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Price Prediction: Lido DAO Token Will Increase by 14.62% Over the Next Few Days

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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An essential component of the Lido offering is the Lido DAO, which comprises staking apps, a native token (LDO), and the Lido DAO DAO. To improve liquidity across the crypto market, Lido issues derivative tokens that traders can stake on decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols like Yearn, Curve, and Maker. 

With its native LDO token, the Lido DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) assigns voting rights to its offerings. Despite Lido being a decentralized staking protocol, the Lido DAO governs the platform and keeps it updated. Here is our price prediction for the coming days. 

LDO Overview and Price Prediction

Lido DAO Token price $2.46
Lido DAO Token prediction  $2.66 (14.62%)
Sentiment  Bullish
Fear & Greed index  53 (Neutral)
Key support levels $ 2.07, $ 1.79, $ 1.64
Key resistance levels $ 2.50, $ 2.65, $ 2.92


LDO currently ranks No. 34 in the entire crypto ecosystem, and the current price of Lido DAO is $$2.46, according to the latest data collected. With a market cap of $1,968,409,021.63, Lido DAO has an 823,970,809 LDO circulation supply. 

Current price of Lido DAO is $$2.46
The current price of Lido DAO is $2.46

According to our prediction, the price of the Lido DAO Token will reach $2.66 by January 26, 2023. In five days, we see the LDO rise 14.62%. Considering the data we have, LDO might trade at a minimum price of $2.48, while the maximum price might reach $2.68 in February. Lido DAO’s value is expected to be around $2.58 on average.

Lido DAO Token is Experiencing Bullish Sentiment

The fear & greed index reading is neutral, and the sentiment is bullish in the Lido DAO Token market. It is essential to pay attention to support levels of $2.07, $1.79, and $1.64, and resistance levels of $2.50, $2.65, and $2.92.

Currently, 22 indicators suggest a bullish prediction for Lido DAO Token, while 7 shows a bearish prediction. 76% of indicators show a positive outcome. Considering these factors, we can conclude that Lido DAO Tokens’ price prediction is bullish. 

For LDO to reach $2.66 within five days, it would need to increase by 14.62%. Monitoring LDO market sentiment, key support and resistance levels, and other metrics will be crucial. But, remember that cryptocurrencies are volatile, and even the most significant assets display unpredictable prices.

The Lido Project: Why is it a Success?

Lido allows users to earn liquid staking rewards for Ethereum 2.0 without maintaining stake infrastructure. A track record of excellence and proven knowledge within the DeFi space is behind the Lido DAO.

Earn liquid staking rewards for Ethereum 2.0
Earn liquid staking rewards for Ethereum 2.0

Its members include

  • Semantic VC
  • ParaFi Capital
  • Libertus Capital
  • Terra, Bitscale Capital
  • Chorus
  • P2P Capital
  • KR1
  • StakeFish
  • StakingFacilities

Aave’s Stani Kulechov, Yearn’s Banteg, Deversifi’s Will Harborne, Stake Capital’s Julien Bouteloup, and Synthetix’s Kain Warwick are also among Lido’s angel investors. The Lido DAO distributes governing rights via its native LDO crypto asset for all staking solutions. 

With each LDO token representing one vote, a user’s influence over decisions and voting power is proportional to your stake in the network. As opposed to many other DAOs, Lido is unique in that the voting mechanism on the Lido blockchain can be adjusted and upgraded without affecting other adaptable protocols. 

As a result, Lido DAO’s governance structure can change without affecting other platform features.

Does Lido Make Sense as an Investment?

The Lido protocol already has the most staked ETH tokens, but there is plenty of room for expansion.

Lido: plenty of room for expansion
Lido: plenty of room for expansion

A broader perspective shows Lido DAO solves illiquidity in staking. It is, therefore, a valuable asset to own. We recommend investors do their research before buying or selling.

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