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The Fast-Growing Play-to-Earn Game With a Train-to-Earn Base Raises $5.5m, Few Hours Left Before Price Increases

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Fight Out plat to earn
Fight Out plat to earn

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Fight Out, the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem backed by a train-to-earn model, has already garnered over $5.53 million in investment, with only a few hours until the token price rises in its penultimate stage.

However, the price will rise to $0.0309 in less than 12 hours before reaching a maximum of $0.0333, which is also the listing price for the centralized exchange (CEX).

The presale will end on March 31, and the first CEX listings will go up on April 5.

The Fight Out team has announced that the FGHT token will be listed on seven exchanges –, LBank, BKEX, Changelly Pro, BitForex, DigiFinex, and Uniswap.

The platform developers have identified several issues with the gaming industry. This includes exploitative monetization strategies that provide no financial return to players and games that isolate users from their real lives rather than incorporating them.

There is also the issue of Web3 games that aren’t appealing to a broad audience because of their complicated requirements, and Fight Out aims to transform the gaming industry’s ecosystem completely.

The project has created a useful system for users to maintain a healthy lifestyle and earn prizes by gamifying the process of health and fitness and making it even more exciting by exposing them to the metaverse. The concept uses rewards to motivate users to make positive life changes.

A New Fitness and Gaming Revolution

Fight Out is revolutionizing the play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem by capitalizing on players’ increasing desire to incorporate more of their real life into their gameplay.

The creators think that if players can incorporate more real-life selves into their gaming experiences, those experiences can be deeper, more meaningful, and more competitive.

The main objective of the Fight Out initiative is to motivate users to exercise regularly to enjoy their gaming experience and earn more.
This latest Play to Earn crypto project emphasizes rewarding players with digital currency for achievements in their gaming ecosystem and intends to be the gateway between Web2 users and the Web3 world.

Fight Out will recruit Web2 users to Web3 through seamless UX and integrations with Wert and Web3Auth for simple wallet creation and $FGHT purchases.

Providing the perks of Web3 gaming with a lower barrier to entry will encourage the mass adoption of games in the Fight Out ecosystem.

Fight Out is redefining fitness and gaming by integrating a train-to-earn mechanic into its play-to-earn games. Players compete using “soulbound” non-fungible tokens (NFT) avatars with skills and stats based on real-world experience and abilities.

With the platform, players can test their athleticism in real life while having fun in a secure environment.

Players can easily mint their very own NFT avatar after creating an account. This is their Fight Out replica, and since it is “soulbound,” it cannot be bought or sold.

The stats of each user’s avatar accurately reflect their abilities, development, and accomplishments.

Train and Earn

The training ground serves as the platform’s entry point for all users. As they train and complete achievements, users can level up their avatars based on real-world activities.

There are also several benefits to help along the way. Users get access to combat athletes of the highest caliber, workout classes, and more.

Fight Out has enlisted the help of top fitness and combat sports ambassadors to provide the best experience for their users, including fitness influencer Tremayne Dortch, boxing champion Savannah Marshall, and MMA athletes Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos.

Users are rewarded with REPS by Fight Out for their training, accomplishments, and participation in the community.

REPS is an in-app, off-chain currency that offers new Web3 users a simple way to get started.

REPS can be exchanged for a selection of in-app and offline incentives. Users can buy cosmetic NFTs to customize their avatars or upgrade with more features and benefits.

Buy $FGHT Now and Enjoy Extra Bonus

FGHT, the Fight Out native token, maintains the game ecosystem. So far, the digital asset has raised more than $5.53 million from investors.

Prospective investors’ excitement for the project has been increased by the new bonus scheme, which awards extra tokens totaling 67% more than what was originally purchased.

To participate in the top-tier offering, investors must purchase at least $50,000 worth of tokens and hold them for 36 months. There will be an additional 10% token distribution for those who have already invested and used the bonus.

A new no-vesting tier is also available for investors who do not want to stake their tokens. For early-bird investors, Fight Out will also hand them exclusive NFTs and access to the latest ecosystem developments.

Only 9% of the maximum 10 billion supply of FGHT will be sold during the presale, with the remaining 4.5% going to the bonus pool and 10% going to exchange liquidity.

The remaining tokens will be vested for five years and used to fund the project’s development.

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