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Will DeeLance Dethrone Upwork and Fiverr as the Go-To Freelance Marketplace? Explore Its Web3 and Metaverse Advantages

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Will DeeLance Dethrone Upwork and Fiverr as the Go-To Freelance Marketplace? Explore Its Web3 and Metaverse Advantages
Will DeeLance Dethrone Upwork and Fiverr as the Go-To Freelance Marketplace? Explore Its Web3 and Metaverse Advantages

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Many industries across the world are experiencing a paradigm shift in the way the modern workforce approaches work. The pandemic allowed people to be more open to a healthy work-life balance, supported by remote, hybrid, and freelance engagements.

The freelance industry, although still running on Web2 technology, has grown significantly in recent years, with more than 65% of all job workers desiring to work full-time but as remote employees.

Research has shown that the global gig economy could explode beyond $450 billion by the end of 2023 and continue with exponential growth to $12 billion by 2028.

Both individuals and organizations will have access to increased opportunities, allowing them to shake up traditional workspaces, at the same time, expand their freelance networks into strong industry relationships.

Small businesses are approaching remote and freelance work as a cost-saving factor. One that cannot be ignored if they have to stay competitive.

As for skilled professionals, freelance arrangements do not tie them down to one employer, location, or country. They have the freedom to offer their skills to several organizations at the same time, on a flexible schedule.

Countries like India, the United States, and Pakistan have embraced freelancing as a career option for many years.

Will DeeLance Dethrone Upwork and Fiverr as the Go-To Freelance Marketplace? Explore Its Web3 and Metaverse Advantages
Fastest growing freelance markets

DeeLance is Ready To Dethrone Upwork and Fiverr

Despite the significant expansion in the industry, only a handful of marketplaces have managed to address some of its longstanding issues.

LinkedIn, Upwork, and Toptal are among the leading Web2 entities in the freelancing world, providing various services such as pre-vetted projects, round-the-clock customer assistance, and secure payment systems.

However, these services often fall short of expectations, while leaving individuals with little control over their data ownership and usage.

Third-party marketing companies regularly exploit user information, making it a profitable resource of revenue for centralized Web2 freelancing platforms.

They typically generate revenue by imposing high commission fees on secure escrow transactions, endorsing subpar services, and leveraging their users’ private information.

Web2 freelance platforms exhibit some striking characteristics: Extended payment schedules, imposing steep commission rates, functioning within a centralized framework, demanding supplementary documentation and skill evaluations prior to listing services, and the presence of unscrupulous individuals.

Ditching Your 8 – 5? – DeeLance’s the Future Freelancing

The web3 market, which was valued at $6 billion in 2021, is anticipated to witness remarkable growth, reaching nearly $64 billion by 2029.

This significant expansion can be attributed primarily to the e-learning and freelancing sectors, given the extensive potential of web3 technology.

A few crucial aspects that will contribute to this progress include a user-centric approach, enhanced data ownership, and a decentralized AI ecosystem, among others.

Such factors will facilitate a higher level of interaction between consumers, clients, and blockchain technology.

By introducing backend innovations, the web3 freelancing ecosystem will revolutionize the future of work, reshaping how it is perceived and conducted and DeeLance is at the center of it all.

Will DeeLance Dethrone Upwork and Fiverr as the Go-To Freelance Marketplace? Explore Its Web3 and Metaverse Advantages
Venture Capital Funding in Web3

Transition to Web3 is no longer a fast-mover advantage, it is a necessity for many sectors of the global economy.

As a Web3 platform, DeeLance runs on emerging data, bolstered by a decentralized approach which makes the crypto project more open, safe, secure, and safe for use by anyone around the world.

Users on DeeLance can forget about greedy intermediaries and their centralized operations. With the use of NFTs, employers have the benefit of getting complete ownership of their work.

Freelance sellers have the opportunity to make the most out of their revenue due to the low fees charged by DeeLance and fast crypto payments.

Using the metaverse, DeeLance believes it can foster the growth of micro-communities that nurture interactions between workers and employers.

Recruiters will for the first meet freelancers to discuss ideas, network, and form lasting bonds. One of DeeLance’s main objectives is “streamline processes and make conducting business smooth and efficient with digital work ownership,” the project’s whitepaper states.

Investors are already engaging with this forward-looking crypto platform via an ongoing presale. In a matter of days, DeeLance has raised $108k to become one of the best crypto presales for 2023.

Discounted DLANCE tokens are selling at $0.025, which means investors are looking at a substantial paper gain ahead of the expected launch price of $0.053.

As one of the best crypto presales in the market for 2023, analysts say DeeLance has the potential to reach $1 billion in market capitalization within a short time of the token’s listing on exchanges.

DeeLance is the Next-Generation Freelancing and Recruitment Marketplace

DeeLance harnesses the power of blockchain and decentralized Web3 technology to create a seamless global experience.

This groundbreaking platform boasts three core aspects: a state-of-the-art NFT marketplace, an avant-garde metaverse, and a cutting-edge freelancing and recruitment hub. Together, they are transforming the freelance sector for both employers and workers.

DeeLance’s all-inclusive array of tools and services is specifically designed to optimize workflows in the gig economy and provide an effortless experience for every user.

Freelancers joining DeeLance can trust in the platform’s commitment to transparency and digital ownership, ensuring they never feel exploited or deceived.

“DeeLance provides transparency and digital work ownership to freelancers and buyers. Our Web3-based digital ecosystem opens up new pathways for professionals and creators to profit from the ever-growing metaverse,” the team said via the whitepaper.

Will DeeLance Dethrone Upwork and Fiverr as the Go-To Freelance Marketplace? Explore Its Web3 and Metaverse Advantages
DeeLance vs other freelance marketplaces

DeeLance Web3 Marketplace – The Only Go-To Marketplace for Freelancers and Recruiters

The freelance marketplace is simple for everyone to navigate; it takes less than a minute for employers to post a job and for workers to apply for one. “The process is fast, efficient, and easy – the way blockchain is meant to be,” the DeeLance team explains.

DeeLance stands out for its strong stance on transparency as the ecosystem is built on an automated dispute system. All buyer and seller reputations are built into blockchain.

An escrow service ensures freelancers get their pay as long as they deliver services as agreed upon with the sellers. Employers must place orders with money, which is securely stored until delivery has been made and the work is up to the agreed standard.

As a Web3-powered platform, DeeLance is the only platform with the ability to convert freelance work into digital tokens in the form of NFTs. This way, recruiters have ownership of the work, while protecting them against payment fraud and other copyright violations.

As a one-of-a-kind decentralized freelance ecosystem, DeeLance is built on the PoS Ethereum blockchain to facilitate direct interactions between sellers and employers.

This unique setup guarantees that both parties (recruiters and sellers) enjoy reduced fees without compromising on quality or experience.

DeeLance provides secure, swift, and guaranteed payments. By supporting cryptocurrency transactions, users can evade currency exchange risks and hefty commissions.

The platform’s staff recruitment dashboard grants access to elite talent and work opportunities from all corners of the globe, making DeeLance a truly international decentralized freelance marketplace.

Experts predict that DeeLance will experience substantial adoption in India, a nation with an expanding freelance workforce. Every year, countless graduates enter the job market, with many turning to freelance platforms to find career opportunities.

The emergence of DeeLance provides an apt solution for India’s burgeoning workforce. As per the IBISWorld report, the global recruitment service industry generates over $761 billion in revenue.

Investors piquing interest in DeeLance can buy the platform’s native token $DLANCE with Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or with a carp using the Transak payment network.

Experts in the crypto market have been eyeing DeeLance as the next project to explode, bolstered by its real-world use cases.

It is important to note that the total token supply on the network is 1 billion (1,000,000,000) $DELANCE, with a maximum of 30% (300 million tokens) accessible in the presale for the general public.

DeeLance aims to harness the power of blockchain technology to transform the recruitment landscape, ensuring safety while maximizing efficiency. Finding the right candidate remains a top priority for employers and organizations.

Built on the Ethereum network, DeeLance integrates decentralization, the metaverse, and NFTs to establish a thriving ecosystem where everyone reaps the benefits.

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