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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – VolumeX, Gamia, Dogeverse

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Digital assets are increasingly becoming part of daily financial operations, with countries like El Salvador approving Bitcoin as a legal tender. Meanwhile, the crypto market experienced an influx of coins after the meme coin mania, which saw several coins launched on the Ethereum and Solona networks.

In light of this, early investors printed gains from the meme coin rally in Q1 2024. With this in mind, market participants are searching for new cryptocurrency releases, listings, & presales today

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Gamia is a multifaceted play-to-earn gaming platform leveraging blockchain technology to deliver various games spanning strategy, adventure, puzzles, and sports. The MOST Global Ecosystem strives to connect cutting-edge financial technologies with mainstream users, offering an inclusive and educational hub for decentralized finance (DeFi). 

Concurrently, Dogeverse has captured notable interest, demonstrated by its prosperous presale phase, which amassed over $15 million. Meanwhile, Bitcoin-proxy MicroStrategy has been added to the MSCI world stock index.

1. VolumeX (VOLX) presents two on-chain bots, SolanaVolumeX and SolanaHolderX, specifically crafted to empower Solana projects with streamlined growth strategies. Accessible via Telegram, these bots aim to alleviate the workload of certain tasks, enabling project teams to concentrate more on core development, marketing, and community engagement.

SolanaVolumeX Bot facilitates strategic buy and sell automation to boost a token’s on-chain activity, enhancing its visibility on exchanges and attracting organic trading interest. Conversely, SolanaHolderX Bot assists in expanding a token’s holdership by acquiring up to 6000 holders from diverse wallets, fostering a robust community of supporters.

The SolanaVolumeX Bot empowers users to swiftly scale their token’s trading volume through customizable parameters for automated trading. It offers granular control over trade size and target volume, facilitating optimal results within minutes of activation.

VOLX Price Chart

Similarly, the SolanaHolderX Bot focuses on increasing a token’s holder base by employing secure mechanisms to ensure responsible token distribution among wallets. Its efforts yield verifiable results through any blockchain scanner.’s decentralized automation ensures transparency and immutability within the Solana ecosystem, enhancing trust among users. Its versatility extends beyond basic automation, enabling the implementation of multi-faceted setups and strategies tailored to individual project needs.

Moreover, managing bot strategies directly through Telegram offers convenience and familiarity to the DeFi community, making the platform easily accessible to users of all levels of expertise. Overall, provides valuable tools for Solana projects seeking sustainable growth and community development.

2. Gamia (GIA)

Gamia is a versatile play-to-earn gaming platform that harnesses blockchain technology’s power to offer games such as strategy, adventure, puzzles, and sports. This array of games is driven by its native token, GIA, which facilitates in-game transactions and acts as the primary currency. 

Players earn GIA tokens by participating in games and can use them to purchase in-game items, characters, abilities, and NFTs. Additionally, Gamia incorporates a staking feature, allowing users to generate income passively.

GIA Price Chart

The token economy of GIA is meticulously crafted, with a fixed total and maximum supply of 10 billion on the Binance Smart Chain, ensuring a deflationary trajectory due to the inability to mint new tokens. Notably, the platform conducted a successful presale on Ping Sale Finance, attracting contributions from diverse investors.

With the upcoming launch of Man Clash, a strategy game, Gamia aims to broaden its gaming portfolio by introducing more titles that utilize GIA tokens. Beyond gaming, the platform strives to nurture a thriving ecosystem. 

This includes initiatives such as an NFT marketplace, educational resources on blockchain and NFTs, and social engagement features. As technological advancements reshape gaming, Gamia remains committed to staying ahead of developments in this dynamic field.

3. MOST Global (MGP)

The MOST Global Ecosystem aims to bridge the gap between advanced financial technologies and everyday users by providing an accessible and educational platform for decentralized finance (DeFi). 

One of its core uses is addressing barriers preventing widespread DeFi adoption. These barriers include the complexity of blockchain technology, user interface challenges, and lack of educational resources. It also covers socio-economic barriers, technical and operational risks, and transparency issues.

Moreover, MGP is the utility token of the MOST Global Ecosystem. It is also a governing and voting token and gives access to MOST treasury funds. In addition, MOST Global connects DeFi and users with educational tools, smart contracts, and an integrated ecosystem. Moreover, it includes limited MOST tokens for voting/NFTs and MGP tokens for ecosystem participation.

MGP Price Chart

Additionally, MOST Global provides a set of smart contracts and tools designed to simplify interactions with decentralized financial protocols, thereby reducing technical barriers. Likewise, MOST Global includes a crowd-investing platform, allowing users to participate in transparent financing of startups and new projects within the ecosystem. 

This platform democratizes investment opportunities, enabling broader participation in innovative financial ventures. Meanwhile, the non-custodial MOST Wallet ensures users have full control over their funds, supporting secure and transparent transactions within the ecosystem. Another significant use case is smart contracts’ decentralized affiliate marketing system. 

This system motivates user engagement and ecosystem growth by offering rewards for participation. Also, the Rewards Distribution Network (RDN) ensures fair and transparent distribution of rewards among participants, encouraging continuous engagement and activity.

4. Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE)

Dogeverse is a project that aims to extend the reach of the beloved Doge meme by introducing a multichain token that is accessible across various blockchain platforms. The initiative seeks to provide staking rewards and foster a community-driven ecosystem for Doge investors. In light of this, it has garnered significant attention, which is evident from its successful presale phase, which raised over $15 million.

During the presale period, interest surged notably following the announcement of its integration with the Solana blockchain. The initial allocation of 200 billion tokens swiftly sold out within days, indicating substantial demand for this multichain meme coin.

Central to Dogeverse is Cosmo, the Chain Hopping Doge, depicted as a cosmic entity that can traverse various blockchain networks. This character embodies the project’s mission to create an interconnected universe for Doge enthusiasts.

Moreover, Dogeverse has been launched on six blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base. This initiative reflects the project’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility within the crypto meme community.

As the presale phase concludes, prospective investors can anticipate the token’s availability on mainstream centralized exchanges and decentralized platforms. Notably, a crypto whale’s significant investment of $183,000 worth of ETH has been perceived as a positive indicator for Dogeverse, signaling confidence in its potential.

Industry experts such as Jacob Bury and TodayTrader have expressed optimism regarding DOGE’s prospects, with projections suggesting potential returns of up to 100x post-launch. This sentiment reflects the growing enthusiasm surrounding Dogeverse and its active approach to leveraging the popularity of the Doge meme within the crypto space.

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