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Riding the Wave – Exploring $LUNC Coin’s Price Analysis and the Potential Breakout

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Explore the impact of Ripple’s legal victory against the US SEC on the broader crypto market and its influence on Terra Luna Classic’s price. Discover how the crucial $0.00009 support level plays a key role in determining the potential for further upside movement.

The Terra Luna Classic community is actively undertaking various initiatives to revitalize $LUNC and restore USTC’s peg to $1. These efforts include implementing token burns, promoting staking, and collaborating with developers to enhance utility and garner broader support within the crypto community.

Terra Luna Classic Price Analysis: Analyzing $LUNC coin price trends

After XRP’s victory against the SEC, cryptocurrency prices started to rise again. The alternative cryptocurrency market has responded positively. These new factors have contributed to a noticeable upward trend in the $LUNC coin price during the past few days.

In the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has experienced a decrease of -3.10% in its current value. Additionally, comparing the current market capitalization of $LUNC with yesterday’s figures reveals a decline. The 24-hour low is $0.0000084 and the high is $0.0000089. To continue growing, $LUNC must stay above $0.00009.

On a positive note, Terra Luna Class has joined the recent upward surges, experiencing a 3% increase over the past 7 days, reaching $0.000086 at the time of writing. These recent developments highlight significant potential, presenting an appealing investment opportunity. See our guide to the best altcoins to buy now here.


However, it is important to note that over the past month, the price of $LUNC has declined by 10%, resulting in a substantial reduction from its current value. As a result of this unexpected drop, the coin is currently in a slump, which could be a good time to make a rapid purchase.

Terra Luna community governance proposals: Adjust undelegation period and gas fees

The Terra Luna Classic community is voting on two significant governance proposals: a twofold increase in gas costs and a fourteen-day staking undelegation period. Terra Luna Classic ($LUNC) community members are increasingly supporting the recommendations, which might return $LUNC to $1 and prompt a second USTC.

On July 14, JESUSisLORD, a validator and prominent member of the community, announced that two $LUNC proposals he had submitted to the Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) network were being put up for a vote.

  • Proposal 11639 “Reduce Staking Undelegation Period to 14 Days” – the goal is to cut the current 21-day undelegated staking time for $LUNC down to only 14 days. This proposed change intends to provide users with increased flexibility concerning their staked $LUNC and incentivize more users to participate in staking, ultimately leading to a reduction in the circulating supply of $LUNC.
    JESUSisLORD holds the belief that a 14-day undelegation period adequately contributes to network stability and helps mitigate volatility. Additionally, this duration helps avoid the complexities and penalties that can be associated with rapid undelegation proposals within the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem.
  • Proposal 11370 “Raise Gas Fees by 2x” – the goal is to increase all current on-chain gas fees by a factor of 2. This adjustment is intended to enhance the funding of the community pool and staking rewards, as gas fees are evenly divided between the two. Notably, the gas fees have not been adjusted for the past 6 months. JESUSisLORD argues that the current gas fees on-chain are relatively low, with the cost of sending transactions being around 8 $LUNC ($0.00067) and withdrawing staking rewards costing approximately 67 $UNC ($0.0056).

With the proposed adjustment, the gas fees would range from 0.13 cents to 1.1 cents per transaction based on the current $LUNC prices. Furthermore, this adjustment is expected to help counter the continuous decline in the Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

Alternative coin yPredict AI Crypto’s funding success highlights remarkable growth potential

yPredict, a leading player in web3 artificial intelligence, is making significant strides in its crypto token presale, and enters the seventh stage of fundraising. With nearly $3 million generated so far, the presale showcases the platform’s impressive growth potential.

Focusing on simplifying crypto and SEO analysis, yPredict is actively developing a robust suite of AI analytics tools. These tools aim to streamline the complexities associated with these fields. See our guide to the best AI crypto coins to buy here.

To fund this ambitious project, yPredict plans to release 80% of its total supply of $YPRED tokens to the public, offering investors an opportunity to support and participate in the platform’s future endeavors. The yPredict presale goes beyond mere ownership, offering participants enticing perks.

These include quarterly rewards, discounted access to AI tools, and lifetime utilization of yPredict’s crypto price prediction system. The platform’s progress is evident, not only in its promises of potential returns but also in its tangible achievements. See our guide on how to buy $YPRED token here.

As a noteworthy early accomplishment, yPredict successfully launched its inaugural AI-powered tool, the Backlink Estimator, which garnered an impressive 5,000+ requests within the first day of release. Participants in the presale of yPredict continue to enjoy exclusive privileges, including unrestricted access to the Backlink Estimator and the upcoming WriteMingle tool.

Excitingly, yPredict is also gearing up for the release of Alt_Pump_001, an AI model specifically designed to predict future surges in alternative coins. This forthcoming tool aims to provide valuable insights and assist users in identifying potential investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

yPredict’s vision is strongly centered around its primary offering: an advanced AI-powered crypto price prediction and analytics platform. This service promises traders and investors a wide range of AI-driven signals, pattern recognition tools, and social and news sentiment analysis capabilities.

The combination of the $YPRED token and the broad range of AI applications offered by yPredict’s platform positions the platform as a noteworthy contender in the AI utility coin market. Coupled with significant staking yields and discounts for token holders, the incentives make yPredict a presale opportunity that could command attention.

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