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DeeLance Web3 Freelancers Platform Trending in India – Join the Presale Right Now!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The Future of Recruitment Is Here And It’s Powered by the Blockchain – How Does it Work?
The Future of Recruitment Is Here And It’s Powered by the Blockchain – How Does it Work?

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Up-and-coming blockchain recruitment platform Deelance has sent ripples across the Indian freelance market.

The platform led an aggressive Twitter campaign using the hashtag #DeeLanceCoin, which made it to the third spot on Twitter in India. Multiple comments attached to this hashtag indicated curiosity from the Indian populace about the opportunities that a decentralized freelance platform would offer.

India is one of the countries with the largest population in the world. The World Population Review places the county’s population at a staggering 1,425,482,974 individuals, 65% of whom are below 35. 

Such a high population of young people needs a stable, equitable, and self-sustaining job market like the one DeeLance promises to deliver. However, this job market is not confined to Indian borders.

According to DeeLance’s website, the platform is a global next-generation freelancing and recruitment platform. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, this protocol will help link recruiters to freelancers worldwide using a more affordable, engaging, and efficient approach. 

The result will be a robust, profitable, and self-sustaining gig economy for India and the whole world.

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Freelancing Enters the Metaverse for the First Time Courtesy of DeeLance

deelance web 3

DeeLance plans on solving a significant global concern, the availability of sustainable labor for the growing population. However, it is the platform’s approach to solving the problem that has catapulted it to fame

According to information in their whitepaper, DeeLance aims to incorporate the latest technological advancements into the freelancing industry. The platform’s infrastructure rests on three distinct concepts, including:

  • Revolutionary Metaverse technology
  • A cutting-edge NFT marketplace
  • An innovative recruitment platform.

Working on the DeeLance Metaverse

How this works is a user registers on the platform by purchasing DLANCE tokens. Users can be recruiters or freelancers. From this point, they can engage with the DeeLance Metaverse in the following ways.

  • Metaverse lobby arena: This is an open room where all recruiters and freelancers can freely interact, get to know each other and exchange ideas.
  • Metaverse offices: These are virtual office spaces where freelancers can brainstorm and collaborate with recruiters on ideas. The interactions can be through voice or video conference calls. The platform also has tools to keep track of meeting schedules and outcomes.
  • Meeting rooms are exclusive zones where recruiters meet hired freelancers for more personalized discussions. They are free from interruption and basically allow Metaverse freelance deals to be made.

Exploring DeeLance NFTs

To interact with the Metaverse, DeeLance users need to purchase NFTs. These include the avatars that represent them in the virtual space and assets like Metaverse Offices and Meeting rooms.

DeeLance freelancers can also tokenize their work on the Metaverse and sell it as NFTs. Additionally, there are other mintable NFTs on the platform that give users extra benefits, as listed below.

  • General NFTs: A collection of 5,000 general mintable NFTs that give holders waived fee privileges on the platform.
  • 500 Premium NFTs: They give holders a 2% fee waiver, a basic one-person Metaverse office, and a small piece of land on the Metaverse.
  • 500 Pro NFTs: DeeLance Pro NFT holders get a 2% fee waiver, a personal Metaverse office small piece of land, and an auto-play reception bot.

Recruiting on DeeLance

DeeLance staff recruitment will help simplify hiring and save the time and money needed to find the best talent for an organization or project. The platform provides freelancers with dashboards where they can see recently posted opportunities that might interest them. 

It also offers a Metaverse where recruiters and freelancers can post billboards about opportunities and skills. There are Metaverse career fairs and hiring events that help recruiters meet and hire freelancers. Plus, there are office spaces where users can meet to discuss and seal deals.

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DeeLance Is the Next Big Thing in Recruitment Service Market

The recruitment service market is as competitive as it is lucrative. The freelance hiring market is valued at a whopping $761 billion in global revenue. Major platforms like Upwork and Freelancer have the lion’s share of this income, but not for long.

DeeLance, however new, has great potential to turn the tables in these markets. This web3-based talent marketplace offers lower platform fees for recruiters and more perks for freelancers than most non-blockchain competitors.

Should You Invest in DLANCE Coins?

Deelance Presale

The DLANCE token has exceptional use cases that can propel it to greatness. The coin’s utility is based on a sensitive real-life issue, recruitment, and freelancing, which has many stakeholders. This means the currency has the potential for buyouts and profit generation.

So far, the Ethereum-based token has 300 million of its total 1 billion coins available for public sale. The coin has only had one presale stage, during which it generated $62,000 and had an estimated value of $0.025. 

There are two more sales stages before the coin is publicly listed. By the end of the second presale, DLANCE’s estimated price will be $0.027. The end of the third and final presale will place the coin’s value at $0.029. This means buyers who buy early can get up to a 40% discount on the exchange list price of $0.037.

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How to Buy DLANCE Tokens?

Interested DLANCE investors can buy the token using Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), or with a card over the Transak payment network.

All you need to do is get a compatible wallet like MetaMask or WalletConnect, fund your wallet with USDT or ETH, connect your wallet to DeeLAnce through the platform’s presale website page and make your purchase and claim your tokens after the presale.


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