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This New Crypto Combines Social Media With Crypto, And It’s Going Viral – How Does It Work? (LHINU)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Love Hate Inu Best Memecoin to Buy Now
Love Hate Inu Best Memecoin to Buy Now

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Meme coins have become a headline in the crypto industry after the likes of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHB) laid the groundwork. Now, a new revolutionary meme coin has taken the stage and is poised to become the most popular token in the market – Love Hate Inu.

Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is a new meme coin with utility that combines social media with crypto. The project is going viral, and here is how it works.

Love Hate Inu

Despite only going live a few days ago, Love Hate Inu has already raised more than $500,000, showing investors are very interested in this cryptocurrency project. As it is a meme coin with valuable utility, the project has much potential to become the next center-stage meme cryptocurrency.

Given the high value of the survey industry, with a worth of around $3 billion, it is a no-brainer why Love Hate Inu has already captured huge attention. The project promises rewards to participants just for sharing their opinion. Moreover, investors enjoy the opportunity of expressing their opinion concerning different topics. These include but are not limited to entertainment, politics, and social issues.

Rewarding the participants is an incentive to motivate people to express themselves and their thoughts about various topics. As the Love Hate Inu system is based on blockchain, the participants are assured of a safe, fair, and transparent process, which enables individual users to share what is on their minds. It also ensures that the participants are completely anonymous and protected during the process.

First, the project developers will control the polls. However, as time goes by, they will confer power to the community, letting them control the polls in the future.

Love Hate Inu: What Makes The Ecosystem Interesting? 

The network is built atop the Ethereum blockchain, providing a decentralized application (dApp) infrastructure merged with the metaverse. As expected, there are many interesting things about Love Hate Inu that investors will appreciate.

Some of the important areas that have made it easy for the participants to navigate the ecosystem include a friendly User Interface (UI). This connects users’ wallets so that they can engage in votes. The votes are updated in real time, with participants earning rewards the whole time.

Furthermore, the project also has the Vote Submission platform that makes Lthe project more interesting. Here, users with ideas concerning the next poll can share them with the community and review their suggestions. Additionally, the Management Dashboard is another interesting aspect of the UI, ensuring that the active votes take place in such a way that community members are protected.

Individual holders of the Love Hate Inu tokens can stake them for voting rights at the polls. With such a mechanism, the network ensures no manipulations or spam. More importantly, this makes the voting process more anonymous and, therefore, private. It helps users to share freely and without fear that someone will judge or retaliate against them.

Voting And staking

In the Love Hate Inu ecosystem, voting and staking tokens lead to the participant receiving more tokens as a reward. The number of tokens an investor stakes, and the longer this staking period lasts, are two metrics directly proportional to the voting power they enjoy. Notably, this accumulates with time.

The Real-Time Staking mechanism leverages the user’s remaining balance for an average period of 30 days. This prevents any form of manipulation within the voting system.  As such, participants can use their voting power over time, with the most engaged in the community getting to voice their opinions.

As mentioned above, the platform is highly user-friendly, allowing participants to find anything they want easily. Fun is also key for the Love Hate Inu platform, an appealing aspect supported by the use of small dogs within the platform. Notably, these elements are adorable and entertaining. Accordingly, users can expect ElonInu, TrumpInu, RonaldoInu, TateInu, and KimJongInu in different platform sections.

Proof That The Platform Is Not A Rug Pull

Many rug pulls are in the market today, making it easy for investors to question the legitimacy of projects like Love Hate Inu or the creators behind the scenes. As such, this section emphasizes the proof of LHINU being a rug pull.

Foremost, Love Hate Inu creators are committed to showing the community that the project is legitimate, with the interests of community members taking a focal point. As such, 90% of the Love Hate Inu tokens have been presented for the presale stage. In so doing, anyone who truly loves and believes in the project can own as many LHINU tokens as they want.

Also, the investors have no vesting period, with a minimum order purchase set at 10 LHINU. All these parameters have been established to make investments easier and smoother for users.

Love Hate Inu: Tokenomics and the presale 

The total supply of LHINU tokens is 100 billion, of which 90 billion will be available during the presale, and 10% will be reserved for liquidity.

The project is in the presale stage, a very important part of its roadmap, as the results can reflect the potential for growth that the project holds. The presale is by far more important than that of any other projects today. This is because the lion’s share of the tokens (90%) have been set aside for this period.

With only 10% of the tokens left after the presale is over, now is the ideal time to join the LHINU community while tokens still go for affordable rates.

The 90:10 ratio makes the presale important and more than obvious, which explains why investors are already flocking to the LHINU market.


Undoubtedly, the Love Hate Inu project has captured the attention of investors worldwide, who are all drawn to its potential to become the next Shiba Inu. As the presale will only be two months long, time is of the essence.

Anyone looking to participate in the polls and share their opinion should jump into this before amazing rewards start. Invest in LHINU now to become a part of the community that will keep growing!




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