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June 9 Crypto Shopping List: StrikeX, Secret, AiDoge, AVINOC

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The crypto market is experiencing a slight recovery on Friday, rising 0.23% in the last 24 hours to $1.11 trillion. Crypto prices have been turning down this week following the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase and referring to a number of cryptocurrencies as securities. 

Despite this, there are cryptos that are displaying resilience posting double-digit gains amidst the SEC’s drama.  

This article presents the June 9 crypto shopping list, analyzing the price actions of top altcoins to invest in to assist market participants in making informed decisions.

June 9 Crypto Shopping List 

Strikex (STRX)

Strikex price has soared 136% over the last three days from $0.0248 to set a swing high at $0.0588 on Friday. This massive rally has been triggered by an announcement by StrikeX that it had entered an investment and strategic partnership with CMC Markets, an award-winning FTSE 250 financial services provider. 

CMC Markets has acquired a 33% stake in StrikeX Technologies, with two of its senior executives being welcome to the StrikeX board, bringing with them a wealth of expertise and experience. 

This has positively impacted the STRX price which rose to reach its all-time highs. The bulls will now try to maximize on the news, pushing the price above the $0.0550 psychological level to revisit today’s intraday high at $0.0588. Above that Strikex price will enter new price discoveries.

STRX/USDT Daily Chart

STRX Price Chart - June 9
Probit Chart: STRX/USDT

On the flip side, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) was at 88, suggesting that STRX was massively overbought. This pointed to a possible trend reversal as buyer congestion kicks in.

If this happens, the price may then turn down first revisiting the $0.05 psychological level and the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level at $0,0458. 

Additional lines of defense would emerge from the 50% retracement level at $0.0418, the $0.04 support level, and the 78.6% extension level at $0.0321, before reaching Wednesday’s opening at $0.0248. This would undo all the recent gains, completely invalidating the bullish thesis.

Secret (SCRT)

After turning away from the $0.768 high on April 19, the Secret price action has formed a descending parallel channel on the daily chart. At the time of writing, it is trading in the second bullish session after rising 11% over the last 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Those seeking to buy the crypto should wait for a decisive close above the upper boundary of the channel at $0.382. If this happens, the crypto will rise to confront resistance from the $0.0505 and $0.669 supply zone, where all the Simple Moving Averages (SMAs) are sitting. 

Shattering this supplier congestion area would open the path for a return to the $0.768 range high. This would represent a more than 100% uptick from the current price

SCRT/USD Daily Chart

SCRT Price Chart - June 9
TradingView Chart: SCRT/USDT

Conversely, the SMAs were facing down and the RSI was still positioned in the negative region at 36 suggesting that the bears were still in full control of the price. They will, therefore, try to pull the SCRT price below the midline toward the lower target of the governing chart pattern at $0.283.

AiDoge (AI)


$AI, the token that powers the new AI crypto project AiDoge, also makes our crypto shopping list today. 

AiDoge is a meme coin project that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and Doge-inspired themes to attract meme coin enthusiasts.

One of its main features is its AI-powered meme generator that creates funny images based on text prompts.

This allows users, even those without creative skills, to generate memes that can be instantly shared on popular social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Furthermore, AiDoge’s developers are simplifying the interface to provide meme enthusiasts with a user-friendly and readily available experience. This approach makes it highly likely to attract many users to the platform.

The presale of AiDoge has ended just after four weeks, raising $14.9 million from investors eager to gain exposure to the project’s growth.

However, investors have a final opportunity to participate before $AI is listed on major exchanges on June 19, 2023. 

If AiDoge continues to progress according to its roadmap and gains significant traction, investors could see significant returns.

Visit AiDoge here for more information about the project.


AVINOC is down 23.55% over the last 24 hours to trade at $0.1736. The price action has coincided with the decreasing daily trading volume which stands at $102,000, down 9% on the day. Its market capitalization has also decreased 23% over the same period to stand at $68 million. 


Source: CoinMarketCap

Note that AVINOC (the Aviation Network Operation Chain or AVINOChain) is a platform for connecting all participants in the aviation industry.

 It can be used by all participants, like passengers, airlines, business aviation (BizAv) operators, and all further edged suppliers to e.g. book flights and manage all processes within or between their organizations in an efficient way.

AVINOC was designed to achieve optimal utilization and reduce costs significantly. It has the capability to make the interconnected customer journey becoming a reality. 

It is expected that increased use of the blockchain by companies and players in the aviation industry will positively impact the price of the token, leading to a sustained recovery. 

Value-driven crypto posting significant returns today

Despite the drab crypto market, STRX, SCRT, AI, and AVINOC exhibit promising indications of leading the recovery in the ailing digital asset space over the next few days.

These tokens possess strong fundamentals and positive price actions that could lead to a price recovery, resulting in substantial profits for investors.

Nevertheless, due to the cryptocurrency market’s unpredictable nature, prospective investors should conduct thorough research and exercise caution before participating in trading crypto

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