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Is Arbitrum or These New Crypto Projects a Better Investment?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Is Arbitrum or These New Crypto Projects A Better
Is Arbitrum or These New Crypto Projects A Better

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Arbitrum has been in the limelight this week for all the good reasons. The layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain has now defeated Ethereum in the total number of transactions processed. This amazing feat has lured a lot of investors to seriously consider Arbitrum as a viable cryptocurrency investment option.

Let us see if Arbitrum is the best investment option in the market, or if are there any better alternatives available.

What is the current Arbitrum price?

Arbitrum, also known as ARB, is an L2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain. It has created a name for itself in the blockchain industry with a market growth of more than 10%. It has been locking its horn with Ethereum in every aspect and emerging victorious due to its computation and storage load. The L2 solution incorporates optimistic rollups to achieve lower costs, improved scalability, and higher speed on Ethereum. In addition to this, the solution also benefits from a robust and secure Ethereum network.

The native token of Arbitrum is known as ARB. This token will be used by the token holders to govern the Arbitrum DAO. The token holders will also get to vote in on important matters related to the network such as features, changes in protocols, funds allocation and member’s elections etc.

ARB is currently trading at $1.33.

Arbitrum price technical indicators.

The current market capitalization of ARB stands at $1.7 billion. The tokens circulating supply is currently at 1.27 million ARB, while the information on its maximum supply is not available. The tokens 24-hour trading volume is $429 million.

At the start of the last 24 hours, the price of one ARB was at $1.36. The price of one ARB right now is $1.33. This indicates a drop of 2.2%. The 24-hour high was achieved at the $1.42 level, while the 24-hour low was achieved at $1.33. This means that the price of one ARB fluctuation within an average of $1.37.

The reason for the recent growth of the Arbitrum network could be the increase in DeFi solutions choosing to build on its platform. This in turn has caused a steady increase in Arbitrums total value locked. This indicates that the platform is flexible, efficient, and scalable and can cater to an increasing need for DeFi projects.

The token is currently trading below 25% from its all-time high of $1.79. On the other hand, it is trading nearly 20.5% above its all-time low of $1.12. The token is currently forming resistance at $1.42 and $1.49 levels. While supports have been gathered at $1.35, $1.36, and $1.38 levels.

Why presale cryptos like DLANCE and ECOTERRA might be a better investment?

Arbitrum is a scalable solution for Ethereum which boosts a growing ecosystem and features like DApps, wallets, tools, and leading industry partners. However, its price keeps on fluctuating. If you are a cautious investor who is looking for more stable options, you can consider projects like DeeLance and ECOTERRA.

They are unique projects and offer something different compared to conventional cryptocurrencies. Deelance is a recruitment platform for freelancers which is runs on blockchain technology. While Ecoterra is an ecosystem which runs on blockchain technology to motivate people to take positive actions on climate change.

Let us find out why unconventional projects like DLANCE and ECOTERRA could prove to be a better investment option.


DeeLance or DLANCE is web3 based decentralized metaverse which consists of micro-communities. It is now in its presale stage. This metaverse will provide a platform and marketplace to buyers and sellers of creative works where they can come together to meet, brainstorm, discuss, network, and do transactions. This marketplace is fully backed by NFTs.


DeeLance will revolutionize the work freelance workers connect with employers and find projects and employers. It is aiming to completely get rid of the middlemen by providing freelancers complete authority and right over their creative work.


ECOTERRA is another cryptocurrency on its presale stage which is gaining a lot of popularity. It is pioneering to bring together cryptocurrency and call for action for climate change. This makes ECOTERRA a green cryptocurrency.

What is Ecoterra

Ecoterra is an ecosystem which operates on blockchain technology. As per its official site, it can be used to offer rewards to users and companies for their positive actions to help the climate. The ecosystem is the worlds first to start an all-in-one Recycle-To-Earn model. It will be available as a web3 application which will have recycling tokens, recycled materials, ecology actions etc. It will also offer a marketplace which boasts carbon offset features.


It is a safer bet to invest in crypto presales because the price of tokens is generally lower. This will allow you to invest even with lesser funds. Investors interested in a green cryptocurrency should take advantage of the ongoing presale of Ecoterra. One token is currently listed at $0.007, which will be listed on exchanges at $0.01. Out of the targeted $3.1 million, the presale has already collected $2.7 million.

The presale of DeeLance is currently going on. It has so far acquired $555k out of its targeted %800k. This means that more than 50% of its presale tokens have already been sold. The price of one token is currently at $0.033 USTD. Once the presale concludes, one token will be launched at $0.055. So, if one is to invest now, one token will be 40% cheaper.

However, cryptocurrency investment is never without its risk. Thus, we highly recommend our investors and readers make any decision after carefully considering all pros and cons. A thorough research and market analysis are always mandatory because they will offer you a comprehensive picture of the performance of the token.

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