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MANA Price Prediction — Is Decentraland Dead?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

MANA Price Prediction
MANA Price Prediction

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According to the MANA price prediction graph on CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency’s value is expected to drop by -1.92%, to $ 0.514166, by November 15, 2022.

The Fear and Greed Index is now sitting at 22 points, and several technical indications suggest that the current sentiment is one of pessimism. During the past month, the price of Decentraland has fluctuated by 5.34%, with green days making up 50% of the total. Whenever it comes to joining the market at this pricing point, industry professionals advise against doing so and recommend that now is a very unfavorable moment to buy Decentraland.

Which Way Is The Price Headed?

At the time of this writing, the price of Decentraland is trading lower than its 200-day simple moving average. 219 days have gone from April 5, 2022, when the 200-day Simple Moving Average began to signify SELL for the first time.

The price of Decentraland is now lower than its 50-day simple moving average, and this sign has been pointing toward a SELL position for the previous four days, which corresponds to the date November 6, 2022. The most recent instance of the Death Cross in the Bitcoin market occurred on April 6, 2022, which is 218 days ago. It has been 376 days since the most recent Golden Cross, which took place on October 30th, 2021.

The 200-day Simple Moving Average for Decentraland is forecast to go down over the course of the next month, and it is expected to hit $ 0.785470 by December 10, 2022. It is expected that Decentraland’s 50-Day Simple Moving Average will hit $0.577967 on the 10th of December in 2022.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI), a popular momentum indicator, may be used to identify whether or not a cryptocurrency has been overbought or oversold. Due to the fact that the RSI reading is currently sitting at 26.50, the MANA market is currently in an oversold condition. The RSI indicator suggests that the price of MANA will go down in the near future.

Is There A Better Alternative?

While MANA is having trouble keeping its price where it is, and judging by the price chart on CoinMarketCap, things are not looking good, there is one fascinating coin that has a lot of promise, and that currency is RobotEra. This blockchain game, which is now in the process of constructing a sandbox-style ecosystem Metaverse, has recently begun its presale.

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RobotEra is developing a sophisticated Metaverse environment with a theme centered on advanced robotics in the future. Every user will be able to have their own virtual robot that may be customized to reflect their own characteristics. The RobotEra Metaverse is home to an almost unfathomably vast number of potential outcomes.

For instance, consumers will have the ability to purchase digital parcels of real estate. On the property that has been acquired, which will eventually be wholly owned by the user, it will be able to construct real estate. A one-of-a-kind NFT is used to secure and verify ownership of land and other types of real estate located within the RobotEra Metaverse.

In addition, users have the ability to generate value from their Metaverse area and even establish companions, who are also represented by virtual robots. The RobotEra Metaverse will function as its own distinct universe, complete with a variety of establishments ranging from nightclubs and casinos to music halls, museums, and even hair salons.

In addition, gamers have the ability to construct their very own version of Metaverse by using not virtual property but also games and other immersive experiences. And perhaps most crucially, this can be accomplished without having the slightest bit of prior experience or familiarity with coding. On the other hand, RobotEra makes it easy for users to express their creative side in a variety of ways.

The fact that the RobotEra environment does not have a centralized authority that rules its Metaverse is another unique facet of this ecosystem. Instead, this function will be handled by the decentralized autonomous organization, also known as a DAO, in which all token holders will have an ownership share. Because of this, RobotEra will always maintain its original level of decentralization.

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