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Oscar Ramos Reviews New Memecoin Presale AiDoge (AI)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Oscar Ramos Gives His Thoughts About The New Memecoin
Oscar Ramos Gives His Thoughts About The New Memecoin

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Oscar Ramos gives his thoughts on the new memecoin, AiDoge, which keeps dominating the presale and getting a lot of attention from investors. The new AI-powered meme-generating platform AiDoge has officially crossed the $10 million milestone in its current presale, which is now more than 70% complete.

Oscar Ramos reviews the AiDoge presale which successfully surpassed the $10 million mark

During the AiDoge presale, investors have shown substantial interest, which has resulted in the successful raising of almost $10 million. The ERC-20 standard was used in the creation of the AI token, which means it has all of the characteristics that are often associated with tokens based on this standard.

Additionally, the overall supply of AI tokens is 1 trillion. The AiDoge project is now in the course of its ongoing presale phase, during which each Ai token is being made available at a price of $0.0000284. Its presale will be run over the course of 20 stages, and in every stage, there will be 25 million tokens open for purchase.

Due to the projected rapid depletion of token supply, early investor participation is strongly advised to maximize return potential. Token purchases can be made using a wide variety of payment methods, including ETH, USDT (ERC 20), BNB, USDT (BEP 20), and credit cards.

It is anticipated that the price of the token will be $0.0000336 when it is listed, and the listing process is scheduled to take place during the third quarter of 2023. The maximum amount that can be raised through the presale has been restricted to $14.9 million. See our guide to the best AI crypto coins to buy here.

AiDoge is the next crypto that will multiply its price by 10

The marketplace for meme currency is experiencing a flurry of activity. AiDoge is on the cutting edge of an upsurge in meme currencies that stand out for their incredible utility. In contrast to this, other insignificant meme currencies continue to dominate the market.

The value of the $AI token is derived from the fact that it serves as the most common type of currency within the AiDoge ecosystem. There are three primary applications for the $AI variable. It allows users to purchase credits that can then be used to make memes by utilizing the AI technology that is available on the platform.

Additionally, it has the ability to be staked, which enables users to gain daily prizes in addition to other benefits. Lastly, as a natural asset of the ecosystem, $AI is the currency that is used to pay prizes to community members who vote for memes and develop popular content.

It should come as no surprise that industry analysts believe that $AI has the potential to become the next Dogecoin given the value and utility proposition that it provides. Guide on how to buy AI token here.

Analysts emphasizing the pre-sale of highly regarded cryptocurrencies state that, at the very least, one could be in the presence of a meme currency that multiplies by 10 when combined with AiDoge.

The very first meme to earn project

AiDoge, a project that works at the intersection of the world of memes and the world of artificial intelligence, is in the process of developing a groundbreaking new social platform that will give users the ability to create memes via AiDoge’s most cutting-edge generating AI technology.

According to the whitepaper for the cryptocurrency project, the AiDoge platform uses modern AI technology to create suitable memes based on user-provided text prompts. Users provide text prompts for meme generation, and the AI processes the input, creating relevant and engaging memes, making meme creation available to all.

Creators of memes publish their work on public walls, where other members of the community can vote on which ones they like most. The platform is equipped with a mechanism that will automatically promote the most popular memes and award $AI tokens to the people who created them. See our AiDoge price prediction here.

In view of this, AiDoge provides meme makers with their first realistic option for an income stream tied to their pastime. At the same time, the blockchain technology that forms the basis of the AiDoge platform secures the ownership rights that meme creators have over the content they create.

The innovative social network is being referred to as “meme-to-earn” (M2E), which is a unique and fresh idea that has proven to be popular within the overall crypto investing market. The reason that AiDoge has become so successful is that many people believe that it provides the most valuable service available in the artificial intelligence coin market as well as the meme coin space.

It’s true that the cryptocurrency market is very hypothetical, just like every other emerging IT sector and industry. However, a shrewd investor can reduce their exposure to risk by focusing their attention on those ventures that have the greatest chance of being successful.


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