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DeeLance: Web3 Freelancing and Recruitment Platform Speeds Toward $1.5 Million – Brace for an Impending Price Surge

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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Deelance, a Web3 freelancing and recruitment platform, has seen spectacular success amidst the recent cryptocurrency crisis. 

Note that the United Nations, the European Union, and many countries have placed strict regulatory policies on cryptocurrencies to prevent fraud and money laundering through digital currencies. 

Furthermore, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently filed numerous lawsuits against crypto firms in its territory, alleging that some did not register with it and offered unregistered securities.

These harsh actions on cryptocurrency have caused the global crypto market price to drop so significantly as investors withdrew their funds in fear to avoid further losses.

Notwithstanding, the meme crypto niche seems not to be affected by what is happening with the leading crypto projects, as they have gained tremendous success. The Deelance crypto project falls under this category. 

Investors consider Deelance to have the potential for an impending price surge. This could be why it’s rushing toward $1.5 million. 

Overview of Deelance

Deelance is a platform incorporating Web3 technology to bring recruiters and freelancers together. The Deelance project intends to provide a smart working environment that encourages recruiters to hire freelancers to enjoy a seamless staffing experience remotely.

Notably, the project team created an ecosystem to make this dream a reality and launched a token, $DLANCE token, that will be utilized for transactions within the ecosystem.

The Deelance Ecosystem is built on three central pillars: the Advanced NFT marketplace, the Innovative recruitment and freelancing platform, and the Revolutionary Metaverse.

The three pillars posit essential services and tools synergizing to restructure the recruitment and freelancing process.

The Deelance project grants recruiters ownership of the digital works they paid for and presents itself as a transparent project. It also offers an avenue for creators and professionals to have sources of income in its ecosystem.

The Deelance NFT marketplace allows buyers and sellers to create, trade, showcase, bid, collect, sell, or buy NFTs. The offered NFTs are not only on the artwork but cut across tickets, virtual words, trading cards, photography, and music. Again, the project’s ecosystem features transparency, escrow, ownership, business simplification, fast payment, staffing, and low fees.

Deelance’s Ecosystem Features

Escrow: this allows employers and freelancers to work together without fear of being scammed. The employer’s fund is kept in Deelance’s escrow account and released to the freelancer upon completing a work contract following the agreed terms and conditions.

Low fees: The Web3 project uses a peer-to-peer system to connect employers and freelancers, and by doing so, it claims to provide a marketplace that charges lower costs when compared with legacy competitors.

Business simplification: Deelance boasts of providing an efficient, easy, and fast means of posting a job on its platform. It does not require third-party services, browser plugins, wallet-linking, or details of debit/credit cards.

Ownership: recruiters get ownership of the freelance work they pay for in the form of NFTs. This grants them copyrights and prevents payment fraud.

Transparency: Deelance presents itself as a trustworthy platform by creating a dispute system that runs automatically, storing the reputations of sellers and buyers on the blockchain.

Staffing: the Web3 project provides a decentralized platform with international reach. Offering leading professionals and high-quality jobs on its platform.

Fast payment: Deelance allows freelancers to access crypto as means of payment for their services without massive rates of commission and currency exchange risk. 

Deelance Presale Performance

On May 23, 2023, Deelance reported on its Twitter handle that it had raised $1 million on its presale. Within a few weeks, Deelance again announced on its social media handle on June 8, 2023, that it had reached a milestone as it crossed $1.3 million.

On June 15, 2023, it continued with this momentum, selling for $0.038 with a raised fund of over $1.3 million.

Today, June 19, 2023, $DLANCE has reached another milestone by raising $1,369,172.538 against its benchmark of $1,700,000, maintaining the selling price of $0.038 as of the time of writing.

Deelance tokens will be listed on exchanges at a selling price of $0.057.  This might have attracted investors, too, to seize the opportunity of making some profits when listed.

How to Buy The $DLANCE Token 

Deelance projects itself as having captivating potential that would keep attracting more investors to its platform. So, interested investors could join to secure a better profitable position by following these steps to purchase the $DLANCE token. Investors can purchase the token on a desktop/laptop or mobile phone with USDT, ETH, BNB, or bank credit/debit card.

Buying Deelance in simple steps;

  • Use MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or any other DAPP browser. Open the wallet and click on the browser tab.
  • On the search bar, type and search.
  • When it loads the website, look for the buy button and click on it to connect your wallet.
  • Select your DAPP wallet, Trust Wallet or MetaMask, and connect.
  • Then click on buy with USDT or ETH to proceed.
  • When it asks for approval, click on the confirm button.

The transaction will show successful if you follow the steps as stated.

Deelance Project Plans And Execution 

The project team at Deelance aims to bring its dream to reality by making the following plans:

In the Q4 of 2022, the project team made plans for the existence of the Deelance platform. They created and designed the website, made it public, and started developing smart contract.

In the Q1 of 2023, the Deelance project team plans to start token presale, contract testing, start project prototype. And run an alpha version of the Metaverse demo.

In the Q2 of 2023, the project team plans to list its token, $DLANCE, on CoinmarketCap and CoinGecko, and launch the token. List it on decentralized and centralized crypto exchanges, and start metaverse development.

In the Q4 of 2023, the Deelance team plans to launch an NFT, a beta version of the freelance platform, launch the NFT marketplace, reach broader audiences through marketing, and start partnership programs.

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