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Fight Out Powers Through $3 Million Mark – Only 6 Days Until Price Increase!

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

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The best Move-to-earn presale offering of this year, Fight Out, has barrelled through its $3 million target. With it, the Web 3 fitness crypto has gotten closer to its first phase target of 5 million.

However, the first phase of this presale is poised to end within six days, and considering that you can buy it now at a discount price of 0.0166 USDT, you only have a short time left before the first phase concludes and the second phase begins. And the FGHT price during the second phase is 0.0333 SUDST.

Many experts are claiming that Fight Out has the potential to become this year’s best-performing coins. Carl Jones, CEO of Fight Out, has come out to thank the community for making the presale a success, adding that “Fight Out has the potential of changing the fitness space within Web 3 forever”. And from what we have seen from the project – he is right.

Fight Out is coming on LBank and BitForex

Fight Out has already made waves and gotten the attention of major cryptocurrency exchanges. In the latest news, it has been reported that FGHT has signed an agreement to be listed on two top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges – LBank and BitForex.

BitForex is a great cryptocurrency exchange known for its derivatives trading and staking facilities. It is listing FGHT tokens on April 5th, 2023.

LBank is a high-cap cryptocurrency exchange best known as an exchange that offers a platform for tokens with high potential. It has a trading volume of $1 billion and ranks 18th in market capitalization. LBank will list Fight Out on April 5th.

Hong Kong is home to both exchanges and is considered the best place to invest in unique cryptocurrencies by Chinese crypto enthusiasts. Many of them have already participated in the presale event.

Fight Out Presale Bonus Offers More than Just Earl Mover Gains – Purchase Bonuses Are Here For You

Fight Out has a novel use case in its own right. The tie-in with real-life gyms, complete tracking of fitness challenges, and unique stake-for-membership opportunities have already gotten the crowd’s attention.

But the presale comes with another unique feature – the purchase bonus, through which users can earn a hefty bonus in FGHT tokens if they participate in the presale.

The percentage of the bonus depends on the number of tokens bought and the vesting period users choose. Presale participants can get up to a 25% bonus for buying $50k worth of FGHT tokens, and another 25% is given to them if they choose to west these tokens for 24 months.

Four bonus tiers are accessible to users that combine the number of tokens bought with the vesting period opted for.

These four special tiers include

  1. Contender
  2. Champion
  3. World Champion
  4. Undisputed Champion

Becoming an undisputed champion requires unparalleled dedication from an investor – a 24-month vesting period.

But bonuses aren’t the only prices in store for those who choose to vest – other perks like a 24-month free subscription for the mobile app and a 2-day training camp from an ex-boxer are other great aspects of investing in this presale token.

Other presale rewards include the in-app REPS token, drops for cosmetics, merch drops, and a chance to meet and train with a Fight Out Ambassador.

Investors must also note that all $FGHT tokens are subject to a three-month vesting period. Holders can then decide to extend these periods for additional bonuses or extract the tokens.

Fight Out is combining Move-to-Earn with Metaverse

Downloading the app and creating account rewards you with a sole-bound avatar – an NFT and your identity within the metaverse. It is not a tradable asset, but your character that levels up with you as you level up your fitness in the real world.

The goal of this project is to get everyone fighting fit through a slew of workouts, challenges, and competitions.

Completing the workout challenges rewards users with REPS. That in-app currency can then be used to buy in-app assets to customize NFTs and get access to real-life Fight Out gyms.

Fight Out gyms are the first-of-their-kind Web 3 gyms soon to be open all across the globe where people will train and earn rewards. The gym is complete with scanners and other utilities that assess a user’s training routine and rewards them fairly for their efforts.

The platform has gained more renown because of the recent partnership with elite combat athletes who are intimately involved with this platform. These professionals will not only act as ambassadors, inspiring people to train but will also offer a bit of training to those who really want to whip themselves into fighting shape.

These factors combine to give Fight Out a different vibe within the web 3 space. No longer will the players need to rely on only one metric – steps – to earn rewards. With this unique Web 3 app, the goal has now shifted to make to motivate them to train their full bodies and get rewarded for it.

Global Gym Network and Workout Programs are coming this Year

The existence of an actual Fight Out gym allows people to access a web 3 economy that isn’t digital-exclusive. The real-life gyms will act as a backing tangible asset that will drive more adoption for the Fight Out fitness app.

The team has an initial plan to roll out 20 gyms first in locations that already have a thriving Fight Out community.

The end goal of this project is to have a Fight Out Gym all over the globe in major cities where people will train to earn. And the first Fight Out gym is dropping soon in Q1 of 2023.

Fight Out Earning Mechanics – off-chain REPS to on-chain FGHT

REPS is an off-chain currency that players will win upon completing challenges on the platform. These tokens can then be considered on-chain assets – FGHT tokens.

The Fight Out fitness app will have a subscription-based model that users can take advantage of using fiat or digital assets.

Those who buy subscriptions using FGHT tokens will be given a 25% discount.

Mobile App Beta Coming in Q1 2023

The Fight Out app exists at the core of this platform, and its beta version is launching soon. That app is the player’s door to a unique, fitness-based metaverse.

The app will have multiple training modules, ranging from cardio and strength to muscular endurance. These modules combine to make you combat-ready in real life. And as you gain rewards in the real world, your avatar will gain more ground in the virtual surroundings.

Fight Out is also offering a $250k giveaway that you can access by buying at least $250 worth of FGHT tokens from the presale.

Visit the official website for more information about this crypto.

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