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Explosive New AI Crypto ICO At The $1 Million Mark

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong. goes beyond $1million on the presale charts goes beyond $1million on the presale charts

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New AI crypto has gone explosive on the presale charts by crossing the $1 million milestone.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Cogwise promises to hypercharge one’s trading with intelligent insights. With its AI-centric tools, investors would find navigating the tumultuous crypto market easier.

These attributes have allowed it to prosper through its presale. Featuring seven stages, this crypto ICO appreciates the price of $COGW – its native token – with each stage, giving early investors a chance to make gains before the token’s exchange debut.

Cogwise is Turning Heads With Its AI-Driven Attribute 

There has been an influx of AI-driven projects since 2021, but only when Chat GPT gained vogue in 2022 did a flood of new AI-driven cryptos come to the market.

Cogwise promises to be the most thorough among them. It features a CogwiseAI core, a generative model giving text-based replies to users. Per the project’s whitepaper, Cogwise  “comprehends the patterns and relationship in human language,” which it has been able to do thanks to its analysis of a vast corpus of data.

While facilitating easy crypto trading through deep market analysis seems to be the project’s highlight, Cogewise states that its AI model can deliver unlimited solutions and use cases for individuals, developers, and businesses. Part of this unique offering is a smart contract generator, which is said to change how modern dapps are created.

No Code Smart Contract Generator – Making Creating Smart Contract Instinctual 

Smart Contracts lie at the core of all blockchain applications. Cogwise aims to simplify it using its stable AI model. It will allow users to generate smart contact with no prior coding experience.

Per the project’s whitepaper, the generative Ai model can be instructed using simple terms, and it will automatically generate a smart contract that adheres to the latest guidelines and Solidity Pragma version. Cogwise also promises that these hands-free smart contracts will be safe and secure.

From Real-Time Trading to News Aggregation – Cogwise is Penetrating Most Blockchain Niches

The implication of Cogwise AI is all-encompassing, as evident by its robust whitepaper that describes a plethora of key features, of which generating a smart contract is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Real-Time Trading Assistant

Navigating the volatile waters of cryptocurrency isn’t easy. Even most experts are stymied when a low-cap token suddenly gains traction, and the high-potential token gets lost in obscurity.

Cogewise’s real-time trading assistance promises to remove the emotional narrative from the equation. Offering real-time updates and providing parameters and strategies, Cogwise’s AI trading assistant exists to make trading simpler. With one command, users can find the meaning behind the chart patterns and analyze a large amount of historical data in an informed manner.

Wallet Tracking 

Keeping an eye on whale market movements is important when navigating the crypto market. These large movements often dictate where the price of cryptocurrency lands. In the not-so-old FTX debacle, investors concluded that Sam Bankman-Fried isn’t the samaritan they thought after Binance’s wallet revealed that the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange liquidated many of their FTX holdings.

Incidences like these showcase the importance of wallet tracking. With Cogwise’s wallet tracking perk, users can identify large wallet transactions, track a wallet, and monitor trading activity. Wallet Tracking also introduces autonomous trading where Cogwise executes trades on behalf of investors.

Contract Auditor 

Cogwise’s unique AI-driven attributes also come into play in its contract auditing system. Users can copy and paste the source code of a smart contract to check its efficacy. Not only does this auditor highlight issues, but it also gives its own input about improvements.

News Aggregation

Cogwise’s advanced AI technology and machine learning come into play when reading and analyzing the news and finding their impact on an asset. The official whitepaper says that Cogwise looks for and analyzes specific keywords to draw conclusions from news articles to see how they impact the price of an asset, be it a stock or cryptocurrency.

Gamification and Reward System 

At the core of this ecosystem is the $COGW token. This ERC-20 token can be accumulated by users, and users with the most tokens climb the leaderboards. As investors earn more $COGW tokens, they will get access to other advanced features that will be revealed once the project moves further ahead in its roadmap.

A Look at Cogwise’s Presale 

Cogewise recognized that its ambition couldn’t be fulfilled via a single-staged presale, giving users access to server stages. The $COGW price at the first stage was $0.012, with a progressive increase throughout the stages until stopping at $0.05 at the last stage.

With the token raising $1.07 million, the $COGW price has risen to $0.03 per token, giving early movers a chance to almost double their investments.

How to Participate in the Cogwise Presale 

The following is the simplified process to participate in the Cogwise presale:

  1. Visit the official presale page –
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Swap your ETH or USDT for $COGW
  4. Claim the tokens once the presale concludes.

Cogwise Can Potentially Become the Next Big Crypto

With its unique AI-driven attributes that offer more than just trading facilities and its perks that focus on inclusive participation, Cogwise has the recipe to become one of the biggest presale successes of this year.

Encompassing most features of the blockchain niche, ranging from trading to automated smart contract generation, Cogwise appears encompassing. Its recent climb to an above $1 million mark in the price charts also showcases investors’ belief in it. Those interested in this presale project should consider visiting


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