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Bet on Your Favorite Fighters with This New Crypto Project – The Ultimate Betting Destination for Fight Fans (FGHT)

Bet on Your Favorite Fighters with This New Crypto Project – The Ultimate Betting Destination for Fight Fans (FGHT)
Bet on Your Favorite Fighters with This New Crypto Project – The Ultimate Betting Destination for Fight Fans (FGHT)

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Fight Out is redefining the gaming and fitness industry with its blockchain-driven innovation. Unlike the traditional workout pattern, Fight Out encourages users to work out, sign up for challenges, or bet on their favorite fighters. Afterward, it rewards them for engaging with the network.

With less practice of fitness and exercise, Fight Out intends to keep its users fit without interfering with their daily schedules. It provides training schedules, tips, and classes and lets users connect to wearable devices via its mobile app.

Fight Out is a new crypto project integrating a Play-To-Earn (P2E) workout scheme on blockchain technology for the fitness industry. It’ll allow users to earn digital rewards on the platform. Its monetized betting innovation will drive more fight fans from traditional betting systems to Web3.

What Makes Fight Out Unique?

Fight Out is a new project that combines exercise and betting through the blockchain. Besides the native token of the platform, FGHT, users can earn REPS tokens for completing fitness objectives. 

Using Fight Out helps you take control of your well-being as it monitors your activities and provides health tips. Furthermore, it can track your body’s reactions, including changes in heartbeat rate, temperature, etc.

Fight Out builds a sense of community with users, granting them a life-long experience in the network. It provides them with the opportunity to train with top combat athletes, including Tremayne Dorth (Fitness Influencer), Savannah Marshall (pro boxer), Taila Santos, and Amanda Ribas (top UFC MMA fighters).

In its last presale stage, Fight Out (FGHT) crypto will list on various exchanges once it goes live.

How Fight Out (FGHT) Token Works

Users receive $REPS tokens as the reward for achievements redeemable for the platform’s native tokens – $FGHT. Users can accumulate, trade, or spend their $FGHT on in-app purchases, like designing their avatar with NFT goods in the platform’s marketplace.

This training gamification unleashes a fitness revolution for inactivity-challenged generations. Fight Out will psychologically motivate users to focus on their regime. Encouraging a communal ecosystem will help Fight Out create a social center stage to win $REPS from high-stakes tournaments.

Notable personnel in the fighting sector are supporting this promising Web3 innovation. Various UFC and MMA ambassadors are joining the project to support the Ambassador contests and challenges.

Users can participate in ambassador-set challenges and join on-demand video classes for Cardio, Strength and Conditioning, Mobility, and Technique. They could even stand a chance to challenge one another with their Soulbound avatars in the network. Thus, they have to train to play and earn.

The Fight Out project’s unique tokenomics offers real-life benefits to users who stake the $FGHT token. It also grants them access to products and actual gym memberships.

Advantages of Using Fight Out

Fight Out will tackle the lack of exercise in the current and coming generations. It will allow users to leverage blockchain in making concrete investments for a healthier future. Figh Out will facilitate sustainable growth in the fitness industry and Web3 by partnering with notable fitness influencers, UFC ambassadors, and professional boxers.

The play-to-earn innovation will facilitate real-life achievements in the health and fitness of its user. It can track and reward users’ exercise routines with NFT avatars to depict their real-life fitness achievements.

In a nutshell, Fight Out would incentivize users who work out, complete quests, and bet on their favorite fights with the $REPS and $FGHT tokens. The incentives would encourage the need for more exercise around the globe.

What is Fight Out Networks Developmental Plan

Fight Out aims to become a promising cryptocurrency in 2023 and the coming years. It plans to bridge the M2E (Move-To-Earn) industry gaps with a consumer-driven approach. Furthermore, Fight Out intends to push the M2E industry forward. Therefore it plans to provide Web3-integrated gyms to induce optimistic changes in the life of its users.

Fight Out will develop a constructive technique to help users maintain healthy lifestyles. It intends to gamify the process and make it thrilling for users once they dive into the metaverse.

Besides the plans to engage realistic combat athletes and avatars, Fight Out intends to integrate tournaments, fighting leagues, other sports competitions, and betting into Web3. Also, it plans to use elite metaverse and gamification features to accomplish its plans.

Users will earn real money and rewards in REPS while designing customized fitness plans for their needs. Furthermore, users can engage in multi-player activities, including fitness training with community members on the metaverse. 

The FGHT token will allow users to bet on their favorite fighters in combat tournaments and leagues on the Fight Out metaverse. Moreover, Fight Out aims to bridge the gap between the M2E and P2E industries through gamification innovation.

How to Buy Fight Out and Join the Early Investors

Fight Out is currently in its last presale stage. The platform’s official website shows that the presale ends on March 31, and the first CEX listing commences on April 5. The countdown timer on the official site shows that the price of 1 $FGHT will increase in the next 5 days.

FGHT token price is currently at $0.02850 and will increase to $0.0309 on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. This new crypto project has raised $5.3 million throughout its presale stages and is officially ending in a few days. The token’s price will likely spike as it lists on popular exchanges after the presale.

Fight Out’s first CEX listing is on Exchange on April 5, 2023. Early investors will enjoy more gains if the price increases. 

How To Buy

  • Launch Fight Out’s official website and click on “Connect Wallet.”
  • Link your wallet to MetaMask, Wallet Connect, or Trust Wallet for mobile users.
  • Select a payment method out of the three options. You can buy $FGHT with ETH or USDT.
  • Choose the amount of USDT or ETH you wish to convert to $FGHT.
  • Choose a bonus and proceed to “Buy Now.”
  • Confirm your transaction and claim the tokens. 

Note: You can buy ETH with Card and then pay for $FGHT with your ETH if you have an insufficient ETH balance.

Bottom Line

Fight Out has built a center stage for encouraging many people to make practical lifestyle changes. Its tokenomics, gamification, roadmap, and incentive indicate a promising future for the project. Fight Out plans to revolutionize the training lifestyle of people and enable them to compete through their P2E games.

Take part as an early investor in the Fight Out token as it prepares its future as a leading crypto project. You can participate in the token presale of this project and other ongoing presales to grab plentiful bonuses. Navigate to Fight Out’s official site for more details about the project.

Fight Out (FGHT) - Train to Earn Crypto


Fight Out token
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