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This New Crypto Platform Goes Viral For Rewarding Users Who Vote in Elon Musk-Style Polls – 100x Potential in 2023? (LHINU)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is a vote-to-earn platform rewarding users for participating in online opinion polls. Users can earn actively on this platform by sharing their opinions without fear of judgment or prejudice. 

The latest trends are up for debate on the platform. For now, the developers create the polls. However, users will generate them subsequently. The utility of this meme-coined-based project has many experts tipping it to be relevant for now and in the future.

LHINU Token Presale

LHINU is the native token that powers all activities on this platform. It is an ERC-20-compliant token essential for activities on the platform. Users receive these tokens as rewards for participating in surveys in the ecosystem. Also, voters must stake the LHINU tokens as a security precaution for at least 30 days to participate in voting.

LHINU presale has raised over $2.6 million, showing investors’ interest and belief in the project The tokens are worth $0.000095 at the presale’s third stage, rounding up in five days. The next stage will see the price increase to $0.000105.

The token will launch at $0.000145 on exchanges after the presales. There are 100 billion LHINU tokens, and 90% go to the community. The leftover (10%) goes to community rewards, exchange listings, and improving liquidity.

How It Works

Love Hate Inu is a revolutionary meme coin project that takes advantage of the productive survey community to reward users. Due to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and on-chain governance models, voting is a familiar concept. However, the unique polls available on the LHINU platform make it stand out.

LHINU platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and supports staking and other features. Love Hate Inu’s whitepaper details a clear and exciting roadmap ahead for holders, which could be the reason behind the success of the presale.

Love Hate Inu utilizes smart contracts powered by blockchain technology. These security methods make it a difficult task to tamper with votes or alter results.

Users interested in voting must be LHINU holders with a minimum stake period of at least 30 days. As a working principle, the longer the staking period and stake size, the more voting power a user acquires. The ecosystem comes equipped with a Management Dashboard and Vote Submission Framework. 

Also, the voting process appears on the Management Dashboard for better transparency. Users have access to several poll suggestions to benefit from trending topics. 

Why Join This Presale?

Love Hate Inu gives users a voice regardless of race, gender, and location while distributing rewards. With Web3 adoption on the rise, individuals seek innovative platforms with cutting-edge technology.  

Previously, users were victims of scam surveys and platforms demanding rigorous tasks to earn small rewards. However, Love Hate Inu, powered by blockchain technology, provides a secure and legitimate source of income for investors. The anonymous voting feature on the decentralized platform enables users to express their views on various issues.  

How To Buy LHINU Tokens

LHINU tokens are fast selling out at the presales, with early investors earning rewards when it lists on exchanges. Here is a detailed guide on purchasing these tokens before the eventual listing.

1. Visit the official website

Visit the official website and connect your wallet from your browser to purchase tokens. Navigate and familiarize yourself with the UI, then click the Buy Now button to purchase. 

2. Connect your wallet

When you click on the Buy Now button, the wallet connection prompt will pop up on your screen. Choose MetaMask wallet or select the wallet-to-connect option to link your mobile or desktop crypto wallet. Go through the listed desktop and mobile wallets to choose your preferred wallet. 

3.  Purchase ETH Or USDT With Fiat Currency Alternatively

For users without ETH or USDT for swapping LHINU tokens, your bank card will facilitate the purchase. Buy ETH or USDT with your card to kick-start the next stage. This might be a preferable option for first-time users unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and how they work.

4. Swap your ETH and USDT for LHINU Tokens

After the purchase, swap your ETH or USDT for LHINU tokens. Note that during the presales, users cannot claim LHINU tokens. However, they are transferrable to a crypto wallet during the token generation event.  Also, after the presales, the Claim button will function. However, users must pay attention to the latest developments on the network. 

Love Hate Inu Roadmap 

The Love-Hate Inu team has outlined the top activities on the platform for 2023 and beyond. This roadmap will serve as a guide for users as the network reaches important milestones. 

Q1 2023 Whitepaper

Token creation

Token presale

Social accounts launch

Q2 2023 Voting algorithm development

Platform signup launches

Voting demos displayed to the public

Partnership agreements

Exchange listings

Q3 2023 LHINU staking launches

Management Dashboard

First Vote-To-earn rewards distributed

Q4 2023 LHINU community custom polls enabled

Brand partnerships and sponsored polls

Brand-sponsored reward mechanisms

Q1 2024 and beyond Voting system integration into Metaverse experience 



What Is The Concept Of Love Hate Inu?

Love Hate Inu is a voting and reward-based platform that runs on blockchain technology providing answers to simple and complex questions. Participants can vote on several issues minting new memes in the process and earning LHINU tokens as rewards.

Why Vote On Love Hate Inu?

Several issues in the world cause divided opinions and require authentic feedback from the community. Social media provides unreliable poll results since bots and paid accounts influence the outcomes. LHINU provides a secure framework to get answers to popular and vital questions. 

Why Do I Need LHINU Tokens?

These tokens power all activities on this platform and enable users to vote. The more staked tokens you possess, the greater your staking power and influence over results. Also, LHINU tokens are needed to form new polls. 

Who Creates Polls?

LHINU polls are initially created by the development team. However, the power will shift to the community as the roadmap unveils. 

What Is The Price Of 1 LHINU token?

The price of 1 LHINU token is $0.000095 in the third presale stage ending in a few days. The next stage will push the price to $0.000105, another reason potential investors must act fast. 


Love Hate Inu is a community-based project granting users opportunities to vote on topics and earn rewards. The presale is heating up, with new investors scrambling for the LHINU tokens due to their perceived potential in the future. 

Early investors are at an advantage with a guaranteed price increase when the token eventually lists on exchanges. Also, the decentralized nature of the platform powered by blockchain technology makes it secure and reliable for users.

Love Hate Inu has tremendous potential to become the next meme coin revelation due to its utility. Also, with a growing community of users eager to participate in its vote-to-earn system, the project will record long-term success. 

LHINU tokens will likely increase in value as the roadmap unveils exciting partnerships with renowned brands as part of the package. Users that invest early stand the most advantage of reaping the platform’s full benefits.

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