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Pikamoon Crypto Presale Launch – Fastest Growing 10x GameFi Token

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Pikamoon Crypto Presale The Fastest Growing Play-to-Earn Crypto
Pikamoon Crypto Presale The Fastest Growing Play-to-Earn Crypto

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The most exciting upcoming play-to-earn and metaverse initiative on the market Pikamoon is going to ignite the GameFi industry. Potential investors can gain access to a project through presales before it is officially launched on cryptocurrency exchanges. The release of the Pikamoon is one of the most awaited events of 2023 for gamers and industry experts.

What is Pikamoon

Pikamoon is an RPG that takes place in its own special version of the metaverse called the Pikaverse. When a player joins the Pikaverse, they are sent to a virtual world where water, fire, electricity, and earth each have their own distinct zones.

In this game, players can build their own dynasties from the ground up by exploring different locations and recruiting powerful heroes to help them in combat. The native token of Pikamoon is PIKA, and it can be used by players to purchase in-game items from the market.

There are a lot of ways to make money in Pikamoon, such as competing for NFTs or accomplishing missions to earn PIKA.

Gameplay Overview

Pikamoon, an RPG, emphasises exploration, strategy, and combat, it has offline campaign and online multiplayer modes. Offline mode is their current focus, with multiplayer coming later. Pikamoon will accompany players as they explore Dreva.

This planet can be entered with a partner PFP or a Pikamoon PFP NFT (coming later this year). The game’s thrilling main story sets the player against the evil 13th God, who wants to remake the universe. To save Dreva, players must travel the wide globe, build the ultimate squad, fight formidable bosses, and face the Gods.

Exploration and fights comprise gameplay, and real-time exploration allows the user to travel across Dreva. Discover hidden locations, talk to NPCs, buy things. Pikamoon combat are turn-based. Combat and specialised equipment can improve each Pikamoon’s move set.

Players can utilise things to heal their Pikamoon or enhance their stats. Pikamoons need to rest for a few hours after losing health (they never die). PIKA may be earned by defeating NPC trainers and spent in the in-game marketplace to buy health, weapons, transport, and more.

They partnered with Transak to make a fiat onramp possible. As a result, players who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency can purchase in-game items using a credit card to make the transaction simpler. See our guide to the best NFT games to play here.

Additionally, they are collaborating with a wallet custody solution so that users won’t have to tinker with 3rd party wallets like Coinbase or Binance if they don’t want to. To close the gap between web2 and web3 gaming, they want to make the Pikamoon game accessible to everyone who wants to play it.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Pikamoon crypto presale, we recommend watching the video above and subscribing to his YouTube channel. Jacob Crypto Bury additionally runs a Discord channel with over 11,000 members.

PIKA Crypto Presale and Tokenomics

Pikamoon’s presale, which is currently in stage one aims to be one of the finest in the crypto space. The presale has begun, and tokens are currently on sale for $0.0002. However, by the third and final stage of the pre-sale, the price of tokens will have increased to $0.0006, indicating that early investors will see a 200% return on their investment.

CoinSniper has doxxed and KYC-verified the developers, while SharkTeam has performed a comprehensive audit of the PIKA token smart contract. PIKA is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum, and significant partnerships with Transak, MultiverseX, Keveru Games and Lucky Birds Labs have already been established.

15 billion of the total 50 billion supply have been made accessible during the presale. The remaining portion of the supply is split between the liquidity pool (7.5%), the team and advisors (12.5%), staking rewards (10%), creating the ecosystem (32%), which includes P2E rewards, the team and marketing expenses (8%).

Key Points

  • Pre Sale Round 1 (PIKA) – $0.0002
  • Pre Sale Round 2 (PIKA) – $0.0004
  • Pre Sale Round 3 (PIKA) – $0.0006
  • Pre Sale Round 1 has a 2 month cliff from Token Generation Event (TGE). Meaning this round of tokens won’t be able to be claimed till 2 months after the ICO has completed.
  • Pre Sale Round 2 has a 1 month cliff from TGE.
  • Pre sale Round 3 has no cliff from TGE.

They designed it this way to prevent rounds one and two of the presale from dumping on round three at the beginning of the token launch. On these late buyers, earlier rounds are earning upwards of 300% ROI.

Pikamoon coin is not intended to be utilised as a fast flip for early investors, but rather for the long-term viability of their project. Check out our best new upcoming ICOs to invest in 2023 here.

Transaction Tax

Pikamoon applies a modest transaction tax of 2.5% to Sell orders and Transfers. There is NO purchase tax on purchases of $PIKA. As the Pikamoon token is used to support their metaverse and marketplace, they wish to reward Pikamoon holders while penalising those who leave their ecosystem.

1% of the tax goes to marketing, 1% to the ecosystem growth fund/P2E Rewards, and 0.5% is burned forever.

Pikamoon Marketplace

PIKA is the currency used in the Pikaverse. Pikamoon tokens are required for all marketplace purchases made by users. Everything on the market, including health to transportation and even jewellery, must be purchased with Pikamoon tokens.

By chance, the Pikamoon project benefits from an equitable distribution of the tokens by the market. Most significantly, 5% of every spent tokens will be permanently burned. This method was included to raise the token’s scarcity, which in turn raises its price.

The ability to hoard tokens will greatly benefit from this. Additionally, the Play-2-Earn pool will receive 65% of the tokens spent. The Pikaverse tasks that players must complete will award the tokens on a monthly basis.

Last but not least, 30% will go towards Pikamoon’s marketing and development so that it can expand and scale up as necessary.

Pikamoon Promised to Outperform Axie Infinity

We cannot deny the fact that Axie Infinity was one of the most profitable projects during the previous bull run and a groundbreaking initiative for the cryptocurrency gaming industry, with its native AXS token hitting a price of $160 and a market valuation of close to $10 billion in November 2021.

But Axie’s fame lasted only six months. Players stopped playing it because it was boring and repetitive, and others couldn’t play it because the NFTs that were needed to play it cost so much.

Pikamoon believes they will surpass Axie Infinity by eliminating the need to buy expensive NFTs on top of tokens and providing a more enjoyable and diverse gameplay experience. While people without a PIKA can still access the Pikaverse and play the game with a partner PFP, PIKA owners can mint NFT companions for free.

Additionally, more than 70,000 people have already signed up for the whitelist, demonstrating the enthusiasm for this project among the crypto community. The early birds are attempting to benefit from the giveaways the Pikamoon core team is providing.

The Pikamoon community can’t wait for this initiative to start, offering free first-generation NFTs and PIKA tokens worth $100,000. The Pikamoon Adventure, which won’t just be an online game, is rumored to be able to compete with popular games like Fortnite.

For those who like to explore the Pikaverse without a lot of interruptions, there is an offline option. The best thing is that this project still has more to offer because the core team has indicated they are in contact with the biggest names in the crypto sector and elsewhere. Therefore, keep an eye out for Pikamoon’s next incredible development.

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