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Frax Share (FXS) Price Prediction as FXS Continues Uptrend in Market Stall (So Far)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

FXS price
FXS price

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FXS price

Although moving sideways since May, the FXS price retested the range low of $4.10 and then immediately shot up to the range high of $8.25 in the first two weeks of January–with a successful breakout on January 15.

FXS’ price is currently at $10.22, up by 16.23% for the day, 67.25% for the week, and 126.42% YTD. As the cryptocurrency continues to rise without any signs of slowing down, just how high can the FXS price go?

Frax Share (FXS) Price Prediction and Technical Analysis

The 20-day, 50-day, and 100-day EMA of FXS are currently at $6.8545, $5.9262, and $5.7747 respectively, while the 200-day EMA is at $7.4606. With FXS’ price trading above all of these key levels, the EMA indicator suggests that the short to long-term trend of FXS is bullish and that it has the potential to move further to the upside.

The trading volume of FXS is also on the rise, currently at 1.65 million, with a volume moving average of 850.738 thousand. This is a positive sign, as it indicates that there is significant buying interest in the cryptocurrency, confirming the bounce off its immediate support.

Another indicator that exhibits a bullish bias is the RSI, which is currently at 81.66. An RSI above 70 is considered overbought and suggests that the asset is becoming overvalued. However, in FXS’ case, the high RSI value indicates that the bulls are in control of the market. It is ideal to use the RSI together with other technical indicators to look for signs of potential reversal or continuation to the upside–especially in a trending market.

The MACD indicator also supports the bullish trend for FXS. The MACD line is currently at 1.061, the signal line at 0.659, and the histogram at 0.402, suggesting that the bullish momentum for FXS is strong and likely to continue.

The immediate resistance for this cryptocurrency is the range between $10.52 to $10.75. While the immediate support for FXS is the previous resistance now turned support range of $8.23 to $8.44. If FXS successfully retakes its immediate resistance, the next target would be $13.75 to $13.91 for an additional 29% move to the upside.

With the EMA, trading volume, RSI, and MACD all exhibiting a bullish outlook for Frax Share (FXS), traders and investors should be sure to keep risk management strategies in mind as they enter positions in this upward-trending cryptocurrency.

An Alternative to FXS

While FXS is a promising crypto project with a relatively high market cap, diversifying investments into lower-cap assets with plenty of upside can be beneficial. MEMAG, an up-and-coming coin with strong fundamentals, is presently in presale and could provide excellent growth potential for those willing to invest now.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) Hits the Ground Running

A new player is entering the world of Web3 gaming with the debut of the upcoming Meta Masters Guild (MMG). The Web3 gaming guild and ecosystem is designed with one goal in mind: To give gamers an opportunity to join a decentralized game ecosystem and be rewarded for their accomplishments with MEMAG cryptocurrency.

Meta Masters Guild guarantees that players receive a just reward for both their money and time invested in the game’s economy. MEMAG tokens are employed to ensure fair payment, functioning as the sole currency within MMG’s ecosystem. Players can transform “gems” obtained from gameplay into MEMAG tokens; these tokens can either be redeemed or reinvested back into the system.

Not only is the Meta Masters Guild platform designed to enable gamers to earn cryptocurrency, it’s also crafted with an eye towards fostering ownership and community among players. This innovative ecosystem was created in collaboration with gamers and offers a fair, transparent solution that resolves many of the problems plaguing current gaming practices. It places control of game economies firmly into players’ hands.

The initial title to be launched on the platform is Meta Kart Racers, a Multiplayer Online Racing Arena (MORA) game. As this ecosystem grows, more independent developers will join in. The $MEMAG token for this project has been gathering interest from investors – with over $684K raised so far, with much of that within the past few days alone.

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