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AiDoge Price Prediction – $AI Price Potential in 2024

Ai token
Ai token

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

With the growing hype around AI and its potential integration with cryptocurrencies, AiDoge has emerged as one of the newest projects in the space. The AI-based meme project has started gaining traction, raising $100,000 on the day of its launch – April 25th, 2023 – then $200,000 the next. The ERC-20 token powering the project is AI with a 1 trillion supply and 50% of tokens available during its presale.

In this AiDoge price prediction, we estimate the price potential for AI token once listed on exchanges in Q3 2023 and the scope for growth in the AiDoge project as a whole.

AiDoge Price Prediction

Without any historical price action in the case of this upcoming crypto launch, we will assess the future AiDoge price potential based on its fundamentals and utility:


As the year of its launch, AiDoge may get off to an explosive start. New crypto presales attract high levels of early investor interest, particularly those related to meme coins and now the ongoing AI trend. AiDoge also has a novel use case, geared towards revolutionizing the meme industry. Its combination of the latest crypto trends and potential appeal to investors and traders alike could help the AiDoge price perform well on DEX and CEX platforms.


While the project is still in its early days, it has managed to set up an ambitious but realistic roadmap, with targets that the developers see as realistic including a hard cap of $14,900,000 for the presale, across 20 presale stages at If that is the case, then the price of one AI token may potentially shoot up from the final stage price of $0.0000336 to around $0.0001 by the end of 2023.

Currently the crypto market conditions are bullish, with Bitcoin at the time of writing trading at around $30,000, and similar assets like Pepe (PEPE) and ArbDoge AI (AIDOGE) returning over 10x gains to some early investors and reaching a market cap of over $50 – 100 million since their launch.


2024 could be a very important year for AiDoge, as it will be the time for the project to bring in more upgrades, develop the product further, and position itself as a strong entity. Growing the user base could prove to be a difficult task since the number of AI projects would be likely to grow in quantity. But if the AiDoge team manages to set itself apart and strive to provide value to the community, then the project could see a steady rise in 2024 too. 

We expect the token to shoot up to the $0.00018 range which, given the small market cap shouldn’t be a big gap to cover from its expected price range in 2023. We decided to provide a comparatively lower price prediction since the token might face some kind of stagnancy in terms of growth for a brief period, which could be used by investors to stock up more AI tokens. Either way, 2024 will play a vital role in the positioning of AiDoge. 


If the market conditions favour the crypto and AI industry, and AiDoge does infact move as per its roadmap, then 2025 could be one of the most profitable years for AI. However, this would only be possible if the team managed to rack up partnerships and gain institutional clients. While retail investors can be active users, for the project to grow, it will surely require bigger clients and partnerships. 

Developers will also need to keep the relevancy of the product intact by bringing in more upgrades, and interesting elements to the project that the wider audience would embrace and wish to be a part of themselves. If this happens, then it may not be surprising to see the AI token trading above the $0.001 range by the end of 2025. 

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AI Price Stages On Presale

The presale at is now on stage one. Since the team is yet to go heavy on marketing, it might be one of the best times to start stocking up on tokens. Here is a breakdown of the AiDoge presale to give you a general idea to strategize and purchase in parts or at the right time and price:

Phase Token Price Amount of Tokens $ Raised at Stage Price Increase Cumulative $ Raised
Stage 1 Price $0.00002600 25,000,000,000 $650,000 $650,000
Stage 2 Price $0.00002640 25,000,000,000 $660,000 $0.00000040 $1,310,000
Stage 3 Price $0.00002680 25,000,000,000 $670,000 $0.00000040 $1,980,000
Stage 4 Price $0.00002720 25,000,000,000 $680,000 $0.00000040 $2,660,000
Stage 5 Price $0.00002760 25,000,000,000 $690,000 $0.00000040 $3,350,000
Stage 6 Price $0.00002800 25,000,000,000 $700,000 $0.00000040 $4,050,000
Stage 7 Price $0.00002840 25,000,000,000 $710,000 $0.00000040 $4,760,000
Stage 8 Price $0.00002880 25,000,000,000 $720,000 $0.00000040 $5,480,000
Stage 9 Price $0.00002920 25,000,000,000 $730,000 $0.00000040 $6,210,000
Stage 10 Price $0.00002960 25,000,000,000 $740,000 $0.00000040 $6,950,000
Stage 11 Price $0.00003000 25,000,000,000 $750,000 $0.00000040 $7,700,000
Stage 12 Price $0.00003040 25,000,000,000 $760,000 $0.00000040 $8,460,000
Stage 13 Price $0.00003080 25,000,000,000 $770,000 $0.00000040 $9,230,000
Stage 14 Price $0.00003120 25,000,000,000 $780,000 $0.00000040 $10,010,000
Stage 15 Price $0.00003160 25,000,000,000 $790,000 $0.00000040 $10,800,000
Stage 16 Price $0.00003200 25,000,000,000 $800,000 $0.00000040 $11,600,000
Stage 17 Price $0.00003240 25,000,000,000 $810,000 $0.00000040 $12,410,000
Stage 18 Price $0.00003280 25,000,000,000 $820,000 $0.00000040 $13,230,000
Stage 19 Price $0.00003320 25,000,000,000 $830,000 $0.00000040 $14,060,000
Stage 20 Price $0.00003360 25,000,000,000 $840,000 $0.00000040 $14,900,000

The project is currently in the first stage of its presale and is steadily gaining momentum in terms of buying. AiDoge has a total supply of 1 trillion tokens, of which it is set to distribute 500 billion tokens. The presale has a hardcap of $14.9 million and will be conducted in 20 stages.

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What is AiDoge? is advertised as a platform for AI-driven meme generation, where users can enjoy a versatile and adaptable experience that caters to the ever-evolving cryptocurrency industry. It is trendy, in sync with the needs of today’s generation and compatible with the most used channel of communication in the world today- social media. The project employs advanced AI technology to help users create contextually relevant memes based on text prompts provided by them. 

The meme generator on AiDoge is powered by cutting-edge algorithms that are trained on extensive meme datasets and cryptocurrency news, ensuring that users receive high-quality and up-to-date memes. The developers have also managed to bring in several other elements that make the project worth considering as a major investment opportunity. 


With its technology, users can effortlessly create engaging and relevant memes that reflect the latest trends and developments in the crypto space. One of the platform’s key features is its user-friendly text prompt system. This system enables users to input their desired text prompts, which the AI processes to create contextually relevant memes. This makes meme creation accessible to everyone, even those with no prior experience or expertise in the field. 

AiDoge has also introduced a token-based credit system to further support the cryptocurrency community. Users can purchase credits required for generating memes using AI tokens, the platform’s native currency. This system ensures the sustainability of the platform, facilitating its continuous development. 

AiDoge offers a revolutionary solution for meme generation, leveraging advanced AI technology and a token-based credit system to transform the meme creation process all at once. The platform’s user-friendly prompts and cutting-edge algorithms provide an accessible and engaging meme-creation experience, making it possible for people to create content for their social media posts, businesses or any similar activities that involve memes. 

Several components come together to make the project a strong avenue for investment. It consists of multiple features and a strong use case due to which investor demand has been rising. Some of these features include:

Public Wall

AiDoge’s public wall is an exciting and ever-evolving space where users can explore and share a vast collection of AI-generated memes. This dynamic space is designed to showcase the platform’s cutting-edge meme generator and the diverse content it produces. It features a range of filters and sorting options that allow users to browse through the vast meme collection based on various criteria, including popularity, recency, and specific themes. 

This feature offers users the flexibility to discover new and exciting memes that align with their interests and preferences. The public wall is not only an excellent platform for meme enthusiasts to explore and share their creations, but it also fosters a sense of community among users. With an extensive collection of AI-generated memes and a user-friendly browsing interface, the public wall offers an unparalleled experience in the meme-sharing world.


Growth Inducing Voting Mechanism

AiDoge’s voting mechanism is a unique and engaging feature that encourages users to engage with and support each other’s creations. The voting system enables users to upvote or downvote memes on the public wall, promoting the most popular and creative memes and encouraging competition. 

The voting system is not just a way to promote the best memes but also incentivizes user participation. AiDoge rewards the creators of top-voted memes with $AI tokens, encouraging content creation and fostering a sense of community among users. Each month, the platform selects memes with the highest scores as winners and rewards their creators with AI tokens. The AI token rewards not only promote content creation but also contribute to the growth and success of the AiDoge community. 

As more users engage with the platform and create high-quality content, the community continues to thrive, and the platform’s offerings continue to improve. AiDoge’s voting mechanism helps foster a sense of community among users and incentivizes content creation, ultimately contributing to the platform’s growth and success.

Staking and Rewards

AiDoge has a staking feature that allows users to lock their AI tokens for a certain period of time and earn daily credit rewards based on the amount staked. This mechanism incentivizes users to participate actively in the platform and contribute to its growth while earning rewards in a secure way. 

Stakers may gain exclusive access to premium features, such as early access to new templates, special contests, or platform enhancements. They can also vote on platform development decisions, giving them a voice in shaping the future of AiDoge. To ensure the safety of the staked tokens, AiDoge uses secure, CertiK audited staking contracts. This approach protects staked tokens from risks and enhances the overall platform’s security. 

Staking AI tokens is thus a win-win situation for users, as it enables them to earn rewards while promoting the AiDoge platform’s growth and development.

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AiDoge Profit Potential – A Case Study

Since AiDoge is one of the latest AI crypto coins to hit the industry, there are not many projects that we can compare it with to get an idea of price in the upcoming years. However, out of the few options that have already been released, one of the most popular AI cryptos is, which has been around since 2019.

The project had a rather stagnant price movement till the 2021 bull market, where it shot up from a mere $0.053 range to about $0.9 within just a couple of months. The project corrected right after the dump, and lost almost all of its value, till the AI started to kick in. Once the concept was trending, thanks to initiatives like ChatGPT, quickly started gaining value and has currently regained much of its value priced at around $0.34.

While the use cases of both projects may not exactly be similar, the interest and hype in AI can be a common factor for growth here., despite being a good project took some damage during the bear market. However, as soon as the AI hype became prominent, investors started steadily parking their funds into the crypto. Naturally, this is only rising now, with more and more people looking to invest in good AI projects. AiDoge could potentially be one of them, so may be an AI project to consider investing in for the same reason. 

What Advantage Does AiDoge Hold over its Counterparts?

AiDoge is billed as a revolutionary meme generator platform that offers several advantages over its counterparts. As a crypto project, one of its main advantages is the use of advanced AI technology for creating relevant memes based on user-provided text prompts. This, along with cutting-edge algorithms trained on extensive datasets and crypto news, makes the project worth considering as an investment. 


Another advantage of AiDoge is its easy and accessible meme-generation process, which investors seem to be more excited about, as evident from the social media posts and responses. With just a few clicks, users can create engaging and shareable memes, without requiring any prior experience or technical knowledge. The project also employs multiple layers of protection to ensure users’ staked tokens are safe and secure at all times, including secure and audited staking contracts. 

Moreover, as we mentioned above, AiDoge also offers staking rewards and premium features to its users. Stakers receive daily credit rewards proportional to their staked amount and may gain exclusive access to premium features or voting rights. Additionally, the platform’s voting mechanism encourages users to create high-quality memes, with the top-scoring memes receiving AI token rewards.

However, the most interesting part about the project is the fact that it is a culmination of factors that make any crypto exciting to participate in. The project boasts memecoin crypto status, Artificial Intelligence integration and the edge of being among the first initiatives to experiment with this new concept making it a much more unique project than many of its competitors.

AiDoge Social Media Channels

Since AiDoge is a brand new project which is barely a couple of days old, the social media channels of AiDoge haven’t started gaining a huge following yet. However, if you are one of the early presale investors, then it can be a great idea to get involved in the social media channels too since almost every important update about the project shall be announced on these channels first. The social media channels that AiDoge is active on include:


As a presale project, AiDoge has been launched at the right time, with the right concept and the right set of features. While there are several other crypto projects that can be expected to be launched in the upcoming months, the unique idea behind AiDoge is sure to pull its prices up and help investors enjoy massive profits in the upcoming days.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how the price of AiDoge moves after it is officially launched and listed on crypto exchanges following the presale. Also see our guide on how to buy AiDoge token.

Update – the presale at has now raised almost $5 million, and may sell out sooner than expected.

FAQs on AI Coin

How many AI tokens are there in total?

There are 1 trillion AI tokens, out of which 500 billion tokens are set to be distributed during the presale.

Which trending concept is AiDoge based on?

The AiDoge project is based on the concept of Artificial Intelligence and is expected to take over the meme industry.

Who are the founders of AiDoge?

Like many other projects in the space, the founders of the AiDoge project have also chosen to remain anonymous.