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TD Sequential Indicator Predicts New Market High

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Israeli Crypto Wallet BT360 Shuts Down; Users Locked Out of Accounts
Israeli Crypto Wallet BT360 Shuts Down; Users Locked Out of Accounts

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The crypto industry as a whole is known for its relative volatility when it comes to most of its major and minor assets. This is simply due to the speculative nature of most of these cryptocurrencies, coupled with an environment that is currently lacking liquidity. However, it’s still a financial market, and can still be predicted through conventional technical analysis indicators, chart patterns, and other tools.

TD Sequential: The Reliable Indicator For Crypto

When it comes to market indicators, one, in particular, is known for its accuracy across the crypto industry’s significant assets, and especially so with Bitcoin. This indicator, the TD Sequential indicator, has started to signal that one last pump may be coming before the eventual sell signal goes off. With this, it represents a top and end to the current rally crypto had felt after the coronavirus crash.

The tool itself has had a good track record, having successfully predicted the market movements for the crypto industry. It’s done this to such a degree that it’s been a popular subject within the crypto communities.

More Right Than Wrong

Quite recently, the tool managed to successfully predict the recent local high that Bitcoin had achieved, and even got the top numbers right, having predicted it at $10,500. This, of course, was back in February, where the COVID-19 pandemic had yet to destroy half of the market value in the crypto industry.

TD Sequential even managed to predict the bottom market after Bitcoin went into absolute bearish territory due to the coronavirus scare. However, it should be noted that this isn’t some Oracle of Delphi, and the indicator has made mistakes in the past. One of the more recent ones was an XRP signal that told the market to buy Ripple due to a predicted rise in value. XRP has been tumbling before and after this warning, showing it’s not fool-proof.

Warning Of BTC Market High

However, it’s safer to bet on its success than it is to bet on its failure, and this comes especially true when it’s regarding Bitcoin. TD Sequential is now suggesting a higher high is possible with Bitcoin’s charts.

The way these indicator works is by numbering candles within a sequence. The sequence itself gets reset if a new low or high gets set ahead of the perfect, situated at 9 or 13.  The way a 9 setup gets perfect, is only when the 8 or 9 candles are higher than candle 7. The best setups come when 9 is higher than 8, as well.

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