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ETH Price Prediction for Today, September 26: ETH Is at $1,250

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ETH Is at $1,250 – September 26
The valuation of Ethereum is at the $1,250 after resorting to a declining trend in the recent session. Buying and selling in the last thirty days have featured between $1229.43 and $1388.27 value lines at an average positive percentage rate of 1.92.

Ethereum (ETH) Statistics:
ETH price now – $1,321.88
ETH market cap – $161.9 billion
ETH circulating supply – 122.5 million
ETH total supply – 122.5 million
Coinmarketcap ranking – #2

ETH Is at $1,250: ETH Market
Key Levels:
Resistance levels: $1,500, $1,750, $2,000
Support levels: $1,250, $1,150, $1,050
ETH/USD – Daily Chart
The ETH/USD daily chart depicts the crypto is at the $1,250 support level, featuring around it, in a relative manner of consolidating. The 14-day SMA indicator is at $1,464.84, underneath the $1,623.07 level point of the 50-day SMA indicator. The horizontal strategically drew along the value line mentioned earlier to indicate the current critical line that the price needs to breach to confirm the possibility of more downs. The Stochastic Oscillators have swerved northbound from the oversold region to 22.26 and 25.82 range points. That signifies there can be a line of swing highs soon.

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Can the ETH/USD market bears break further as it is at the $1,250 support level?

As the crypto’s price is at the $1,250 line, the possibility of the ETH/USD market bears breaking further past the level may be to purposely let the price retest a previous lower-trading point around $1,000. And that can, in the long run, give in back into an upward motion. Long-position placers heed to adhere to the reading outcome of the Stochastic Oscillators alongside complementing it with a price action attempted to forge northwardly against the trend line of the 14-day SMA before the launching of buy order.

On the downside of the technical analysis, the ETH/USD market bears may be pushing more to the downside at this point at an average reduced point of about 25%. Therefore, sellers are cautious of exerting fresh shorting orders without taking to the principles of proper position management. A breakdown at the value line may occur with an unprecedented rebound against it to set the market’s journey on a high-running style in the subsequent trading days.

ETH/BTC Price Analysis

In comparison, Ethereum still appears, trending higher against the ability of Bitcoin at a high-trading spot. The 14-day SMA indicator has briefly moved toward the 50-day SMA indicator. The bullish trend line drew northward to touch the area where variant candlesticks have bottomed closely beneath the trend line of the bigger SMA. The Stochastic Oscillators have managed to move slightly from the range of zero to the range points of 19.03 and 22.72. It signifies the base crypto may take time to push northward further against its counter-trading crypto.


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