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CHINA Meme Coin Experienced 40,000% Gains This Week – AI Doge And $WSM Are Next In Line

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

China Meme Coin
China Meme Coin

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There was a notable rise in low-cap cryptocurrencies on June 1 in the cryptocurrency market. This came amid captivating crypto stories, with the “Chinese narrative” sticking out particularly. The Chinese narrative gained enormous momentum following good news about Hong Kong’s new retail-level crypto regulatory framework, which surprisingly received support from Beijing, cementing its aim to become a global crypto hub. At the center of this hype is the CHINA Meme Coin.

The Chinese narrative began to take shape in February, which led to significant price increases for well-known Chinese-focused cryptocurrency projects like NEO, FIL, and CFX. Notably, Conflux Network’s value increased by an astounding 850% between February 18 and March 20, grabbing the interest of both investors and enthusiasts.

There is widespread expectation of a second wave of the legendary Chinese narrative as the international cryptocurrency markets prepare for Hong Kong’s upcoming entry into retail capital markets.

Rather than patiently awaiting this evolution, several low-cap cryptocurrencies are already seeing substantial attention, which is leading to dominant price action. The next explosive wave in the market is what traders are prepping for to capitalize on the possible spike in these alternative coins.

Latest China Narrative Helped Chinese Dogecoin ($CHINA) Enjoy 40,000% Gains

Chinese Dogecoin ($CHINA), a recently minted cryptocurrency from China, is an amazing example of this trend. It witnessed a startling increase of 40,000% on its first day of trading and displayed traits of a traditional pump and dump scheme.

Chinese Dogecoin, which takes its inspiration from the well-known Japanese Shiba Inu meme coin, Doge, makes the most of the hype surrounding meme coins during the final phase of the meme coin season. Upon release, the price of $CHINA experienced an incredible spike in the price. The abrupt increase in value, termed a “face-melting green candle,” signifies the cryptocurrency’s rapid and extreme growth.

China Meme Coin
TradingView Chart: CHINA/USD

Early supporters of $CHINA began dumping their holdings at a local peak price of $0.0001911 amid the growing enthusiasm and soaring trade volume, resulting in an initial retracement of -84% in value. The coin has currently lost all of its previous whooping gains. Despite the retracement, tenacious investors who have hung onto their positions still benefit from a stunning paper gain of 7,000% from the start of the market.

Chinese Dogecoin ($CHINA) retains a strong technical position as the Chinese narrative is anticipated to pick up steam in the cryptocurrency markets in the coming weeks of June. According to market observers, the price action is experiencing a strong consolidation level that will serve as a base for potential future upward moves. It appears that holders of $CHINA who are brave and tenacious are confident about the future of their investment.

Promising Alternatives To China Meme Coin

The Wall Street Memes ($WSM) token presale appears to be drawing a lot of attention. This comes as it attempts to capitalize on the retail investor protest against institutional control. The control was seen during the Wall Street Bets movement. By turning this feeling into a token, $WSM aims to change the way that the market perceives digital worth.

The $WSM presale has amassed an astounding sum of money, reaching $3,870,944.97 at the current price of $0.0271. This quick collection of money signals that the project is receiving a lot of investor interest and engagement. The possibility that the presale will reach its financial goal is increasing as it draws closer to that figure.

Now is a vital time to think about taking part in the presale opportunity for Wall Street Memes ($WSM). Notably, only around three days remain before the token price increases. The Wall Street Bets Movement is the hub for the $WSM token, different from other meme coins. The project has the potential to change how meme coins are seen.

Retail investors worldwide are paying close attention to the Wall Street Memes ($WSM) token presale, capitalizing on the revolt of retail investors seen during the Wall Street Bets campaign. Wall Street Memes has successfully turned this feeling into a material asset through the $WSM token, which not only tokenizes the movement but also seeks to reshape the power dynamics around the perception of digital worth in markets.

Furthermore, the recent rapid fundraising achievement of almost four million for the WSM token is truly impressive. This holds even within the context of meme coins. The community’s strong support and unity in funding this project have turned it into a symbol for the broader community.

Wall Street Memes Potential Listing On Exchanges And Community Rewards

Given the overwhelming interest in WSM, the token shows signs of selling out swiftly. This is as it progresses to the subsequent stages of the presale. The enthusiasm and demand from investors continues to intensify further in the coming weeks. This indicates a promising outlook for the token’s future.

Wall Street Memes’ commitment to the community is visible in the 30% of the total token supply reserved for community awards. This dedication extends to ongoing projects like the current competition. Here, five lucky members might win a $50,000 WSM airdrop.

The Wall Street Memes community has gained a lot of popularity, which is encouraging for $WSM’s future possibilities. It enhances the possibility that the token may be listed on well-known cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. This could spark a bullish run for the token as it gets more exposure and liquidity.

Continous Rise In AIDoge Value, a project token with bright prospects, has drawn a lot of interest. It has the potential to make a lot of money once it is listed on an exchange.

The project is centered on a platform that uses artificial intelligence to create memes. Users can then upvote and downvote produced memes. If they receive a sufficient number of votes, their creators may be rewarded in $AI. In the upcoming weeks, the project will list on exchanges. Beginning June 19, it will be possible to claim the rewards. has raised over $14 million since the token selling for its native token $AI, started in late April. The initiative and its distinctive value offer have attracted a lot of investor interest, as seen by this tremendous fundraising accomplishment.

The token is anticipated to gain from higher liquidity and broader market access as it moves closer to being listed on exchanges, which could result in a positive price increase. Investors who are anxious to see how it performs in the cryptocurrency market are actively watching

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