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NFT Ninja Reviews Fight Out Move-to-Earn | Earn While Work Out

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

crypto fight out
crypto fight out

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NFT Ninja reviewed the most recent initiative to reignite interest in the metaverse fitness industry Fight Out and its native coin FGHT. The world of physical fitness and cryptocurrency are brought together under the realm of the Fight Out platform.

NFT Ninja on Fight Out – Dynamic Fitness Ecosystem

The Fight Out platform has revealed a variety of concerns with the fitness sector, including expensive gym memberships, a lack of social connections, and ill-designed training schedules. The Fight Out app was created and released in an effort to acknowledge these concerns while also providing the user with financial advantages.

Fight Out is developing an all-in-one fitness app that will provide users everything they need to get started on their fitness journey, including workout routines, progress monitoring, and tutorials and tips. Users development and accomplishments are monitored, evaluated, and incorporated into their digital soulbound avatar.

Users of the Fight Out app will receive rewards for completing a range of tasks at home or in the gym. Rewards are given out in REPS, Fight Out’s in-app currency. You can use the REPS rewards that have accumulated in your account to pay for gym memberships, merchandise, private lessons, and NFT avatar cosmetics.

The Web3 ecosystem of Fight Out will be powered by the native utility token FGHT, which is currently in stage two of the presale and has raised an astounding $4.5 million. Guide on how to buy FGHT token here.

On March 31, the presale was supposed to end. But, if sales continue at the current pace, the presale may conclude earlier. The presale has a $15 million hard cap imposed by Fight Out.

What Makes FGHT a Great Investment for 2023

Users have a few different workout options with Fight Out’s individualized approach. In addition to providing a wide range of training techniques, Fight Out also adds interest to the process by allowing them to create their own custom digital NFT avatar right away. Their avatar improves as they do on their fitness journey.

When FGHT lists on various cryptocurrency exchanges in April, it could rise significantly, according to leading crypto publications and industry analysts, making it one of the best Move-to-Earn crypto to buy in 2023.

Early investors should be attentive that Fight Out is offering a very substantial bonus program. Depending on the quantity purchased, the revised bonus program will enable investors to earn up to an additional 67% on their FGHT token purchases.

Following hundreds of requests from the larger community, the team decided to eliminate the three month required vesting period. You can now decide to leave all of your tokens unvested if you purchase FGHT going forward.

You will get bonus tokens if you choose to vest for a longer period of time. Additionally, 10% extra tokens are being given to everyone who purchased FGHT before February 15.


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