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Crypto Enthusiast Brandon10x Reviews DeeLance – The Web3 Fiverr Killer In 2023

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Brandon10x Reviews DeeLance Crypto Presale
Brandon10x Reviews DeeLance Crypto Presale

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Brandon10x analyzed new crypto initiative DeeLance, a platform that bridges the gap between typical freelancing and decentralization. With the use of blockchain technology, DeeLance will simplify and speed up the hiring process while also improving the effectiveness of job seekers in finding the ideal positions.

Brandon10x DeeLance – Impressive Freelance Ecosystem Built on Web3

Web3-based DeeLance is revolutionizing the freelancer-employer and client relationship. It aims to establish a new freelancing economy that does away with middlemen, provides freelancers with complete ownership of their work, and guarantees purchasers’ rights to any digital works they acquire.

The decentralized platform that DeeLance provides consists of a metaverse filled with micro communities where buyers and sellers of creative works may gather to exchange ideas, network with one another, and develop relationships, as well as an NFT marketplace where they can conduct transactions.

The following are some of the advantages of the DeeLancer Web3 freelancing platform:

Fast Payouts and Inexpensive Fees

Because the platform is dedicated to keeping fees low, freelancers can keep a larger percentage of the earnings generated by the platform. Those starting out as freelancers and looking to establish themselves may find this to be especially helpful.

By keeping costs low, the DeeLance platform makes it easy for freelancers to make money from their abilities. Another thing that DeeLance excels at is instant rewards. Freelancers may receive cryptocurrency payments rapidly and securely, allowing them to access their funds quickly and effectively.

This is a significant improvement above the standard freelancing marketplace payment time of days or even weeks.

Full Ownership

Freelancers have the ability to transform their work into an NFT through DeeLance. Once the payment has been completed, it is the responsibility of the freelancers to hand over part of the rights and grant the client complete access to their work as well as ownership of it.

Secure and Reliable

The Web3 blockchain serves as the foundation for DeeLance’s decentralized ecosystem, which offers freelancers and customers a safe and open working environment. This has a significant advantage over conventional freelance marketplaces because it lowers the possibility of  fraudulent activities.

DeeLance Metaverse Provides Innovative Ways for Recruitment

DeeLance is creating the first metaverse designed particularly for hiring and freelancing in addition to its Web3 marketplace. This platform’s integration with the DeeLance metaverse was not an afterthought designed to capitalize on the newest trends.

Employers looking forward to hire and freelancers in search of employment will be able to communicate openly as avatars in DeeLance’s metaverse. In order to speed up their hiring process, employers can rent offices where they can conduct meetings and interviews. To encourage repeat business, freelancers can market their skills and connect with clients.

DLANCE Token Presale

At the time of writing DeeLance token presale has already raised $500k. During the second phase of the project’s presale, investors, employers, and freelancers can secure in the cheapest price for DLANCE tokens. For a short period of time, DLANCE costs $0.029 USDT per token.

In stage three the price will increase to $0.033. The presale has allocated 30% of the total DLANCE supply and has a $6 million hard cap. Investors can purchase DLANCE using Ethereum, Tether, or a credit card via Transak on the DeeLance presale website. Guide on how to buy DLANCE token here.

Valuable DLANCE Token

The DeeLance platform is powered by the DLANCE coin. The native token created on the Ethereum network gives customers access to a variety of DeeLance features and services. A total of one billion DLANCE tokens can be purchased during three stages of presale.

Users can use DLANCE in a variety of ways because it is a useful and flexible token. The Metaverse is a persistent virtual world where you may communicate and do business, and purchasing virtual land and offices there is one of the token’s most important uses.

Users can buy and trade distinctive and priceless digital assets using the token on the NFT marketplace as well. Within the DeeLance ecosystem, DLANCE tokens can also be used to rent office space, providing professionals and freelancers with a dedicated place to run their business. See our guide to the best altcoins to buy now here.

The token can also be used for advertising, offering a low-cost and effective means to advertise services or products on the network. Additionally, DLANCE token can be used to pay for platform services, such as adding extra features and services that enhance the overall user experience.

The usability and adaptability of the token make it a valuable asset that improves the entire DeeLance ecosystem by enabling smooth transactions.


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