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Notcoin Price Prediction – $NOT Crypto Climbs 18% Despite Bitcoin’s Drop

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Notcoin Price Prediction - $NOT Crypto Climbs 18% Despite Bitcoin's Drop
Notcoin Price Prediction - $NOT Crypto Climbs 18% Despite Bitcoin's Drop

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Despite broader market challenges, Notcoin shows resilience with a notable 18% increase over the past week, approaching significant price targets.

The coin’s appeal lies not only in its technical merits—such as a strong total circulating supply and low market cap—but also in its strategic positioning within the play-to-earn (P2E) sector. Notcoin has ventured into the Web3 arena by introducing Telegram mini-applications integrating blockchain tech.

Initially launched as a Telegram mini-app in January, Notcoin has swiftly amassed a global community of 40 million users. To bolster its capabilities, Notcoin has partnered with Helika, a renowned gaming accelerator specializing in Web3 gaming solutions.

Notcoin and Helika Gaming Forge Path for Telegram Game Development

Notcoin’s recent announcement highlighted the significant impact of its Mini Apps on Telegram, which have quickly become a dominant force. Teaming up with Helika Gaming, Notcoin aims to expand its accelerator program tailored for game developers, fostering innovation in gaming applications integrated into Telegram.

This collaboration leverages Helika’s extensive expertise in the Web3 gaming sector, supported by a substantial $50 million funding from Helika Accelerate. The initiative targets game studios, mobile app developers, and indie creators, aiming to boost innovation and growth.

Notcoin and Helika are also launching a new game accelerator and hosting the Notcoin Gaming Contest to inspire creativity among game studios within Helika’s network for the Telegram platform.

This strategic move by Notcoin aims to diversify Telegram’s gaming offerings and attract a broader audience through incentivized game development. The first round of applications for the Telegram Gaming Accelerator program begins next week, marking a pivotal step in this initiative.

$NOT Price Prediction

As of the latest update, $NOT crypto is priced at $0.0166, boasting a 24-hour trading volume of $4.71 billion and a market cap of $1.71 billion. Over the past day, $NOT has surged by 8.35%.

Since reaching its peak of $0.0289 on June 3rd, the price of Notcoin has been in decline since mid-June, dropping by 14% over the past month amidst bearish pressure. However, recent trends indicate a strong recovery underway, with expectations of surpassing the $0.02 mark soon.

Notcoin 1 Day Price Graph

Currently, $NOT’s price is comfortably above both the 50-day and 200-day Simple Moving Averages (SMAs), with the 50-day SMA acting as immediate support at $0.0128.

Currently at 51, the relative strength index (RSI) suggests $NOT is in a neutral state, poised for potential bullish momentum as market sentiment leans towards optimism.

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Pepe Unchained – Redefining Meme Coins with a Hybrid Blockchain and High-Reward Presale

While Notcoin strives for stability and growth despite market turbulence, a new entrant in the meme coin space, Pepe Unchained, offers high-risk, high-reward opportunities that attract adventurous investors seeking significant returns in the expanding meme coin sector.

Pepe Unchained pioneers as a hybrid meme coin and Ethereum layer 2 blockchain, marking a unique venture in the crypto sphere. Currently in presale, it has raised over $2.5 million, offering initial $PEPU tokens at a base price of $0.0083258 each.

However, this price is set to increment periodically throughout the campaign, with the next hike expected within the next 24 hours. The project’s primary objective is to establish a network where meme coin enthusiasts can conduct rapid token transactions, drastically reducing Ethereum’s typical transaction fees.

This initiative aims to democratize meme coins, making them more accessible and enjoyable for everyday investors. Pepe Unchained’s allure extends further with its distinctive Pepe-themed aesthetics, resonating deeply within the meme coin community.

Beyond its layer-2 ambitions, the project gains attention for its innovative ‘double staking’ protocol, offering early investors potential annual yields of up to 688%, significantly surpassing market norms.

The community’s steadfast commitment is evident, with approximately 232 million $PEPU tokens already staked, though note that rewards diminish as more participants join the staking pool. With a total supply of 8 billion tokens, 20% is allocated to early backers, while another 30% is earmarked for staking rewards.

Marketing initiatives receive a substantial 20% share of the $PEPU supply. Allocating 10% each to liquidity, project finance, and chain inventory underscores a tokenomics strategy aimed at driving sustained long-term growth.

For further details regarding the Pepe Unchained presale, stay updated on their X page (formerly Twitter) and join their Telegram channel. To take part in the $PEPU token presale visit


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