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First Multi-Chain Meme Coin Presale Exceeds $15 Million in Funding – Best Crypto to Buy Now

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

First Multi-Chain Meme Coin Presale Exceeds $15 Million in Funding – Best Crypto to Buy Now
First Multi-Chain Meme Coin Presale Exceeds $15 Million in Funding – Best Crypto to Buy Now

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Dogeverse, one of the most successful meme coin presales of 2024, has already raised over $15 million, drawing significant attention to its upcoming exchange launch.

Memecoins have become the hottest trend in crypto this year, with the sector’s market cap soaring to an impressive $55 billion. Numerous projects have experienced remarkable growth, with $PEPE and $FLOKI each surging over 500% this year.

Several prominent meme coin traders speculate that this trend will continue to gain momentum, positioning the newly launched Dogeverse as a leading contender.

Dogeverse Revolutionizes Meme Coins with Multichain Launch and High Returns

Dogeverse is the first doge-themed cryptocurrency to go multichain, utilizing Wormhole and Portal Bridge technology to launch on Ethereum, Solana, Base, Avalanche, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

The project features a chain-hopping Shiba Inu named Cosmo the Doge, who shares his chain-traveling abilities with $DOGEVERSE holders, allowing them to move seamlessly between blockchains. This concept embodies the spirit of meme culture, creating a unifying force for investors across different platforms.

Beyond its multichain functionality, Dogeverse enables holders to stake their $DOGEVERSE tokens and earn a high annual percentage yield (APY). Investors who purchase tokens using Ethereum can stake them for a 53% return on their investment, offering a significant passive income opportunity.

The staking rewards, totaling 20 billion $DOGEVERSE, will be distributed over two years. Presale investors can stake their tokens immediately, benefiting from the highest returns and promoting long-term growth by discouraging immediate token dumping post-presale.

Excitement Builds as Dogeverse Presale Attracts Major Whale Investment

The Dogeverse presale has recently ignited excitement within the crypto community, highlighted by a single whale purchasing tokens worth $180,000, equivalent to 62.3 Ethereum.

Currently, $DOGEVERSE tokens are being sold for $0.00031 each during the ongoing presale, and can be bought using $ETH, $BNB, $USDT, $AVAX, $BASE, $MATIC, SOL, or with a credit/debit card. Of the total 200 billion token supply, 15% is allocated for the presale, giving early supporters access to 30 billion tokens.

Additionally, 10% is reserved for staking rewards to promote long-term holding and sustainability, while 25% is dedicated to further development and scalability enhancements.

Another 25% supports strong marketing campaigns to boost Dogeverse’s presence across social media and other platforms. Ecosystem improvements and new partnerships are funded by 10% of the total supply, with the remaining 5% ensuring liquidity for future exchange listings.

For further insights into the Dogeverse crypto presale, watch the video provided above and consider subscribing to his YouTube channel. You can also join Jacob Crypto Bury’s Discord channel for trading insights and updates on upcoming crypto presales.


Dogeverse distinguishes itself from other meme coins with its unique blend of multi-chain functionality and attractive staking returns, addressing the growing investor demand for meme coins that offer both utility and profitability.

This strategy has garnered attention from prominent crypto traders, influencers, and analysts. 99Bitcoins, a popular crypto YouTube channel with over 706K subscribers, has highlighted Dogeverse as a presale with 100x potential in May.

Similarly, Cryptonews predicts that Dogeverse will achieve 100x growth post-launch, reflecting significant investor confidence in the token’s future. Stay updated on the latest developments by following Dogeverse’s X account (formerly Twitter) and Telegram channel. To take part in the $DOGEVERSE token presale visit


Dogeverse - Multichain Meme Coin


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