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Popular Crypto Trading Channel, Tone Vays, Banned On Youtube

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Youtube has been enacting an ongoing “soft ban” on the crypto industry. According to the platform itself, there is no such active discrimination taking place, and yet Youtube channels focusing on crypto, in particular, always find themselves restricted or outright banned at some point of time.

This time, Youtube seems to have gone for the big fish of the crypto industry’s Youtube presence, banning Tone Vays. Tone Vays, in turn, stands as one of the most vocal and popular crypto analysts in the crypto space of Youtube.

Unjustified Persecution

Youtube is the largest video content sharing platform in the world, and the platform itself knows it. In recent years, it’s started to crack down on its content, trying to make it as politically friendly as possible, but certain actions have yet to be explained. Tone Vays is one of the most popular analysts within the crypto community and is well-known throughout it. He had received bad news recently.

Going in detail via Twitter, Tone Vays explained that Youtube had banned his account from the platform, and the video he had uploaded last had been removed. The official reasoning behind this removal was that the video was considered “Harmful and dangerous.” How a video about market movements can be dangerous is best left for the professionals, who so assure the world they don’t have anything against crypto.

Groundless Justifications

According to the YouTuber, shortly after the video was removed due to bogus reasoning, thirty minutes to be exact, he had appealed for the video to be put back into action. Thirty minutes after that, an hour after the video was taken down; the entire channel was removed from Youtube. Tone Vays warned that if this issue can’t be resolved, he’d need to enact a shift in his career, focusing back on day-trading, as well as working on the nutritional channel at night.

As one would imagine, Tone Vays Suspects that a thorough process of revision was not practiced on his channel due to how quickly it got removed. Afterward, his channel was banned as a whole.

A Trend That Never Stopped

As sad as it is, this is a real threat to the crypto community at large. For reasons that no one can definitely testify to, Youtube has had it out for crypto as a whole for some time now. It all started back in December last year, with a flurry of bans and removals of content. Back then, Youtube made a formal statement claiming it was due to some misconfigured criteria on their side, and that the content will be returned shortly. This, however, proved false for the most part, as Youtube has consistently been making these “mistakes” against the crypto community ever since.

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