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Top Grossing Project Dash 2 Trade to Launch Earlier – Excerpts

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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Buy Dash 2 Trade

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The current scenario faced by the blockchain industry is dire and has worsened even further in these past couple of weeks. Some of the top cryptocurrency projects seem to have stopped developing products or have seen stagnancy in terms of growth. Due to this, investors were positively surprised, as the new top-grossing project Dash 2 Trade announced its plans to launch its official product earlier than expected.

It is rare for investors to come across a project that decides to end its presale way before the scheduled date and launch. It is common for projects to end presales if the hardcap is not being met, or if the project doesn’t see a potential future. Infact, one is more likely to find projects that require months to launch the chief product offering after the presale, than one that delivers it even before the tentative launch dates.

Dash 2 Trade had already been having an extremely strong presale. D2T, the native token for the platform had been surging in value consistently and had managed to grab the attention of a huge number of investors. This move was made for several practical reasons that could only affect the investors positively. But before learning why D2T is being launched so early, it is important to know what and how Dash 2 Trade is and had been growing respectively.

What is Dash 2 Trade?

Introduced recently, Dash 2 trade is one of the most fundamentally strong projects set to be launched in 2022. It is a crypto analytics and social trading platform that focuses on giving accurate information for investors to make strategic trading and investment decisions. Focused on helping retail investors have an edge over market volatility, Dash 2 Trade gained massive traction since the day it was announced.


Dash 2 Trade is created by Learn 2 Trade, which is a financial education platform that already boasts a user base of more than 70k members. Naturally, such a huge following directly impacted the growth of the project. Infact the presale for D2T, the platform’s native token managed to raise a whopping $7 million within just over a month.

Why is it being launched early?

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While other projects struggle to keep up with their roadmaps and demands from investors, Dash 2 Trade is being appreciated by its community for the early launch move. There are many other technical reasons too, that the developers have considered before launching the product, but the most simple and important ones are-

The end product is almost ready

Dash 2 Trade’s key offering is a coin intelligence, on-chain analytics and signals dashboard that is created carefully by a group of quants and experienced traders. Naturally, this is the most important aspect of the project too. From accurate data at the right time to signals that can directly impact the investor’s trading techniques positively, Dash 2 Trade has it all. This was noticed by the wider community, which is exactly why the demand for the project skyrocketed.

Due to an initial investment by a seed venture capital funding round of around $200K, Dash 2 Trade was able to pick up the pace of developing its product. Being a team of highly skilled developers, it didn’t take long to actualize the concept they had in mind. The team has also compiled a clearer and more realistic roadmap that investors can check out on the website. This has helped them to decide on ending the presale sooner.

To help retail investors navigate the current market conditions

The bear market itself is taking a toll on investors and their funds. So, when a fiasco as big as the FTX bankruptcy emerges, it becomes harder for the masses to stand their ground or hold on to their funds without major losses. Fortunately, Dash 2 Trade aims to aid in helping investors not get in the middle of such issues.

Due diligence needs to be conducted before investing in any asset or on any platform. But this can be extremely hard, with biased opinions or inaccurate media reports almost everywhere. An on-chain data aggregator like Dash 2 Trade has the capacity to keep investors updated about market conditions while helping them carry out research for upcoming projects or potential investments.

As a project that may indeed be the need of the hour, Dash 2 Trade is looking to seize this opportunity and come out as a high-utility initiative that can be of actual help, even to retail investors.

Revised Presale Information


Initially, the presale aimed to fundraise $40 million dollars, since the project was offering 700 million D2T tokens. But this has now changed under the revised plans, where Dash 2 Trade will be offering 262.5 million tokens which under the current rate would be worth around $13.4 million. The ongoing presale was originally planned to take place in 9 stages, of which only 4 will now happen.

Currently in the third stage of the presale, Dash 2 Trade has already been gaining momentum and may be likely to finish the presale very soon. Developers have addressed the investors’ concerns about the remaining 437.5 million D2T tokens out of the 700 million tokens that were to be distributed during the presale. These tokens will be locked in for 5 years, which goes to show the long-term vision on which Dash 2 Tade has been banking.

Dash 2 Trade – Recent Developments

Getting ready for its official launch, Dash 2 trade has been announcing developments within the organizations and keeping users updated at all times. A recent move was regarding the newly appointed CTO Ilyes Kooli, who will now be overseeing the completion of the actual product by the project. As a part of the industry for quite a while, Kooli is worked with top firms in the space like ConsenSys, CocoLabs and Cobania as a senior employee.

Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is already working around its way to bring more exposure to the project, and make it easier for investors to be a part of. Even in this stage, it has gotten popular exchanges like LBank and Bitmart lined up to list the D2T token. At this rate, it won’t be surprising to see D2T among the top gainers in the upcoming weeks.

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