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This Crypto Startup Partners with Fitness Influencers and Offers Users Exclusive Rewards – How Does Fight Out Work? (FGHT)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

crypto fight out
crypto fight out

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Fight Out is a new project in the play-to-earn (P2E) scene. It rides on the shoulders of a train-to-earn mechanics set to transform the fitness and gaming industries. To do this, the project wants to incentive participants to stay fit.

Using an innovative approach, the project integrates every form of exercise and workout routine, expertly weaving it into the metaverse world. Here, members can earn rewards for every progress they make in life.

Thus far, Fight Out has raised over $5.70 million with barely two days to the end of the presale phase.

Such a milestone bolsters the project’s commitment to maintaining a perfect trajectory toward becoming one of the most valuable cryptocurrency assets in 2023.

Fight Out: Keeping Fit And Healthy Within The Metaverse

The Fight Out ecosystem is committed to upgrading the traditional gym model as we know it by leveraging its sturdy application. Once a user signs up, they can design a unique non-fungible token (NFT) avatar christened ‘Soulbound.’ This is epic because it is much more cost-effective than other gaming projects with NFT dynamics. Furthermore, the avatar is sellable and buyable.

Moreover, the Soulbound avatar incorporates the real-life capabilities of respective users. It also develops them based on the physical fitness of the concerned player.

The application features a comprehensive workout regimen structured by elite athletes and influencers in the fitness space. The routines can be tailored to fit the daily schedules of the user. Additionally, the project eliminates the need to visit traditional gym settings by delivering great exercises that are doable from the comfort of your living room.

This is revolutionary, given that users will always be motivated to keep fit and healthy progressively. Furthermore, the application serves as a metric-check tool for tracking every form of movement, weight, diet, nutrition, workout routines, strengths, and sleep, among others.

When a user completes the fitness goals stipulated within the Fight Out app, users receive cryptocurrency rewards in the form of REPS. REPS is the in-app off-chain currency for the platform. Users can also increase the number of REPS earned by competing and winning against other players in the numerous challenges presented within the virtual space.

The off-chain currency is value-adding, given that it merits the user for in-app discounts when they subscribe. Moreover, they can also use it to hire virtual personal trainers and pay for virtual and physical gym memberships.

Furthermore, the platform also presents different stores for users to buy accessories, among other aesthetics, that would make their avatars stand out.

Fight Out: Training Among Elite Fighters And Fitness Influencers

Recently, the Fight Out ecosystem revealed having signed four prominent athletes to its board of ambassadors. The idea behind this move was to enhance the gaming project’s popularity while at the same time producing masterclass content for fitness and health in the application.

The elite athletes include Ultimate Fighting Champions Armada Ribas and Taila Santos, British Boxing star Savannah Marshall, and American Ninja Warrior NBC star and fitness guru Tremayne Dortch. These four have joined forces to support the platform, making valuable videos sure to increase commitment to fitness routines. Additionally, elite athletes will also motivate users in different sectors of their lives.

Noteworthy, Fight Out is the only P2E gaming ecosystem with real-life applications amid the hundreds of millions generated in the Web3 sector. Additionally, the platform features an active community where users can interact and share opinions about new projects, the metaverse, and UFC matches, among others.

With Fight Out’s online community growing, the platform is committed to allowing users to bet on the outcomes of fights in the metaverse world. Players can easily train hard, fight easily, compete with other participants, bet on metaverse fight competitions, and earn REPS.

Fight Out: Mission, Vision, Powering Token, And Rewarding Mechanics

The vision and mission of the platform are to offer members an immersive community within a unique fantasy gaming environment, among other options for crypto rewards earning. The project stands out for its core utility, sturdy app, ambassadorial team, and innovative reward structure.

The Fight Out ecosystem is powered by the FGHT token, which is currently running until the end of the presale. Investors who buy into this project are key stakeholders whose contribution is developing a market-leading ecosystem.’

Furthermore, the project boasts an in-demand use case offering many value propositions and a huge return on investment (ROI) over time.

As regards the reward mechanics, the development team behind this P2E project is pedaling two bonus structures for investors.

The first is a referral promo link program offering a generous 5% commission. To enjoy this bonus structure, players must share their unique referral link with their friends, family, or both. They can also post the referral link on their social media platform. Every time that referral link is used to buy FGHT tokens, the owner gets a 5% commission.

The second bonus structure is in the form of a 67% revamp bonus for early investors. This means that every early backer will get this percentage of previously purchased FGHT tokens, which is a mouth-watering incentive. Nevertheless, to be part of this structure, one must buy and hold $50,000 worth of tokens for 36 months.

Nevertheless, investors who have already bought into the project and leveraged the incentive will see their token distribution increase by 10%.

The Presale Is Almost Over, Buy FGHT Now

Based on the website, there are barely 10 days left to the end of the presale, which means now is the opportune time to buy FGHT tokens. More importantly, prospective and existing investors have only two days to buy FGHT at discounted rates of 0.03090 USDT.

The presale will end on March 31, and the FGHT token will get listed by April 5 on centralized exchanges (CEXs). Among those in line and confirmed to list FGHT include Uniswap, Lbank,, BitForex, DigiFinex, Transak, and BKEX.

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