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The 5 Must-Have Crypto in July 2023 with Massive Growth Potential [Video]

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Top 5 Must-Have Crypto in July 2023
Top 5 Must-Have Crypto in July 2023

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Discover the top 5 crypto gems for massive growth in July 2023. Unleash your investment potential and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of crypto. Investors worldwide have increasingly embraced cryptocurrency, which serves as an innovative and decentralized payment system.

Additionally, it helps challenge currency monopolies and frees money from government influence. Investing in cryptocurrencies offers the possibility of financial gain, and the market has experienced significant growth over the past decade.

In this guide, we have examined the best crypto coins available for purchase in July 2023, focusing on notable market projects. The cryptocurrencies listed below have been chosen based on comprehensive market research, considering a range of factors such as their growth potential, current market capitalization, and valuation compared to previous all-time highs.


Bitcoin (BTC) currently stands at a price of $30,000, having experienced a significant surge in 2023. The decline in crypto markets during the crypto winter of 2022 was primarily attributed to concerns surrounding the potential spread of issues among crypto lenders and exchanges, as explained by Bitcoin advocates.

The recent application made by BlackRock for a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) is considered an indication that institutional interest in cryptocurrencies might be rekindling. However, there are reservations among skeptics of Bitcoin due to the possibility of rising interest rates and regulatory actions targeting cryptocurrency exchanges, which could limit accessibility for investors.

The year 2023 appears to continue the trend of Bitcoin’s extreme volatility and unpredictability. Notably, this well-known cryptocurrency has already seen an increase of over 80% in value since the beginning of this year.

The outlook for the remainder of the year will likely be shaped by factors such as the direction of monetary policy, greater clarity regarding crypto regulations, and the potential authorization by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the trading of the first-ever Bitcoin spot ETF on a major U.S. exchange.

The decision by the Federal Reserve to pause interest rate hikes in June, favorable inflation data, and the BlackRock ETF filing have all contributed to the notable price surge of Bitcoin this year. Take a look at our comprehensive guide on purchasing Bitcoin securely through online platforms.

Additionally, a brief banking crisis in the United States earlier in 2023 heightened concerns about the security of traditional banking systems, leading to Bitcoin surpassing the $30,000 mark for the first time in nearly a year in April 2023.

Despite the regulatory challenges faced by cryptocurrency exchanges, many Bitcoin investors have chosen to overlook them. If the SEC ultimately approves a Bitcoin spot ETF, it could unleash a wave of institutional investment in the cryptocurrency, potentially driving its value to new all-time highs.

Watch the video provided above for the comprehensive overview of the top 5 crypto for July 2023, subscribes to his YouTube channel for more videos on crypto-related topics. Jacob Crypto Bury also runs a Discord community with 16,000 members.


Polkadot (DOT) is a notable cryptocurrency that gained significant attention due to its impressive performance two years ago. The technology behind Polkadot allows users to create and operate their own blockchains on the existing platform.

The Polkadot platform, as highlighted by the Web3 foundation, offers several distinguishing features, including shared security or relay chain and parachains, a high-performing sharded network, a sophisticated governance process, an easy blockchain setup, and a strong focus on interoperability to connect multiple blockchains.

DOT serves as the token for the Polkadot network. Parathreads, which have a similar interface to parachains, are a valuable addition to Polkadot. The introduction of Parathreads and Cross-Consensus Communication will enhance Polkadot and attract further investment in the upcoming year.

Throughout 2023, Polkadot will proceed with its rollout phase for parachains, fostering intensified competition among businesses and DeFi projects vying for inclusion within the Polkadot network.

Analysts predict that Polkadot’s trading range will be between $4.67 and $12.41. If it reaches the upper price target, DOT could experience a substantial 129.04% increase and reach $12.41.

Thug Life

Thug Life (THUG) has emerged as a promising participant in the surge of meme currencies. It offers investors a unique opportunity to take part in a cryptocurrency presale with a small market value, creating a sense of community. The total supply of THUG tokens is 4.2 billion, with 2.94 billion (70%) reserved for presale investors.

Unlike other projects, Thug Life has a single presale phase that concludes on July 17th, with a fixed token price of $0.0007. This approach ensures fairness by eliminating early entry advantages and discouraging dumping from later buyers. The Thug Life token presents a balanced investment opportunity, with a hard cap set at $2,058,000.

Once the hard cap is reached, THUG will be listed on various decentralized exchanges. For the first three months after launch, the liquidity pool will be locked to prevent token dumping and support long-term growth. Marketing efforts will account for 15% of the remaining 30% token supply, while community awards will make up the remaining 30%.

The specifics of the airdrop for presale purchasers have not yet been revealed. Despite its recent launch, the Thug Life token shows promise and has garnered a network of supporters who share a sense of humor and a desire for financial gain.

With over $1.6 million raised in less than two weeks, it has the potential to become the next PEPE, offering an opportunity for investors who have previously experienced losses to turn a profit. Check out our guide to the best crypto with low market cap that you should consider investing in.


Avalanche (AVAX) is a rapidly growing blockchain network for smart contracts and decentralized applications. It stands out for its speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, making it highly compatible with Ethereum assets, apps, and tools. This blockchain serves as a versatile platform for developers to introduce DeFi applications, assets, trading, and other services.

By leveraging smart contracts and innovative technology, Avalanche enables the creation, exchange, and management of various assets. Notably, its governance structure sets it apart from other platforms, with staking payouts subject to dynamic changes as the system evolves.

With its native token, AVAX, the Avalanche blockchain ensures high transaction security and scalability up to a trillion transactions per second, making it an enticing cryptocurrency. A dedicated team of mathematicians and cryptographers continuously works on the development and maintenance of the Avalanche coin.

Currently, AVAX is traded at $14.88, with a market value of $5.15 billion. Daily trading volume reaches $911 million, and the decentralized app ecosystem plays a crucial role in Avalanche’s ability to stay ahead of competing technologies and established blockchain networks.

Wall Street Memes

In 2021, an Ethereum NFT collection known as The Wall Street Bulls was launched on OpenSea, offering exclusive benefits to its trading community, such as access to an options market and whitelisting for other NFT collections.

Taking advantage of their established brand and large social media following of over one million followers, the Wall Street Memes (WSM) token presale was introduced in May 2023. The project stays current with NFT trends by simultaneously releasing new Bitcoin NFTs during the presale.

Currently priced at $0.0316, the presale offers an opportunity for early investors. Wall Street Memes has made a significant impact, with notable figures like Elon Musk engaging with the platform’s memes, showcasing its online popularity. See our guide on how to buy WSM token here.

The project’s successful first day raised over $300,000, leading analysts to recommend it as one of the top cryptocurrency projects to watch. Despite being in the early stages of the presale, the project has already amassed an impressive $14.7 million.

To celebrate its launch, Wall Street Memes has organized an airdrop, allowing token holders to participate and potentially win a portion of $50k by following the project on social media and joining the Wall Street Memes Discord.

The WSM token has a total supply of 2 billion tokens, with the entire supply being allocated to the community. The presale receives 50% of the total amount, while the remaining 50% is allocated to liquidity and community benefits. Take part in the WSM presale at


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