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New Metaverse for Commerce Project DeeLance Raises $100,000 in Presale Investment – Purchase Now Before Price Increases in Stage 2

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Metaverse-powered freelance marketplace platform, DeeLance, has hit a new milestone of $100,000 from early investors in just over a week.

Still trading at a discounted price of $0.025, investors can lock into the phenomenal commerce platform and earn a nominal profit of 112% when the $DLANCE token lists on crypto exchanges for $0.53.

This revolutionary project brings a breath of fresh air into the recruitment platform. Employers and freelancers are provided with a Web3-powered digital workspace to connect, interact, and exchange services for payments.

Apart from incorporating a super-efficient digital hub, recruiters and creatives are offered non-fungible token (NFT) technology and avatars to secure ownership of contracts and interact in the DeeLance metaverse.

The platform recently took part in a Binance Live Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Crypto Jamie a couple of days ago to share ideas and answer questions about its roadmaps and project developments.

However, there’s more to this cutting-edge project.

$DLANCE – One-For-All Ticket to Setting up E-Commerce in the Metaverse

DeeLance asserts to be focused on incorporating real-world capabilities, such as the commerce sector, into its metaverse world.

Members of its ecosystem can set up offices and advertise their services in the metaverse.

To begin, investors must have $DLANCE tokens in their crypto wallets to purchase lands represented as a non-fungible token (NFT).

Once done, users can construct offices and advertise on the storefront of their new offices or at a nearby community hub. They can also rent out an advertisement space from another member’s office.

Users with a low amount of $DLANCE can opt to lease offices which is more affordable than buying land and building an office.

Additionally, users can now proceed to hire virtual agents to advertise business services.

Employers can advertise their business tasks and host meetings and interviews for freelancers in their virtual offices to assess and choose the most qualified candidate.

In contrast, freelancers can advertise their portfolios of past employment and services rendered, templated examples of work, and much more to attract employers and secure required tasks anchored to financial incentives.

DeeLance Metaverse: Exploring Untethered Opportunities

The DeeLance ecosystem features a metaverse to create a more engaging and constructive structure for members.

The platform offers employers and freelancers NFT avatars and integrates an NFT marketplace that provides physical capabilities into the virtual world.

The inclusion of the metaverse leverages the untethered spaces in the metaverse as members can utilize their assigned NFT avatar to purchase lands, build offices, conduct interviews and meetings, and interact with each other even though there are frontiers in real-life regions.

Users can choose to focus on the DeeLance metaverse world, NFT marketplace, or freelance marketplace to create a seamless and interactive digital sphere. All functionalities can be used together to achieve the best experience.

The DeeLance NFT marketplace can also represent digital items that indicate physical presence.

All items within the ecosystem, including lands, real estate, offices, and arts, are NFTs.

These NFT items can be fractionalized and sold in the metaverse. For instance, a painting (art) could be sold in parts, which was impossible before the advent of NFT.

Huge Market Opportunity for $DLANCE

The $DLANCE token powers all access to products and operations described above. The digital asset’s embedded utility boosts the value of the versatile DeeLance platform.

The innovative platform is set to disrupt the recruitment industry worth $761 billion in revenue, a good market for the DeeLance business model to leverage.

Of course, the metaverse opens up many opportunities and growth potential to the DeeLance ecosystem.

As detailed in an ecommerceDB report, the metaverse market segment is estimated to be worth $335 billion in 2027, compared to its $39 billion in 2022 – signaling a whopping 759% surge.

When merged, the recruitment industry and metaverse market segment are worth more than a trillion dollars. DeeLance is set to anchor into this sector’s growth trajectory and provide early investors with unparalleled returns on investment.

Still trading at a discount price of $0.025 USDT, investors must lock into this project before the price increase to $0.029 USDT in four days.

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