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Renowned Bitcoin Educator Predicts $20,000 Value for Bitcoin

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Mike Novogratz Believes This is Bitcoin’s “Moment”
Mike Novogratz Believes This is Bitcoin’s “Moment”

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Many crypto traders and investors are getting optimistic, as more people buy Bitcoin with debit card than ever before, Bitcoin is unexpectedly gaining momentum in the market these past few days.

As a result, Ivan Lijeqvist, a popular international Blockchain and Bitcoin educator, has given his opinion on the massive rise of Bitcoin. According to him, with the current market indices, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world could be heading to a $20,000 market value. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is valued at a little over $9,000 (find out how to buy Bitcoin with a credit card).

An all-time high projection for Bitcoin

If Ivan’s projection was to come true, it means Bitcoin would need to increase by over 100%. Although Bitcoin has surpassed this percentage in the past, some observers think the projection is far ambitious considering the current situations facing the cryptocurrency industry.

When Ivan was 9 years old, he received an HTML book from his Mom who is a mathematician. He has been in the digital asset industry for many years and has gained a lot of respect in the industry. He is a Crypto YouTuber with more than 200k subscribers.

In a Twitter message, Ivan reiterated that Bitcoin is still on a Bullish run and there is a possibility the Bitcoin could reach the $20,000 value even before its halving.

Bitcoin could be scarcer than Gold

There have been a series of statements issued on the performance of Bitcoin before and after its reported halving on May 12. Surely, the imminent halving will cut down the supply of Bitcoin by 50%. Ivan opined that in the future, Bitcoin could be more scarce than gold.

Ivan says compares Bitcoin Market Cap with Bezos wealth

In another tweet, Ivan says he sees the rise of Bitcoin to $20,000 in the foreseeable future. He further pointed out that when Bitcoin reaches this projected value, its market capitalization would still be less than $400 billion. This is far higher than the current net worth of the world’s wealthiest person alive, Jeff Bezos.

To compare favorably, Ivan said no one is worth more than $100 billion apart from the Amazon Chief Executive Officer.

Bitcoin halving makes Bitcoin stronger

Plan B, a stock-to-flow model specialist, analyzed the implication of the forthcoming Bitcoin halving on prices.

The analyst reiterated its point with Peter McCormack during a YouTube podcast. According to Plan B, the fourth major phase of Bitcoin is about taking place. During the first phase, Bitcoin was still a toy. But as the Bitcoin evolves over the years, it’s no longer a toy. It has grown immensely as the value continues to improve, the analyst noted.

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