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Crypto’s Most Promising Green Project is Now Deflationary – Get Your CCHG Now Before They Get Burnt

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The token that powers one of crypto’s most promising green projects just turned deflationary, sparking huge hype amongst its investors. C+Charge, a green web3 start-up that is building a revolutionary new electric vehicle charging payments platform and is currently raising funds via a sale of its CCHG crypto token, just announced a new token burn mechanism.

The green crypto start-up will now burn all of the left-over tokens in each of the last eight stages of its presale. For reference, each presale stage lasts one week and C+Charge is in its fourth stage. The first burn took place two days ago, as can be verified on BscScan here. In total, 35,658,291 tokens were burnt – the leftover tokens from stage 2.

At the current presale price of 0.017 USDT per CCHG token, that amount to over $600,000 in burnt tokens. Another 35,815,716 tokens, the leftover tokens from stage 3, will be burnt before the end of the fourth presale stage in just over four days.

Investors should move quickly, as the remaining tokens could be scooped up quickly. C+Charge has already managed to raise a whopping $1.58 million and a crypto whale recently banked a massive $99,000 worth of CCHG tokens in one whack, as can be verified here on per BscScan.

CCHG is the token that C+Charge users will use when they pay to charge their EVs. In an industry first, C+Charge users will be rewarded with tokenized on-chain carbon credit NFTs.

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Investors should also be aware that C+Charge is conducting a $50,000 giveaway. Investors must hold at least $100 of CCHG on the day of the draw to be eligible to win the prize.

CCHG – Big Gains Ahead?

As the shift to EVs from traditional fossil fuel cars accelerates and nations step up their efforts to combat climate change, some observers think that CCHG could go a lot higher than its current presale price. Some have gone as far as claiming the cryptocurrency could 10x when it launches on exchanges in just over two months.

Check out the latest analysis from the likes of Jacob Crypto BuryCrypto GainsCilinix Crypto and analysts at InsideBitcoins for more on the outlook for CCHG. C+Charge’s presale has been ranked as the second-best presale of the year by the InsideBitcoins team.

C+Charge Overview – How Does the Platform Work?

C+Charge is developing a peer-to-peer blockchain-based electric vehicle charging payment system designed to open up the carbon credit reward market to the drivers of EVs, like Tesla.

EV drivers will use C+Charge’s currently in-development app to pay to charge their vehicles. They will pay using C+Charge’s native cryptocurrency CCHG and will be rewarded with carbon credits in the form of Goodness Native Tokens (GNT), which will be stored in their account on the C+Charge app.

GNT token represents a verified voluntary carbon credit and is backed by venture capital firms a16z Crypto and Samsung Next as well as fund manager Invesco. The more EV owners charge and drive and the more CCHG they spend, the more GNT they will earn.

CCHG owners also have an opportunity to earn carbon credits passively. There is a 1% tax on all transactions that C+Charge uses to purchase GNT carbon credits and then distribute them proportionately amongst CCHG token holders.

As well as acting as a payments platform for EV charging and a carbon credit tracker, C+Charge’s application will also help users easily geolocate nearby charging stations and will offer useful information such as real-time charger wait times and charging station technical diagnosis.

How to Buy CCHG

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