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Polygon teams up with WEF international leaders to improve Web3 and the future. Keep an eye on these DeFi trends

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Polygon Founder
Polygon Founder

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Polygon has declared its attendance at the next WEF summit in Davos. Co-founder of Polygon gives important forecasts and highlights technologies like NFT and DEFI that are expected to grow in 2023.

With new alliances and other tactical actions, Polygon has continued to increase its visibility. In a recent release, Polygon blockchain revealed that it would attend the 2023 World Economic Forum with world leaders.

On Twitter, Polygon announced that it would be in attendance at Davos, a well-known Swiss city best known for yearly serving as the site of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Polygon stated that it will be speaking on the Web3 ecosystem and the advantages that Blockchain technology offers the tech sector along with other world leaders.

Additionally, Polygon declares its dedication to leading widespread adoption for public blockchain platforms and creating infrastructure that is valuable and available to as many people as feasible.

The decision is advantageous for Polygon because it will enhance adoption globally. Speaking at the WEF summit might also increase the network’s visibility and favorability in the conventional financial markets.


Key trends in the DEFI Ecosystem are shown by Polygon

Polygon has some hopes for the DEFI market in 2023, especially with regard to the Polygon blockchain. At the time of writing, Polygon has 203 DEFI projects listed, with 63 of those 203 projects being featured on the Polygon network.

The CEO of Polygon Labs forecasts that Lido and other initiatives are worth keeping an eye on in the coming months. According to Ryan Wyatt, there are initiatives like Lido, Stader, and Tenderize in relation to the DEFI and other on-chain finance themes to watch for on Polygon in 2023. In the polygon ecosystem, liquid staking will receive a lot of attention.In fact, users that desire to earn staking incentives while being able to move or exchange their assets have shown themselves to benefit from liquid staking.

Wyatt mentions two projects in the NFT ecosystem, one of which he thinks will succeed this year and the other of which will benefit derivatives traders. The NFT Fi and NFT finalization will also be very significant in 2023. Users still need to trade with leverage and derivatives notwithstanding the trend away from centralized exchanges; they just need to do so in a more decentralized manner.

Projects like Gainsnetwork, he continues, can close that gap.

He anticipates a surge in on-chain credit and under collateralized lending protocols like Clearpool and Atlantis, RociFi, and Teller as decentralized identification gains traction in the larger crypto and blockchain sector.

The bear market has forced him to become a UX maximalist, and he concludes by saying that he is primarily focused on the UX and UI aspects of the Polygon/DeFi ecosystem. He goes on to say that by 2023 and beyond, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) will have significantly improved. In turn, this will hasten the Polygon ecosystem’s rate of adoption.


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