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Next Cryptocurrency To Explode Sunday 21st May – Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Filecoin

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The crypto markets evolve every day. For instance, the global cryptocurrency market has already witnessed a 0.14% increase. The crypto market cap currently stands at a whopping $1.13 trillion. Unlike other leading cryptocurrencies, XRP recorded significant gains in the past day.

It is no secret that the market is fast-paced regarding cutting-edge innovation. It is also quite multidimensional and multifaceted. With the frequent emergence of new coins and tokens, it can be easily lost in the whirlwind of the cryptocurrency world. We put this list together to ease your navigation and analysis as you ponder the next cryptos to explode. Carefully curated through meticulous and in-depth research, here is a detailed list of cryptocurrencies currently projected to soon be off the charts in the market. 

The Next Cryptocurrencies To Explode Today

1. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash

Derived from the extraordinary rise and prominence of Bitcoin and the 2017 splitting of the Bitcoin blockchain technology, Bitcoin Cash is projected to be one of the next cryptocurrencies to explode. Crypto experts, investors, and newbies would testify that Bitcoin Cash is borderless, secure, and even faster to use than the traditional Bitcoin. This has led to mainstream adoption by a wide range of users. One of the reasons for its widespread usage is that as opposed to its predecessor, its transaction fees are significantly lower and faster.

This low entry barrier is ideal for both new and old investors alike. Bitcoin has a strong development team who built it based on the ideology that the original Bitcoin had become more of an investment system than its original purpose of being a payment system. Simply put, Bitcoin Cash was developed in response to the outcry about the wide range of issues that plagued the world’s preeminent cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

Its strong community of developers is just one of the many reasons this coin is a good buy. They encourage decentralization, total transparency, and transactional ease.  BCH is super easy to access, a huge advantage for novice investors. Its user interface was made to be simplistic and user-friendly for all so that daily transactions are conducted fast and efficiently. Its enormous block size gives it the additional benefit of controlling many transactions simultaneously. And just like how its predecessor was designed and captured the world’s attention through an independent decentralized network operating primarily through a peer-to-peer system, bitcoin cash does the same thing. It reintroduces a timeless technology entirely immune from the restrictive authority of banks and the government. Bitcoin cash was part of the DeFi revolution in 2022 that was done by wall street, which proved that traditional monetary structures could also be subjected to the innovative prowess of crypto.  

Just like most other cryptocurrencies, BCH is vulnerable to intense volatility. The risks that come with this factor are often viewed as obstacles to most investors. Its scalability and other factors above give it a solid position on this list of the next cryptocurrency to explode. BCH is available on eToro.

2. Ethereum (ETH)


This unforgettable innovation by Vitalik Buterin, powered by immutable blockchain technology, has proven over time that it has come to stay. Considered the second biggest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization, Ethereum is famous for its various advantages that make it the next cryptocurrency to explode. Currently, Ethereum’s market cap stands at $217.57B. This proves that it is an asset with much value. Ethereum operates through what is described as the proof of stake mechanism. In addition to the finalization protocol and the algorithm LMD Ghost, it is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies in the world that rewards and punishes both the diligent and the dishonest accordingly. 

One of its most distinctive factors that makes it significantly different from almost all cryptocurrencies is its programmable blockchain which notably contains several applications. Etherum’s solid and unmatched use of the Ethereum blockchain means it hosts several other high-profile cryptocurrencies, including Shiba Inu, Decentraland, Polygon. This is advantageous because when any of these coins thrive, Ethereum thrives as well. This has been an influential motivating factor for several investors and is why it is considered the next cryptocurrency to explode. In retrospect, this cryptocurrency has exploded over and over.

Ethereum is regarded as one of the most robust cryptocurrency investments in the world right now. Just like Bitcoin,  it possesses what is known as a first-mover advantage. It has grown into one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies in the world. Ethereum has a strong network of developers who developed the proof of stake concept to combat the security and sluggish transaction issues plaguing it. It is much more improved, streamlined, and powerful, so now is a good investment time. According to Forbes, JP Morgan engaged in cross-border transactions in DeFi in 2022 using Ethereum. This was considered a massive step for the crypto space.  As always, Ethereum has always been marked by innovation and continuous improvement. This notable trait powers it and takes it from strength to strength. Investors can find ETH on eToro.

3. Filecoin (FIL)


Filecoin has a remarkable foray into the world of cryptocurrency, from generating global interest and amassing over $200 million from investor interest and gaining a lot of mainstream prominences when it was named the 22nd most prominent cryptocurrency in the world based on its market cap. As a crypto coin lodged solidly within the top 30, Filecoin is projected to become one of the next cryptos to explode.

Filecoin has distinguished itself through its decentralized protocol and open-source coding, which competes heavily with centralized data centers. By creating opportunities for storage mining, retrieval mining,  and leasing storage, Filecoin has distinguished itself.

FIL is a good investment if you are an investor looking for a coin capable of sprouting immense benefits in the long term. Filecoin’s operating system, deemed similar to Dropbox, represents a way to use blockchain technology to leverage upon gaps within the technological space and not just financial opportunities. Potential users can look forward to data retrieval speeds that outperform industry leaders like Amazon web services, decentralized peer-to-peer networks that make it immune and unreachable to the powers of censorships, and standard encryptions that are the gatekeepers of security and tokens that are versatile digital assets that can be traded on global exchanges. 

Filecoin is also famous for its scalability, which it achieves by allowing anyone to become a storage provider on the platform. The storage prices are driven by the age-old economic law of supply and demand, and miners compete based on several factors, including reputation and reliability. 

According to Yahoo Finance, Filecoin currently has a market cap of 1.92 billion with a circulating supply of over 428 million. Large-scale, competitive, and scalable with long-term benefits, Filecoin is undoubtedly one of the next cryptocurrencies to explode. It is advisable to get on the train now – buy FIL at eToro.

4. Pepe (PEPE)


Many regard Pepe as an industry newcomer with key outstanding features that prove it is undoubtedly the next meme cryptocurrency to explode. Emerging on the heels of Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and the likes, Pepe joined the meme wave that inadvertently crossed over into the crypto world in April 2023 on the foundation of potentially existing as the most memorable meme coin. 

For a new meme coin, it had made applaudable progress with users by building a solid community on Twitter and Telegram as a pseudonymous means of transacting value. Pepe has emerged as a unique, vibrant, and fast-growing addition to the blockchain system. Its anonymous creators have stated that the meme coin is only for entertainment and has limited investment opportunities. However, the internet contains success stories about alluring stories on investors who have made tremendous amounts of money using Pepe. This signifies that this meme coin would require careful due diligence for potential investors. 

Just three weeks after its launch, Pepe had an impressive market cap of $420 million, earning it a spot on the top 100 coins. Just like most other cryptocurrencies, Pepe possesses immense promise. The meme coin is one of the most viral and attractive cryptocurrencies, with over sixty-five thousand holders, which shows that it is rooted within a solid and integrated community.

With more listings on crypto exchanges, the token’s liquidity is expected to improve. It is still a burgeoning asset,  but it has shown the potential to scale to the top and become the next cryptocurrency to explode. Pepe can be found on eToro. According to Yahoo Finance, a new form of Pepe meme is trending after it casually garnered the attention of the global cryptocurrency community. The Hollywood X Pepe has entered its presale phase, attracting high excitement from investors. 

5. XRP (XRP)


XRP is one of the top-performing coins in the world, propelled by the Ripple team, and it has quickly gained a reputation as the next big cryptocurrency. Like most other cryptocurrencies, it has secured a spot in the crypto world by enhancing transfers globally, making them seamless, transparent, and faster. With a market cap of 24.17B, XRP stands tall as one of the significant cryptocurrencies with immense asset value. 

It operates on its blockchain and is primarily used by Ripple, the famous fintech company, for customer retention and success. Since it was produced and launched by a fintech organization, XRP is characterized by a strong team of engineers who constantly elevate and innovate the platform. Its scalability allows it to handle as many as 1500 transactions per second.  It has lived up to its vision of decentralized transactions by operating through peer-to-peer networks and giving its users a fast transaction process usually completed in seconds. 

The primary reason why its transactions are fast is that XRP employs a consensus mechanism known as a unique node list. UNL requires unity from validators which is a much easier procedure than cryptocurrencies embedded within complex mathematical techniques. Apart from confirming transactions in the most cost-effective and authentic ways, the consensus mechanism of XRP consumes less energy than other cryptocurrencies. XRP has also been subjected to rapid adoption since its inception, primarily because it was marketed as a better alternative to Bitcoin. Users are not expected to charge transaction fees as most crypto platforms do. Instead, they must use a small portion of XRP to gain access. XRP is widely regarded as a deflationary asset. However, analysts have predicted that its supply would take at least seventy thousand years to run down to zero, meaning users do not have to worry about deflation.

Ripple, the parent company of XRP, has purchased Metaco, a crypto custody services firm in Switzerland that will expand XRP’s roots overseas. And according to Reddit, XRP has been endorsed by the world economic forum. With developing innovations, fast transactions, security, and value, XRP is undoubtedly one of the next crypto coins to explode. Access XRP on eToro.    


TRON has elevated decentralization and redefined excellence since its debut in the cryptocurrency ecosystem in 2018. TRON emerged within the market, aiming to revolutionize global entertainment cost-effectively. Its in-house cryptocurrency, known primarily as Tronix, is among the top 100 cryptocurrencies based on its market capitalization. 

Its innovative method of leveraging blockchain technology and using it to exterminate the middleman propels the role of content creators in consumer distribution through the use of smart contract functionality, a consensus algorithm, and proof of stake principles. Tron is a highly recommended platform for content creators, and one of its significant advantages is that they are not charged for using the platform. They can also receive payments while retaining complete work autonomy via the platform.

Potential investors can also look forward to free TRX transactions, which are not usually symptomatic of crypto platforms. Tron supports 2000 transactions per second, putting it way ahead of bigger crypto giants like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. Investors should note that Tron requires the payment of a capital gains tax before purchasing TRX. In a new post on Reddit, Tron has had transactions superseding $90 million since the beginning of 2023. This exponential surge primarily emanated from widespread staking activity, which increased by 197%. 

As Tron aims to decentralize the web,  keen crypto analysts, enthusiasts, and critics are keenly watching whether its innovative programming can generate growth and success. However, its fast transactions challenge industry giants like Amazon and Netflix. Its mouth-watering offers to content creators have secured it a spot as one of the next cryptos to explode. TRX is listed on eToro.

8. Love Hate Inu (LHINU)

Love Hate Inu is a revolutionary meme coin that took the crypto space by storm with its explosive pre-sales. As the first blockchain-based online voting platform, users can share thoughts on critical and trending issues within the global political, economic, entertainment, sports, and cultural sectors. It is solidly built on the Ethereum chain, and investors must stake their tokens before voting.  It contains massive income-bringing investment opportunities for all kinds of investors, even with small amounts of money.  

In late March, this meme coin raised an impressive 1.9 million dollars, firmly on the path of other celebrated meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Love Hate Inu attained mainstream popularity by leveraging the use of social media. In the last few months, it launched the most successful pre-sales of 2023 that grossed $10.2 million, earning it a solid spot amongst the best presales of 2023. Investors can still take advantage of investment opportunities because its blockchain technology has transformed polling and surveys forever and because, as of May 19, it is now listed on OKX. LHINU possesses a trading volume of $15,664,085, according to data obtained from

Love Hate Inu is characterized by a strong community that considers the meme coin a solid movement for the opinionated crypto enthusiast, powerful blockchain technology, the first innovation of its kind, and massive earning opportunities. Therefore it is without a doubt the next meme cryptocurrency to explode. Get it on OKX.

9. Ecoterra (ECOTERRA)

Cryptocurrencies like Ecoterra prove time after time that blockchain’s influence, versatility, reach, and transformative powers have no real limitations. Launched as a presale coin that would be used to combat climate change issues, it has a two-dimensional benefit for investors – earning free cryptocurrencies and aiding the environment in its quest towards a better climate and cleaner energy. Ecoterra is a four-dimensional powerhouse comprising a recycle-to-earn and carbon offset marketplace, a recycled materials marketplace, and an impact-trackable profile. 

Ecoterra’s mode of operation is simple, as the platform offers users a chance to earn its native token once users engage in recycling – a core part of climate change.  The recycle-to-earn model is currently one of the hottest trends in the crypto space. Users are given Ecoterra tokens to recycle objects like glass and plastic. Recycling habits and progress can all be tracked on the Ecoterra mobile app.

It has also accrued considerable demand within the corporate space through companies willing to purchase carbon credits. Still within its presale stage with the potential for more increases, investors can make substantial profits if they delve into this crypto as soon as possible. The presale will end by mid-June when it has reached a significant milestone that ranges between 6.7 million and more. On May 19th, Ecoterra surpassed its four million dollar mark, and a growing urgency kick started among investors when it was revealed that only forty percent of tokens are left.  

There is no doubt that with its creative pursuits, good investment incentives, and fast-growing community, Ecoterra is projected to attain an exponential level of prominence. Environmental investors steeped in their belief systems on climate change can accumulate mouth-watering returns while staying true to their eco ideologies. As the presale is fast-paced, aspiring investors need to move with the pace before the price saunters up again. Users can participate in exchanging Ecoterra tokens for any currencies they desire. It is also possible to donate them to environmental causes. 

With Ecoterra, the possibilities are endless for individual investors, businesses, and the government. Companies can share their impact on the environment,  be informed on data and metrics, and get suggestions and tips on their recycling habits. Ecoterra has established itself as the next crypto to explode.

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