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Next Cryptocurrency to Explode Friday, July 14 – Bitcoin, Thug Life, Polygon

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The SEC might be granting institutional investors grounds to pour into the crypto industry any moment from now, as the ETF filings are currently under review. What this means is that we might see more of the current spike in the coming weeks. However, at the moment, what are the next cryptocurrencies to explode? Below is a selection of assets that are wildly outperforming the market at the moment. Some of the tokens featured below are not only responding to the Ripple news, they’ve been on an explosive path for most of the month. The news only caused more spikes in their movement. What’s even more interesting is that these assets still have room for explosive growth, and the best investors will watch closely and jump in at the appropriate time. 

Next Cryptocurrency to Explode

The crypto market is much more favorable right now, and investors can go all in to earn sizable returns. However, there is a need to move with caution as the crypto market could be quite unpredictable. For investors wondering what will be the next cryptocurrency to explode, presales could be the best bet. In recent times, presale cryptos have shown an immense ability to generate massive ROI for investors. Typical examples are crypto presales in the memecoin sector that have gone on to bring investors thousands of percent in returns. Thug Life is currently on presale, and the chance is open for investors to win big with this asset. 

1. Bitcoin (BTC) 

Before the declaration court verdict on the Ripple case, there was speculation that the price of BTC could go through the roof in the coming months. There is evidence that the predictions might be accurate because the price of BTC trended closer to $32k in the last 24 hours before settling for $31.3. 

Most of the positive outlook of BTC comes from the expected rate hike that’s proposed by the US. It’s believed that the rate hike would shift investors’ interest toward digital assets as a means of medium-term hedging. Surprisingly, the predictions are quickly coming past. Similarly, there is anticipation that the release of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) would cause an increase in inventors’ interest in BTC and also contribute to the recent spike. 


As of today, the trading volume of Bitcoin has gone up by nearly 85%, pushing it upwards of $24.5 billion in 24 hours. Furthermore, The SEC has announced that it’s now reviewing the submitted ETFs Filings. The decision of financial institutions to get into the Bitcoin spot ETF is one of the most revolutionary moves in the crypto industry this year. It changed my outlook completely. And with the announcement that the SEC is now reviewing the submissions, investors are taking steps in preparation for the future of BTC.

With the trend of the asset, now might be the best time to get involved with the Bitcoin decision. It is on its way to becoming the next cryptocurrency to explode. Nonetheless, there are chances that the bear might force the price of BTC to decline in the coming months to buy the dip before the price rally. Therefore, it is critical to take time to research and know the best time to get involved.) 

2. Polygon (MATIC) 

Polygon has claimed its space as one of the most prominent crypto assets on the market. Not only is it gaining an increase in price increases but also amassing use cases across the board. MATIC price jumped by 6% after the announcement of Ripple’s victory. However, that’s not the only time its price recorded a significant increase. 


Within the week, the price of MATIC has gone up by almost 30%, pushing it into the 10th position in the crypto ranking. Furthermore, intense activities across social media and the Polygon community have sparked renewed interest in the token. As of today, the trading volume of MATIC went up by nearly 55%, signifying the growing activities across its network. 

In addition, Polygon is planning to introduce a new token as an upgrade to MATIC. The goal is to rebrand and expand the functionality of MATIC, giving the holders new capabilities within the network. The new token is dubbed the 3rd generation token, which is expected to carve out a new niche in the crypto industry just like Bitcoin and Ethereum at inception. 

According to the proposal, the new token, POL, will give the holders the privilege to become validators, proofing every activity and use case across the Polygon chain and network. The intentionThe Polygon community intends the MATIC as soon as the new token, POL, gains ground. Further details of the proposal would unfold as time progresses. However, at its current pace, MATIC could easily become the next cryptocurrency to explode. 

3. (FET) has been in the background since inception with much of its progress happening behind the scenes. was launched in 2019, the goal of the project is to democratize access to AI tech. It provides users access to the permissionless network, where anyone can assess secure datasets using the FET token. 

Furthermore, the network grants the capability to execute tasks by engaging autonomous AI against that linked to the vast global network of data available across the ecosystem. 


The project has not been a big winner as its token, FET, has not been a top gainer in the crypto market. As of today, the asset has lost over 37% of its initial value at launch. However, the outlook of the crypto AI sector might change in the coming months as the tech billionaire, Elon Musk throws his hat into the AI race. 

The resultant effect of Elon’s interest in AI is seen in the price action of crypto tokens. As of today, the majority of AI-based crypto projects recorded a surge in price and trading Volume. The price of, for example, jumped by over 9% in the last 24 hours. Not only that, its trading volume saw an increase of over 20% in value. 

What it means is that there are chances that the new trend might push the value of FET back into the green zone before the end of the year. As the activities in the AI sector increase, tokens like FET might become the next crypto to explode

4. Kaspa (KAS) 

Kaspa is one of the biggest winners this year with over a 12000% increase in price in the last 52 weeks. The asset has continued to demonstrate persistent effort at breaking through resistances and in so doing, it’s forced its way into being one of the highest gainers across the cryptocurrency industry. 

At its current pace, KAS might be the next penny crypto to explode. In the last 30 days alone, the price of Kaspa has gone from $0.017 to $0.029, which amounts to over a 66% increase in price. Not only is it gaining a price increase, but its trading volume has also been on an increasing trend with its value going up by almost 20% in the last 24 hours. 


The move towards bridging the Kaspa token into the Ethereum network through the Change Finance finance platform, the Kaspa community saw the further move of the project into the DeFi space. 

However, there are still calls for the Kaspa network to activate more DeFi opportunities which its community believes would unlock new levels of value for the token. Undoubtedly, if the network successfully introduces more DeFi opportunities, KAS might automatically become the next big cryptocurrency

5. Thug Life (THUG)

The presale of the Ballers memecoin is gradually coming to a close. In about two days, the crypto market will witness the arrival of another trailblazer in the memecoin category. Thug Life launched its presale a few days ago, and in less than two weeks, the token has successfully raised $1.5 million. Pending its launch, The Thug Life team is pushing to get the community engaged and has released a competition, which was announced on its official Twitter handle.

The Thug Life community has set the target of reaching $2,058,000 in less than 72 hours. What it means is that investors who miss the opportunity to come on board at its current price of $0.0007 will buy at its listing price, which might be multiple times higher than its current value. Also, they miss out on the chance to take advantage of the initial price pump. 

Every degen investor understands how it works with memecoins. The first movers rule the ROI, and in the long run, they benefit from the growth of the network. Now is the best time to become a part of a project that’s rightly positioned to become the next memecoin to explode

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