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DOGE Started It All, Now This Top Crypto Gainer Is Finishing The Job

DOGE Started It All, Now This Top Crypto Gainer Is Finishing The Job
DOGE Started It All, Now This Top Crypto Gainer Is Finishing The Job

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Investing in the crypto market over the past two years has taught investors that disregarding a digital asset, no matter how trivial it may seem, is not a smart move.

Dogecoin is an example of an asset with zero utility that reached the top 10 most valuable cryptocurrencies by market cap at its peak.

The popularity of the parody coin gave rise to a new sub-sector of meme coin cryptocurrencies, from which many popular digital currencies have emerged.

Now, a new crypto project called DeeLance is also serving as a springboard for a decentralized recruitment industry.

Currently in its presale phase, the blockchain protocol has already garnered over $1.2 million in investments.

DOGE Price Performance in the Red While Trading Volume up 218%

The crypto market has faced a challenging 48 hours, with a 3.37% decline in its market valuation from $1.13 trillion to $1.09 trillion.

As a result, market leaders such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have experienced losses, with both losing 3.66% and 2.57%, respectively.

Dogecoin has not been spared the blushes, as the bears have also overtaken it.


At press time, its native token, $DOGE, is trading at $0.067, indicating a downtrend of 6.84% in the last day.

However, it has managed to post a meager 0.22% increase in the past hour, and its daily trading volume is also up 218.91%.

This shows that $DOGE still enjoys immense appeal amongst large and retail meme coin investors.

Based on its long-term performance, the canine-themed digital asset is underperforming.

$DOGE is down 8.59% in the past week and has lost 12.9% in the past 30 days. Its 90-day return has been no better, as it has slipped 9.33%.

Moving on to its year-to-date (YTD) performance, $DOGE shows overwhelmingly strong bearish traits, with the virtual asset down 4.42% since this year began.

The asset’s technicals are also experiencing strong bearish tides. Its 50-day simple moving average (SMA) is trailing above its current price, with the indicator price at $0.075.

On the 200-day SMA, $DOGE is underperforming as the indicator price stands at $0.08.

Looking at its relative strength index (RSI), the digital asset is sharply nose-diving into the oversold region, with the oscillator figure standing at 30.69.

Its moving average convergence divergence (MACD) is no better as a sell signal rapidly forms.

Given the immense selling pressure on the crypto market, this strong bearish trend is no surprise, as thousands of digital assets are in the red zone.

Nonetheless, Dogecoin is the Bitcoin for the meme coin ecosystem. Although its popularity has decreased slightly in recent months, it still has a broad appeal.

It is widely accepted as a form of payment, trailing only behind Bitcoin and Ethereum on various payment platforms.

Furthermore, Dogecoin has spawned its unique feature known as ‘Ordinals.’ According to a recent tweet, non-fungible token (NFT-like) Doginals have recently been launched, where users can inscribe bits of data into individual units of $DOGE.

These tokens are expected to bring new functionality to the meme crypto king platform, including tokenizing digital currencies, securities, and collectibles.

In addition, they will be useful in decentralization applications (dApps) transactions.

Given that every blockchain is switching to NFT compatibility, a new recruitment platform offers users much more than the traditional space – a smart means to work and own content.

DeeLance: Centrifugal Force for Decentralized Freelance Ecosystem

DeeLance is a one-of-a-kind decentralized recruitment platform in the crypto space. It is focused on creating a smart working environment for people by seamlessly connecting freelancers and their employers in a censorship-resistant environment.


This groundbreaking recruitment platform has several features as it provides direct access to anyone, anywhere.

One of its noteworthy features is its NFT functionality, which enables freelancers to tokenize and have ownership over their work.

This feature also connects with the platform’s metaverse concept, where freelancers and employers can engage in collaborative workspaces in an immersive 3D environment using digital avatars.

DeeLance is what many analysts and experts call the future of working smart, as it only operates using digital currencies.

This way, freelancers can get paid easily without jumping hoops with foreign exchange fees and fluctuating rates.

This reliance on a decentralized payment system makes it inclusive, allowing talents from anywhere in the world to get paid for providing value.

However, the permissionless recruitment platform will be nothing if it is out of reach to many.

Compared to traditional platforms, DeeLance only charges a small fee of 2%, making it an affordable option for many. It’s no surprise that its token presale has been a great success.

Its $DLANCE token has raised over $1.2 million in presale rounds from excited investors.

Interestingly, its presale token price is still at a low value of $0.038 before it spikes to $0.043 in the next 12 days.

This presents a viable opportunity for many to tap into the project before it skyrockets in value even further after it lists at $0.057.

In addition, the project has recently been tapped by Binance’s BSCDaily for an AMA session today.

This will expectedly point more eyes to the project in the coming days making its current presale value a steal.

The project has also signed a partnership deal with the popular smartphone browser Mises Browser, pointing to its growing appeal.


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