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Pikamoon Presale is the Next Axie Infinity – How to Buy PIKA Token

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Pikamoon is a new P2E game
Pikamoon is a new P2E game

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The metaverse, which used to be a concept found only in sci-fi movies a few years ago, has grown a lot in the last few years. The technology has been widely adopted in various industries, especially the gaming industry, where several games have utilized the metaverse to create immersive gaming experiences.

Gamers can now earn money while indulging in their favorite games through the introduction of Play2Earn games. Pikamoon, among the multitude of GameFi protocols utilizing the metaverse, stands out as a platform that introduces attractive features and upgrades to pre-existing ones.

Pikamoon Reforms P2E, Serving as a Better Alternative To Axie Infinity

The metaverse is a virtual world parallel to the physical world where individuals can live their digital lives and interact with others. It represents a significant shift in how we interact with technology and the digital world. Although the gaming industry was one of the first to leverage the metaverse, Pikamoon demonstrates that the metaverse is not limited to video games.

This is a huge transition moment in the crypto industry as other prominent projects in the metaverse such as Axie Infinity have limited the scope of the metaverse with just gaming. This is precisely why some investors believe Pikamoon could be the next Axie Infinity as it displays a more holistic approach to using the metaverse.

Pikamoon is an adventure game where players enter a gaming universe consisting of four regions, each characterized by water, fire, electricity, or earth. The game is set in the Pikaverse, a distinct rendition of the Metaverse,

By collecting characters from the regions and using them to fight their way up the ranks, players build their empires in Pikamoon. The in-game marketplace allows them to acquire assets using the native token, PIKA, and the game provides a substantial opportunity to earn money by fighting for NFTs or completing missions to receive PIKA.

Pikamoon is a really exciting game that stands out in the Play to Earn metaverse platform. It offers a whole new level of gaming experience with its unique Pikaverse, which is created using Unreal Engine 5 – the most advanced 3D creation tool out there! This makes the game more visually stunning and immersive than ever before. You’ll love how the platform presents upgraded features that make it truly disruptive in the world of gaming.

Pikamoon’s Pikaverse metaverse stands out for its innovative approach of using two blockchains – Ethereum and MultiversX. To achieve this, Pikamoon has divided its gaming regions and NFTs equally between the two blockchains.

The Earth and Water gaming regions and their NFTs are on the MultiversX blockchain, while the Fire and Electric gaming regions and their NFTs are on Ethereum. Moreover, Pikamoon has enabled multi-web3 wallet integration to encourage participation from members of both blockchain communities.

By building on two blockchains, Pikamoon takes advantage of each blockchain’s features to ensure scalability and seamless delivery of all its features even with a large user base.

The metaverse has witnessed significant growth, particularly in the gaming industry, where game developers are now integrating it to create immersive gaming experiences. Pikamoon is a remarkable GameFi protocol that stands out from the rest by introducing innovative features and improvements to existing ones.

By combining Ethereum and MultiversX blockchains, Pikamoon’s Pikaverse metaverse delivers an outstanding gaming experience, promotes the adoption of the metaverse, and offers gamers an excellent opportunity to earn while they play. Arguably, the presale for the token is one of the best to invest in right now.

PIKA Tokenomics

Pikamoon is currently in its first stage of the presale, offering tokens for sale at $0.0002 each. However, as the presale progresses to its third and final stage, the price of the tokens will rise to $0.0006. This presents an excellent investment opportunity for those who purchase early as the value of their investment could increase by 200%.

The project has gained a significant following on Telegram and Twitter, with over 15,000 followers on the latter platform. More than 10,000 individuals have signed up for the presale whitelist, indicating strong interest in the project.

The developers of Pikamoon have been KYC-verified by CoinSniper and are doxxed, providing investors with transparency and assurance. Additionally, SharkTeam has conducted a thorough audit of the PIKA token smart contract.

PIKA is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum, and the project has already secured major partnerships with notable companies such as Lucky Birds Labs, Transak, Digit Nova, Keveru Games, and MultiverseX.

Of the maximum 50 billion token supply, 15 billion tokens are currently available for purchase during the presale. Stage 1 tokens come with a two-month cliff, while Stage 3 tokens do not. The remaining token supply is allocated to developing the ecosystem (32%), the team and advisors (12.5%), staking rewards (10%), marketing costs (8%), and the liquidity pool (7.5%). These tokens have varying vesting periods, but the full supply will be in circulation 36 months after the token generation event (TGE) when the presale concludes.

Pikamoon’s presale presents an attractive opportunity for early investors to get involved with a promising project that has already gained traction and secured notable partnerships.

Here’s How to Buy PIKA Token

Pikamoon is currently in phase one of its presale, where PIKA is priced at just $0.0002. To purchase PIKA at this price, investors need to follow these five simple steps:

Step 1 – Set up a Crypto Wallet

The first step is to set up a crypto wallet to hold PIKA post-purchase. MetaMask and Trust Wallet are recommended since they both support ERC-20 tokens.

Step 2 – Obtain ETH

Investors need to purchase Ethereum (ETH) from leading exchanges and transfer them to the crypto wallet created in Step 1. Alternatively, users can buy PIKA tokens using their credit/debit card on Pikamoon’s presale platform.

Step 3 – Link Wallet to Presale Platform

Navigate to Pikamoon’s website and click ‘Buy Now’. In the pop-up box, choose the relevant wallet provider and follow the on-screen instructions to link the crypto wallet to the presale platform.

Step 4 – Buy PIKA Tokens

An order box will then appear on-screen, allowing investors to choose the currency they’d like to use and how many PIKA tokens they’d like to buy.

Step 5 – Claim PIKA Tokens

Once the presale has concluded, investors can claim their purchased PIKA tokens from the official website. There is no vesting period, so all tokens will become immediately available. It’s important to note that the price of PIKA will increase incrementally between stages, so buying early during the presale provides investors with the lowest entry point.


Pikamoon stands out as a platform that introduces innovative features and improvements to existing ones, offering a unique gaming experience through its Pikaverse metaverse. Remember, the earlier you get in, the more profit you make.

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