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Traders Make Ethereum Price Prediction of $3k, Whilst AiDoge and YPredict Are The Next Big AI Crypto Coins

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Ethereum price prediction chart on may 9.
Ethereum price prediction chart on may 9.

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In April, Ethereum (ETH) saw a rise in value due to the Shapella upgrade, peaking at around $1,985. However, in recent days, ETH has experienced price fluctuations, and some newer cryptocurrencies have outperformed it. Despite this, traders make Ethereum price prediction of $3K. 

Traders Make Ethereum Price Prediction of $3K

According to Yahsu Gola, a crypto analyst, Ethereum has a strong possibility of reaching $3,000 due to a few reasons. Gola’s technical analysis of Ethereum’s chart reveals a significant support/resistance level at around $1,840, which is currently where ETH’s price stands. If Ethereum manages to hold above this support level, Gola predicts that the next upward move could potentially drive the price to a range of $3,350 to $3,900.

Gola has also observed on-chain data indicating that crypto whales are accumulating ETH. In particular, Ethereum wallets holding 1 – 10 million ETH have increased their holdings by 0.4%, while wallets holding 10 – 100 million ETH have increased their holdings by 0.5%. This suggests that sophisticated investors are betting on Ethereum’s future potential.

Bluntz, another crypto analyst and trader, believes that many investors are overlooking the significance of Ethereum’s recent Shanghai upgrade. He points out that the upgrade allows staked ETH to be unlocked, which could act as a major catalyst for encouraging more investors to buy and hold Ethereum.

Bluntz goes on to argue that Ethereum’s meteoric rise may just be starting, and $3,000 could be only the beginning. He compares Ethereum’s future potential to Bitcoin’s price trajectory in 2019, when BTC tripled in value within a few months.

ETH Market Price Analysis 

At the time of writing, Ethereum (ETH) is trading at $1,843.27 with a 24-hour trading volume of $9,895,183,964. This reflects a 1.13% decline in the past 24 hours but a 0.65% increase over the past 7 days. The market capitalization of Ethereum, with a circulating supply of 120 million ETH, is $221,901,646,080.

ethereum price chart according to coingecko 5/9/2023

The lowest price ever paid for Ethereum was $0.432979, recorded over 7 years ago on October 20, 2015. This means that the current price of Ethereum is 426,223.71% higher than the all-time low price. This underscores the remarkable growth and potential of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, although it is essential to consider the potential risks and volatility associated with investing in this asset class.

ETH Price Prediction – Short Term

Ethereum price prediction chart on may 9.
ETH price has been on a downward trend after hitting new resistance at $1,985. The price is also trading below the 50 day moving average, indicating the bears are in control. However, if the bears continue the downtrend, then the support zone at $1,700 should give the bulls an opportunity to push the price up. According to the analysis above, our ETH price prediction is $1,700 and consequently $2,100 should the bulls take action. However, traders speculate that ETH could reach $3K, leading to further interest in the cryptocurrency.

AiDoge and YPredict: The Promising New AI Cryptocurrencies to Watch

As we anticipate for ETH’s price to jump to $3K, AiDoge (AI) and yPredict (YPRED) are among the new AI-based cryptocurrencies that have shown promising results and may achieve significant success much faster than ETH. So what do these presale coins offer?

Ypredict (YPRED) – 140% Discount in Presale Now


yPredict (YPRED) has been experiencing tremendous success since its launch in February 2021. With over $740,000 worth of $YPRED sales recorded in the first few weeks following its viral presale, investors can still benefit from the ongoing presale stage 4, where the token is priced at $0.05.

As the presale nears the 5th stage, the price of the $YPRED token is set to increase to $0.07, representing a 28% increase. This still presents an opportunity for investors to realize great returns when $YPRED eventually lists on exchanges, with a projected price of $0.12, indicating a 140% price spike.

The growth potential for YPredict is significant, with some analysts predicting a possible 10x growth potential, as seen in the recent explosion of AI-powered meme coins. Although there has been a decline in price following the initial surge, likely due to the general market downtrend, top crypto assets like BTC, ETH, BNB, and USDC are also trading in the red. However, yPredict will list on the top exchanges after the presale, increasing access for investors and potentially amassing further price gains.

The launch of yPredict’s new AI Ambassador Program is a strategic move aimed at incentivizing and recognizing early investors who have helped to promote the project’s vision on social media. This investor-friendly development has further propelled the project’s growth.

Moreover, yPredict has recently partnered with ShubPy an AI industry expert, which is expected to scale up its AI-powered product and drive further growth for the project. With these positive developments, yPredict is now emerging as a promising new player in the rapidly evolving world of AI and crypto.

AiDoge (AI) – Possible 10X – 100X

AiDoge crypto

AiDoge ($AI) is almost completing the current stage of its presale with only 4 days left, collecting over $4.15 million in funds. The cryptocurrency has gained significant attention quickly, largely driven by the fear of missing out among potential investors.

AiDoge stands out due to its unique application as an AI platform for the meme generation, which has created a buzz on the internet. This innovation has contributed to the currency’s growing popularity and rapid rise in value.

Unlike meme tokens, which often lack practical applications and rely solely on media hype, AiDoge ($AI) offers intrinsic value through its ecosystem. AiDoge utilizes generative AI technology as a decentralized meme project to make meme creation easy and accessible for users.

The ongoing presale for $AI has garnered significant attention from investors worldwide, with over $4.15 million raised so far. AiDoge’s disruptive potential in the internet meme sector and its use of the expanding AI ecosystem make it a compelling investment opportunity for crypto enthusiasts.

Investors can participate in the presale by purchasing $AI tokens using ETH, USDT, or funds from their bank cards. $AI’s current price is $0.0000284, which will increase to $0.0000288 when the new presale phase begins in four days.

For those interested in participating in the presale, more information is available on the AiDoge website. With growing interest in the project and the potential of its innovative AI-powered meme creation ecosystem, $AI tokens could present a promising investment opportunity for those looking to capitalize on emerging trends in the crypto market.


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