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Crypto Investors Are Hungry to Invest in a Blockchain Fix for EV Charging Payments – Here’s Why

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Blockchain Fix for EV Charging
Blockchain Fix for EV Charging

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While the number of EVs running on roads has increased, so has the number of issues that plague the current EV charging space. There is an immense lack of transparency, performance issues are rampant across charging stations, and those in love with combustion engines aren’t finding any incentive to adopt electric vehicles.

Governments and legacy tech have tried to resolve these issues with more tech and more regulations. But the pace at which these solutions are coming can’t keep up with the number of EVs running on the road.

This scenario calls for a blockchain-powered solution that’s more rewarding, more transparent, and more regulated, like C+Charge.

C+Charge is the greenest cryptocurrency project of 2023 that has recently dropped as a presale and as a blockchain fix for EV charging. Its primary goal is to tackle all the issues plaguing EV charging by leveraging the power of blockchain technology to make it more rewarding to own an EV.

C+Charge Is Addressing the Critical Issues of EV Charging Space

The current issues of the EV charging ecosystem aren’t skin-deep. They are part of the larger narrative of the carbon credit economy that many normal investors are driven out of.

The Access to Carbon Credit is Disproportionate

Only large corporations have access to carbon credits. In the context of EVs, that right is often reserved for those who manufacture electric vehicles and those who install charging stations. EV owners and owners of charging stations have not been able to take part in this economy.

EV drivers have no way to access carbon credits. In fact, EV owners have to pay more premiums than those who own petrol-running vehicles. Furthermore, even by owning EVs, these vehicle owners are contributing to carbon neutrality – and are not getting rewarded for it.

There are no Proper Charging Payment Solutions

While the government has tried to introduce some regulations to the EV space, a lot of fine-tuning still remains to be done. As a result, the current EV charging space is largely unregulated.

Unregulations lead to complacency, which then contributes to the payment system being non-homogenous. It means that while there are too many ways to pay for charging your vehicle, none of them are compatible with each other.

The lack of payment uniformity leads to many not being able to charge their vehicles if they have driven outside their territory. That defeats the whole purpose of owning an electric vehicle, which is to travel long distances without having to worry about the environment.

Prices are not transparent

EV charging is not like petrol charges – yet. As a result, the prices aren’t transparent. Every charging station can set its own price based on its own metrics – like time. That creates a lot of confusion for EV owners who find it hard to justify how much they are paying to charge their vehicles.

Lack of Information

People don’t know whether a charging station is working and how much they are going to be charging if it is. That leads to “charger anxiety” after charging the vehicle as people fear they haven’t charged their vehicles fully.

Accessibility, Transparency, and Real-Time Data Transmission – The C+Charge’s Blockchain Fix to These Issues

These problems don’t seem too big when you look at them for the first time. But when enough people are going through the same issues,  the problem compounds. Those problems make owning an EV vehicle more complex than it needs to be – which is a great recipe for slowing down the EV adoption rate.

That is why C+Charge takes a three-pronged approach to give a blockchain fix for EV charging issues.

Accessibility to the Carbon Credit Market

C+Charge’s P2P payment system allows people to pay for charging their vehicles using CCHG – the native crypto of the C+Charge ecosystem. C+Charge is a BEP 20 token that’s soon to be available in all charging stations across the globe, thanks to the partnership rally C+Charge is on.

C+Charge has already partnered with many EV organizations, including Perfect Solutions Turkey, to spread this charging model across Turkey’s charging stations.

Paying for charging using C+Charge will allow the EV owner to accumulate carbon credits through a unique “reflections mechanic”. The carbon credit will be tokenized as the GNT token and can be sold to major brands to earn another source of income.

Transparency Between EV owners and Charging Stations

C+Charge’s P2P payment system also doubles as a uniform payment system that allows EV owners to pay at any C+Charge partner station across the globe. The uniformity of payment allows the price to be transparent and less complex. And reduced complexity makes owning an EV vehicle more viable for everyone.

The app also keeps the EV owners informed about the charging costs before they land at charging stations. Having this information beforehand helps EV owners maintain their finances better too.

Real-Time Data Transmission of Charging Station

There is no system in place yet that offers a wireless diagnosis of charging stations. With C+Charge charging station owners will get that benefit. The app will provide them with the exact information about what is wrong with the charging station. It will also provide them with software-based troubleshooting to fix the software issues remotely.

C+Charge is One of the Biggest Presale Hits of 2023

C+Charge is one of the biggest presale hits of this year. Having only been released a few days ago, this project has raised upwards of $1.8 million.

Crypto investors are flocking to the official website to participate in the seven-staged presale that comes with many perks, including the early mover benefit.

The token is rushing to clear the fourth stage of the presale with only a little more than six hours remaining.

How to Buy C+Charge?

Here are the steps to take to participate in the C+Charge presale.

  1. Visit the official website,
  2. Click on “buy now”.
  3. Connect your wallet.
  4. Exchange your USDT, ETH, or BNB tokens for C+Charge.
  5. Claim your tokens once the token generation event starts.


C+Charge is one of the best eco-friendly cryptos to have dropped in 2023. Visit the official website to become a part of this green revolution to make owning an EV better for everyone.

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