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The Avalanche Foundation Launches Avaissance Initiative To Grow Avalanche NFT Ecosystem

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The Avalanche Foundation
The Avalanche Foundation

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The Avalanche Foundation, the team behind the popular public blockchain Avalanche, has launched a new crypto program to spur Avalanche non-fungible token (NFT) growth through specialized mentorship and financial support.

Avalanche Launches Avaissance NFT Initiative

In a March 29 press release, the Avalanche Foundation confirmed launching a new crypto program dubbed Avaissance. The new initiative aims to support upcoming digital artists and drive the growth of the Avalanche NFT ecosystem.

Launched in September 2020, Avalanche is a smart contracts platform that allows crypto users to finalize transactions in less than one second. The protocol features Subnet infrastructure enabling Web3 developers to easily launch powerful, custom blockchain solutions.

Under the Avaissance initiative, the Avalanche Foundation anticipates bringing a renaissance to Avalanche NFTs, sparking artists and spurring the NFT ecosystem’s momentum. Even though most artists have already benefited from the Avalanche scalability features, the Avaissance intends to take the NFT ecosystem even higher.

Features Of Avaissance NFT Initiative

The new Avaissance Initiative features two signature components, including the Artists in Residence program (AIR), which features more than fifty artists, and the Mona Lisa Initiative, a digital program that will boot the next-gen Avalanche art.

According to the announcement, the Avalanche Foundation will roll out the new AIR program throughout next month. The program will give artists a 6-month opportunity to pursue their creative projects while receiving substantial funding, one-on-one mentorship, virtual workshop opportunities, and support from the Avalanche ecosystem.

The Avalanche Foundation has set up a panel of experts from the NFT sector that will offer digital artists mentorship. The first group of AIR mentors includes Emonee LaRussa, an Emmy-winning motion graphics artist, and Dave Krugman, the founder of the creative community Allships.

Other mentor includes Ryan Wen, the Chief of Staff at Stacked Studios, and Valhalla, an NFT project creating a metaverse gaming brand. The first 50 digital artists will each release one NFT collection on Avalanche.

In the Mona Lisa Initiative, the Avalanche Foundation will collaborate with DAOs’ curatorial teams to help the next generation of digital art. The Foundation plans to gift Avalanche NFTs to pioneering art-focused DAOs, expanding the DAOs’ NFT collections. It has pledged to announce the MLI curation soon.

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