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DeeLance Raises $1.4 Million – Next 10x Crypto Presale?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

DeeLance AI Raises $1.4 Million Next 10x Crypto Presale
DeeLance AI Raises $1.4 Million Next 10x Crypto Presale

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The fact that DeeLance’s presale has already raised over $1.4 million demonstrates the potential for it to transform the freelancing industry. By capitalizing on the trustworthiness of blockchain technology, the freelancing platform DeeLance intends to cause some uproar in the existing job environment.

DeeLance connects freelancers with companies directly

The work environment is getting spread out as the entire world gets increasingly connected to the internet. Businesses have moved operations online to cut costs and gain access to a larger pool of talent, while individuals have begun to offer their services to several employers at once.

Using the incredible strength of blockchain technology, this decentralized network completely transforms the relationship between freelancers and prospective clients. DeeLance is a new platform for freelancers to find and work with businesses.

The site takes its cues from other successful freelance marketplaces like Braintrust, which puts the power in the hands of experts while allowing them to retain full ownership of their information and brand identity. The project DeeLance fully considers that blockchain technology offers the ability to change existing freelancing platforms,

thereby transporting them into the era of Web3 technology. Anyone who has previously worked as a freelancer will be able to immediately see how this cutting-edge platform is superior to the products that the competition is currently offering on the market.

Due to this, the DeeLance project has already garnered over $1.44 million from investors who are excited over the potential of the still-in-development Web3 platform to revolutionize freelance work from a distance. See our guide to the best altcoins to buy now here.

Web3’s latest generation of freelancing platforms

To appreciate the value that DeeLance‘s solution brings to the table, it is vital to have a thorough understanding of the specific restrictions imposed by existing platforms. The corresponding graphic demonstrates the numerous features that can be found on DeeLance’s all-encompassing platform,

which provides users with all of the tools that are required to flourish in their jobs as freelancers. Freelancers are known to be subjected to a variety of difficulties, and DeeLance is positive that their Web3 solution provides an answer to each and every one of those difficulties.

The introduction of the latest wave of freelancing platforms on the Web3 makes it possible to do away with intermediaries and centralized businesses, opening the way for an economy that is both more distributed and more effective.

The DeeLance platform stands out among similar services because of its unwavering dedication to fairness. The availability of this information is achieved through the use of an automatic arbitration system that stores all credit data for both parties on the blockchain.

The inviolability and verification of these data create increased confidence and responsibility among everyone involved. In addition to this, the website provides freelancers with access to a safe escrow service that ensures they will be paid on time.

Employers may rest assured that their money is safe in the escrow system until the freelancer has finished the assignment to their satisfaction. Additionally, the network places a priority on rapid digital currency transactions and offers cheap charges by utilizing its peer-to-peer design.

Since freelancers and employers can communicate directly with one another, freelancers can charge more competitive rates while still retaining their efficiency. DeeLance’s 10% freelancer commission is significantly lower than the 20% charged by competitors like UpWork and Fiverr.

The DeeLance presale is a potentially profitable chance for investors

DeeLance is a decentralized application that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has a total token supply of 1 billion, which can be used for a variety of applications inside the ecosystem. It’s used as a medium of exchange for goods and services, as well as for the purchase of virtual offices in the metaverse, the purchase of advertising space, and the trading of NFTs.

A reputable security company called SOLIDProof conducted a thorough security audit on the token, and Coinsult verified the reliability of the DeeLance team. These steps were taken to ensure the safety of investors. It is essential to take into consideration that the DeeLance presale will employ a tier-based pricing system.

This means that the price of one $DLANCE token will go up with each succeeding round of the presale. The $DLANCE token, which is now being sold for $0.043, will be made available at the subsequent stage for $0.048.

As of the third quarter of this year, DLANCE will be available for purchase on major crypto exchanges for $0.055. Given the exponential expansion of the DeeLance community and the enormous exposure that has encompassed it, it is not surprising that crypto analysts are predicting huge gains for $DLANCE in the following year.

Therefore, early participants in the presale have a better chance of making a profit than those who join the sale afterward. Guide on how to buy DLANCE token here.


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