last 24 hours.

Top Trending Tokens on Twitter and Why Are They Trending

Whenever there is a disruption within the blockchain ecosystem, Twitter notices. These top trending tokens on Twitter are making big waves in the crypto space, and the crypto crowd is here for it.

Tamadoge: A Utility-based Memecoin

The top trending coin on Twitter right now is Tamadoge. This utility-based memecoin combines doge cryptos’ sellability with the metaverse’s usability. At the center of this metaverse are Tamadoge pets, NFTS that you can own within the Tamaverse to raise, customize and battle in a PVE ecosystem. Such a unique use case led to Tamadoge becoming one of the biggest presale projects this year – getting the attention of major cryptocurrency exchanges.

A few hours from now, OKX will list Tamadoge, becoming the first crypto exchange to do so. The crowd awaits the resulting pump, and we are all waiting to see this metaverse memecoin fly.

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Floki INU: A Utility Token for the Floki Ecosystem Bringing Cross-chain Bridge

Floki Inu is a memecoin movement created by the members of the Shiba community with great plans for the metaverse. These include a gaming metaverse game called Valhalla, Floki Places, an NFT and merch marketplace, and Floki University, a content and education platform.

Those aspects already set Floki Inu apart from the rest of the memecoins who are content by being a joke and community-driven crypto. Floki Inu’s official Twitter has also announced that the Floki cross-chain bridge is live. It will allow Floki holders to bridge their tokens between the Binance and ETH chains.

This Twitter announcement has pumped Floki Price up by 2.87% in the past 24 hours.

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RichQuack: A Deflationary Crypto with Metaverse Plans

Rich Quack is one of the most-mentioned memecoin on Twitter, with the token’s official handle saying that it is trending a lot on the BNB chain. This hyper-deflationary token on the Binance Smart chain rewards holders by “frictionless yield generation” and doesn’t require holders to stake or wait for their fees.

The standout feature of this “standard” memecoin is its launchpad for NFTs and other Dapps. This crypto with a 100 quadrillion token supply is also in the news because of its recent listing on Rance Protocol, a decentralized cross-chain price shield insurance protocol designed to ensure cryptocurrencies.

The trends have had a positive effect on its price, and the token has been up by 2.87% in the last 24 hours.


BabyDoge Coin: A Memecoin Prepping for Its DEX Launch

BabyDoge is a memecoin created by the fans of Dogecoin as a tribute. This deflationary memecoin rewards holders with a 5% transaction fee every time someone trades in memecoin.

BabyDoge recently created a lot of upheaval on Twitter by sharing an article that read that 55% of the Total Value Locked on the BNB Chain is in PancakeSwap, a DEX. It puts the community’s focus on BabyDoge Swap – an upcoming DEX in the BabyDoge ecosystem.

BabyDoge Swap will allow users to swap any token on the Binance Smart Chain by paying a fee that claims to be the lowest in the ecosystem. The entire fee structure focuses on discounts. Users with a higher trading volume will get a higher tier of discount. The swap is about to go live on October 5th, 2022.

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Hamster Coin: A Memecoin Listed on AAX Exchange

The hamster coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Hamster ecosystem. This community-driven crypto seeks to make the ecosystem a haven for those looking to escape the volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

The memecoin was recently listed on AAX – Atom Asset Exchange. Founded in 2018, AAX is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong that aims to provide traders with a hassle-free experience.

Hamster Coin also trended on the Certik Security Leader board at the top spot, beating Shiba Inu by two ranks.


Pitbull: Now available for Spot Trading Platform Deepcoin Global

Pitbull is another community-owned memecoin that claims to be “safe by the concept”. It has upwards of 191k followers on Twitter, and from what we can see, most of them are legitimate.

Pitbull was recently listed on Deepcoin Global, allowing users to buy or sell $PIT at 0% spot trading fees.

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Lovely Inu Finance: A DeFi Memeocoin Landing on a Turkish Crypto Exchange

Lovely Inu Finance combines a memecoin and a DeFi crypto that has been bullish on Twitter marketing for the past week. It also organized an event where Lovely Finance followers were asked to file a petition to get Lovely Inu Finance listed on FTX.

On September 25th, Love Inu Finance announced that ICRYPEX, a Turkish cryptocurrency exchange, will list this memecoin.

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Kiba Inu: A Memecoin Bringing More Utility Updates

Kiba Inu is a community-driven ERC 20 memecoin bullishly trying to break through its memecoin shell and become useful to the community. It continues to organize events for that purpose, including the recent giveaway, which announced the giveaway for an unlocked iPhone 14 Pro max.

Developers of this crypto have also launched several utility updates in the past, the most recent being the swap widget to trade cryptos on Kiba Swap.

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Vita Inu: An Energy-Efficient Dog Coin Announcing New Whitelist Winners

Vita Inu is the world’s first energy-efficient memecoin, a feat that has allowed it to gain nearly 45k followers on Twitter. Like others on this list, This memecoin is also heading to the metaverse. With VinuPixels, it has already taken the first step.

Developers officially opened whitelist spots for giving away the VinuPixel NFTs and tweeted the names of the winners for about five hours, leading it to become one of the top trending tokens on Twitter.

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Volt Inu: A Memecoin With 100k Aspirations

Volt Inu is a utility-based memecoin that seeks to gain 100,000 holders by the end of its 1st anniversary. Calling itself “The People’s Crypto”, Volt Inu has been listed in 40 Centralized Exchanges and 11 DEXs within ten months.

Note: While the official Tweet claims that Volt Inu is available on 40 centralized crypto exchanges, CoinmarketCap only has listed PancakeSwap to buy Volt  Inu.

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When the crypto market is down, people move to memecoin to put a smile on their faces. However, memecoins aren’t satisfied by being joke cryptos anymore. They want to become of more use to the crypto crowd. The recent Twitter trends suggest that most of them are creating better use cases so that users finally see them as a viable investment.

The most important of those memecoins, however, is Tamadoge. This P2P crypto will be listed on OKX today. Interested parties might want to take note and register their accounts on this cryptocurrency exchange if they haven’t yet.

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