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Love or Hate Elon Musk? Now You Can Earn Crypto by Voting on His Next Move

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Love or Hate Elon Musk? Now You Can Earn Crypto by Voting on His Next Move
Love or Hate Elon Musk? Now You Can Earn Crypto by Voting on His Next Move

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Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is the newest kid on the meme coin block, and with it is a revolutionary vote-to-earn technology in Elon Musk’s style. The team behind this sensational project believes the meme coin segment of the crypto industry has a lot to offer and Love Hate Inu is here to be the frontrunner.

Within the first week of its debut, Love Hate Inu’s presale has wrecked in $770k, selling LHINU tokens at $0.000085. Experts in the crypto industry have within this short time rated Love Hate Inu as the best crypto presale to buy in 2023.

Investors who are piquing interest in Love Hate Inu must, however, rush to catch the price in the first stage before it rises to $0.00009 in the second stage – arriving in less than two days. Love Hate Inu expects to list on exchanges at $0.000145, meaning investors who buy LHINU in stage 1 would have gained roughly 41% in paper value.

What Is Love Hate Inu and How Does It Work?

In its rudimentary form, Love Hate Inu is a meme token that offers real-world utility, bolstered by a voting system that runs on blockchain technology. It is a secure and transparent decentralized platform that seeks to solve issues surrounding the poll and survey market.

The era of decentralization has seen a global paradigm shift to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). These entities do not fall under the control of one company, organization, or individual. Instead, they are managed by people within the community who have voting rights they can exercise to decide on issues and provide direction.

That said, Love Hate Inu is a top-of-the-line voting token with the ability to allow everyone, without the fear of judgment or prejudice, to express their opinions on vibrant topics—and while doing so, they can earn rewards and eek a living.

“Our platform provides a unique opportunity for you to engage with important issues and promote healthy discussion, all while contributing to the next meme sensations and earning valuable tokens,” the whitepaper states.

Although presented in the meme segment of the crypto market, Love Hate Inu is far much better than existing projects which mainly ride on the hype without really building real products or services.

Often such projects fade away gradually amid carefully orchestrated rugpulls by the very teams that created them. When such misgivings occur, the people who suffer the most are investors who lose their hard-earned money in projects likely to never see the light of day again.

However, Love Hate Inu is different—much more than just a meme token. The agenda is to build a lifelong ecosystem where people “come together and vote on the issues that matter most” – be it politics, entertainment, or specific social issues.

Love Hate Inu is the place and space to voice your concerns while allowing you to thrive within a community that cares about what you think and how you think about it. Since Love Hate Inu’s voting system is built on the Ethereum blockchain, the entire process is fair, transparent, and secure.

Following the launch, expected as soon as the crypto presale ends, Love Hate Inu’s voting platform will comprise two key areas, starting with the User Interface (UI). Here, LHINU token holders will be able to connect their wallets to start engaging in real-time votes and earn rewards.

The other key area in the project is the Vote Submission platform. According to Love Hate Inu’s whitepaper, interested parties can “submit new poll ideas for the community to consider.”

The Management Dashboard is where the magic happens but with a lot of caution to protect the community. On the same platform, the team will host polls with the funds generated and “give back to the community with relevant topics that everyone can engage with.”

Stake-to-vote, otherwise, referred to as vote-to-earn is one of Love Hate Inu’s vital selling points. All the polls would be accessed via staking as the prerequisite for community members wishing to participate.

Users would be required to lock their LHINU tokens in a smart contract, which then qualifies them to vote in the polls, and subsequently utilize the vote-to-earn feature.

“By making the participant use our Real-Time Staking mechanism, it prevents spam and manipulation in the voting process. This is done by requiring the participant stakes tokens for at least 30 days for the ability to vote,” Love Hate Inu’s team stated in the whitepaper.

Understanding Love Hate Inu’s Stake-To-Vote

Love Hate Inu chose to go the staking way because it offers a myriad of advantages to the ecosystem by preventing spam and instances of poll manipulation. Importantly, it renders the entire voting process anonymous, so that members can express their opinions “without fear of judgment or manipulation.”


Crypto users are by now familiar with terms like ‘play-to-earn,’ ‘move-to-earn’ and ‘play-and-earn,’ however, not so much is known about the aspect of ‘vote-to-earn.’ In Love Hate Inu’s ecosystem, users will be rewarded for staking LHNU tokens and for using the platform.

“The more you stake and the longer your staking period, the more voting power you accumulate, the team said in the white paper.

Each survey or poll will be financed by the initiator. The poll’s proprietor will collect all the LHINU tokens and distribute them as remuneration to all those who engage in the voting process.

The team will start developing the surveys in the early days of the project, but in due course, the community will be authorized to set up polls as an incentive for holding a noteworthy quantity of LHINU tokens.

The condition that voters possess a minimum proportion of voting authority guarantees that only individuals who have a substantial interest in the platform can take part in the vote and impact the decision.


Love Hate Inu has a total supply of 100 billion LHINU tokens. The team has resolved to offer 90% of the total circulating supply in the presale stages as a way of preventing the risk of a rugpull.

The remaining 10% of the supply would be put toward exchange listings efforts and to finance community rewards. “This will create a strong foundation for the project where the community holds a real vested interest in its success,” the whitepaper states.

Love Hate Inu has also provided a concise roadmap in the whitepaper, detailing the milestone it expects to achieve all through Q1 2024. At the moment, the presale is the most important stage.

On the bright side, investors are excited about a new meme coin with real-world utility that allows people to earn by simply expressing their opinions. In a very short time, Love Hate Inu has become the best altcoin to consider buying in 2023 as the crypto market rebounds.

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