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Vote and Earn: This New Crypto Platform is Revolutionizing the Meme World – Here’s How (LHINU)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Love Hate Inu top crypto gainer
Love Hate Inu top crypto gainer

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Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is here with its unique vote-to-earn system to dominate the meme coin world. LHINU employs real-world utility powered by blockchain technology, allowing users to earn in crypto while sharing opinions on ecosystem issues.

LHINU promised a transparent and secure voting system powered by its governance cryptocurrency, LHINU, an ERC-20 token. Users can participate in polls and surveys via a staking mechanism powered by smart contracts to prevent vote manipulations and protect user identity while facilitating a secure voting process. 

Users will stake LHINU tokens to qualify for polls in which they vote on important issues and create custom polls approved by the community. LHINU encourages decentralized voting by allowing users to earn passive income while expressing opinions and views on pressing ecosystem matters. 

After the ongoing presale, the Love Hate Inu meme coin will officially launch in the second quarter of 2023. The token presale went live on March 8, with $170,000 raised within 24 hours. This token thrives on the meme coin virality with plans to dominate the meme coin ecosystem, even overtaking Shiba Inu.

How Does The Love Hate Inu Platform Work?

LHINU combines the DAO concept with Meme coin fundamentals to deploy the first-ever blockchain-powered online survey system. Also, it allows users to freely air their views on matters and earn rewards according to their LHINU stakes. With LHINU, the more you stake, the more voting power you get. Only users with LHINU stakes that lasted up to 30 days can participate.

However, the project knows that such a system is prone to manipulation, and user privacy might get compromised. Therefore, it employs a real-time voting verification system to eliminate the chance of manipulating votes. There is a user interface that allows poll participants to connect their wallets and engage in voting.

The LHINU ecosystem comprises a vote submission framework and management dashboard. The management dashboard monitors the voting process to ensure transparency, while the vote submission framework provides poll suggestions for the community’s consideration. Love Hate Inu does not impose polls on participants. The LHINU community reserves the right to create its custom polls.

Love Hate Inu Presale Hits A Milestone Within Two Weeks

LHINU presale is still ongoing and will last 60 days, counting from March 8, when the first round started. As of March 16, the presale had already raised ~$825,000, but now it has raised $1.2 million. The essence of the presale is to raise funds for the platform’s development. At press time, 1 LHINU goes for $0.000085 and will increase to $0.00009 by the end of presale stage 2. Stage 1 will be the last presale round before the Love Hate Inu goes live.

At launch, LHINU’s price will increase to $0.000145, meaning early investors who bought at the presale price would earn lots of profit. Investors must leverage the current price to obtain LHINU tokens before the presale ends. Due to its low prices, bullish investors who believe in Love Hate Inu’s potential in the meme coin market are rushing to join, which reflects the amount raised so far.

LHINU Roadmap

According to the LHINU website, 90% of the token supply will go to the presale rounds, so the community holds most of the coins in circulation. 10% will go into reserve for liquidity, community rewards, and exchange listing fees

Love Hate Inu developers have laid out plans for its development. According to LHINU roadmap, Q1 2023 is for the white paper release, token launch, presale, and social accounts launch. Voting algorithm development, platform signup launches, voting demos, partnership agreements, and exchange listings will happen in Q2. 

Q3 will be for LHINU staking launch, dashboard management, and the first vote-to-earn rewards distribution. Q4 2023 is when the LHINU will be able to create custom polls, brand partnerships, sponsored polls, and brand-sponsored reward mechanisms will also start.

The project also has plans for 2024. In 2024, the developers expect to launch into the metaverse to give voters an immersive poll experience.

How To Buy Love Hate Inu

Do you want to join the LHINU presale? Go to the Love Hate Inu website and click the “Buy Now” button.

Connect your Metamask or Trust wallet. After connecting your wallet successfully, you will see two buy LHINU options.

  • Buy LHINU with ETH: If you opt for “buying LHINU with ETH,” enter how many LHINU tokens you want or how much ETH you want to swap. Confirm the gas cost and authorize the transaction in your wallet.
  • Buy LHINU with USDT: To buy LHINU with USDT, enter the amount of LHINU you intend to purchase or how much USDT you wish to swap and approve USDT in your wallet. Confirm the gas cost (in ETH) and authorize the transaction. 

What You Stand To Gain By Joining Love Hate Inu

  • Love Hate Inu uses a decentralized polling system that allows you to air your opinions anonymously and earn staking rewards.
  • Access to early bird prices that would amass high profits later
  • Mint memes of survey results as NFTs
  • Be a part of a growing community of viral meme coins with future potential.
  • Access to the funniest memes of top industry players and celebrities like Elon musk, Christiano Ronaldo, Donald Trump, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Profit Can I make If I Join Love Hate Inu presale?

Following the paw prints of leading meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, early investors of LHINU can make parabolic gains. Dogecoin price has rallied 86364.70% since its launch in 2015. Other memecoins followed similar patterns, and Love Hate Inu could do the same.

Why Must I Vote on LHINU tokens?

Surveys and polls happen weekly or daily in the real world on social media and online platforms. Love Hate Inu will deploy these polls to allow users to earn income by staking on the LHINU token.

How Different is Love Hate Inu From Other Meme coins?

Love Hate Inu utilizes the vote-to-earn system through which users can earn staking rewards using their LHINU token to vote on real-life polls.

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