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Leading VR-Centric ICO Nears $6 Million – Best VR Gaming Crypto?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Leading VR-Centric ICO Nears $6 Million - Best VR Gaming Crypto?
Leading VR-Centric ICO Nears $6 Million - Best VR Gaming Crypto?

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Crypto investors buzz over a new VR-gaming cryptocurrency raising over $5.5 million in its presale to build a VR gaming world blurring reality and virtuality.

The project is named 5th Scape and it mixes virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) tech with blockchain and gaming, bringing in a fresh realm of exciting experiences.

Its presale is happening now, aiming to raise $15 million to develop its advanced ecosystem.

5th Scape’s 5SCAPE token hits $5.5 million in presale

Investors worldwide are showing keen interest in 5th Scape’s ongoing presale, as its innovative approach has attracted attention. The presale operates on a model where the price of $5SCAPE increases gradually as funding goals are achieved.

This approach has proven successful, with over $5.5 million already raised from contributors worldwide, reflecting the excitement surrounding this VR ecosystem. The momentum of the presale shows no signs of slowing down.

Developers are gearing up for an exchange listing (or multiple listings) as the presale progresses, potentially expanding accessibility for $5SCAPE. With the crypto community closely watching $5SCAPE’s presale, it’s poised to become one of the year’s most talked-about launches.

The project has gained significant traction on social media, with nearly 14k followers on its X account, over 16k members in its Telegram group, and over 1k subscribers on its YouTube channel.

$5SCAPE tokens are currently available in the presale at $0.00327, but the price will increase as the campaign progresses, particularly when the total funds raised reach $6.25 million.

Interested buyers can purchase $5SCAPE tokens using a debit card, ETH, USDT, BNB, or MATIC on (beware of fake sites) by connecting a crypto wallet such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. If you’re eager to invest, learn how to buy $5SCAPE here.

5th Scape’s tokenomics focus on long-term growth

At the core of the 5th Scape ecosystem lies the $5SCAPE token, utilized for game purchases, hardware acquisition, and staking. 5th Scape’s staking system cements its status as an industry innovator, offering perks beyond just financial rewards.

Stakeholders will benefit from additional features, in-game advantages, and exclusive community privileges. With a total token supply of 5.21 billion, $5SCAPE distribution reserves 80% for the presale, 10% for treasury and development, and 10% for exchange liquidity.

This distribution model prioritizes holders and community members, indicating sustainable growth and natural price progression. Alongside its innovative utility, the initial presale success and social traction of 5th Scape suggest a promising future.

Nonetheless, given the presale’s incremental price increase, prospective buyers are advised not to delay.

How 5th Scape is redefining gaming with immersion?

5th Scape aims to transform the gaming and entertainment scene with its inventive platform. At its core, it presents dynamic games like Cage Conquest, an adrenaline-pumping mixed martial arts-themed game enabling users to partake in lively combat, embark on a journey to become a champion, compete in online championships, and more.

Additionally, the project plans to introduce Epic Cricket Arena, Immersive Kickoff, Archery Master, and Thrust Hunter in the future. These endeavors leverage the project’s flagship VR headsets and gaming chairs.

Moreover, 5th Scape doesn’t limit its vision to gaming but seeks to enter the education, healthcare, and enterprise sectors. Simultaneously, the 5th Scape token unifies the ecosystem, providing a single currency for seamless value transfer.

With a roadmap featuring new game launches and integration with other metaverse platforms, 5th Scape’s team holds an ambitious vision. If realized, 5th Scape could play a significant role in shaping the future of VR. If you’re interested in exploring the future of $5SCAPE, you can check out our $5SCAPE price prediction.

Will 5th Scape break barriers as the first widely adopted VR crypto?

Although blockchain-powered VR applications hold significant promise, the sector has yet to produce a mainstream crypto project. A cursory look at the numbers illustrates the situation – the total market capitalization of VR cryptocurrencies remains at $1.47 billion.

Moreover, the trading volume over the past 24 hours amounted to less than $160 million. Currently, Decentraland’s MANA token leads the “VR crypto” category in terms of market capitalization, hovering around $872 million.

However, Decentraland leans more towards being a virtual world and gamified metaverse rather than a dedicated platform for hardware-based VR experiences.

The absence of a dominant VR crypto heavyweight is puzzling, particularly in light of the substantial growth forecasts for the VR gaming industry. Market analysts project an impressive 22.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) until 2030, fueled by soaring demand for immersive gaming experiences.

It is this substantial growth trajectory that 5th Scape aims to capitalize on. As the pioneering project to combine crypto, decentralization, and VR gaming, 5th Scape holds the potential to fulfill the expectations of gamers.

Given this considerable potential, all attention is focused on 5th Scape’s presale and upcoming exchange launch to ascertain if it can indeed fulfill its early promises. To participate in the $5SCAPE token presale, visit 5thscape.


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